Letter. [between 1877 and 1880]


Letter. [between 1877 and 1880]

A.L.S. with leaf laid in (Jan. 27) to Arago concerning astronomical observations made in 1877 ; in French.

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Walferdin, Franc̜ois Hippolyte, 1795-1880.

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Dibner, Bern.

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Arago, F. (François), 1786-1853

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French mathematician, physicist, astronomer and politician. François Arago contributed to major discoveries concerning electromagnetism, light polarisation and velocity, the meridian arc length of the earth, and the standardisation of the metric system. From 1830 he was director of the Paris Observatory. Arago also served several roles in government, including a short period as the prime minister of France. From the description of Letter of François Arago written to Louis de Freyci...