California Judges [graphic - album]: Photographs from the Papers of J. Edward Johnson, 19--


California Judges [graphic - album]: Photographs from the Papers of J. Edward Johnson, 19--

California Judges [graphic - album]: Photographs from the Papers of J. Edward Johnson, 19--

Justices of the Supreme Court of California (album of 53 photographic prints)

Number of items: 1 album (53 items)


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Baldwin, Joseph G. (Joseph Glover), 1815-1864 (person)

Joseph Glover Baldwin (1815-1864) was an American jurist and author. Robert MacDonald Lester (1888-1969) was an author, teacher and employee of the Carnegie Institute of New York. His published works include Forty Years of Carnegie Giving (1941). From the guide to the Joseph G. Baldwin papers, 1838-1949, (The New York Public Library. Manuscripts and Archives Division.) Joseph Glover Baldwin (1815-1864) was an American jurist and author. Robert MacDon...

Jackson Temple (person)

William Thompson Wallace (person)

H. S. Foote (person)

Lorenzo Sawyer (person)

Hugh Campbell Murray (person)

Crockett, Joseph B. (Joseph Bryant) (person)

Peter Van Clief (person)

Charles Nelson Fox (person)

Crocker, Edwin B. 1818-1875 (person)

Brother of Charles Crocker. Briefly a State Supreme Court Justice and long legal counsel for Central Pacific Railroad Company. He and wife acquired large collection of European art that formed basis of Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento (1870). Letter expresses concern over timber being cut at Crystal Peak, Lake Tahoe. Asks W.N. Lut to act as agent for railroad to prevent further cutting. From the description of Edwin Bryant Crocker letter, 1865. (University of the Pacific). WorldCat r...

Edward Norton (person)

Thomas Bard McFarland (person)

Alexander Wells (person)

Sharpstein, John R. (John Randolph) (person)

John R. Sharpstein was a lawyer and judge who came to San Francisco, Calif. from Wisc. in 1864. His mother's maiden name was Johnson. He married Catherine Crittenden. William C. Sharpsteen was also a lawyer. From the description of John R. Sharpstein family papers, 1818-1948. (California Historical Society). WorldCat record id: 122332393 ...

John J. DeHaven (person)

Johnson, J. Edward (John Edward), 1890-1976 (person)

J. Edward Johnson was student body president of BYU in 1915. He went on to become principal of the Snowflake Stake Academy, and then a prominent attorney and philanthropist in California. From the description of George H. Brimhall : an attempted approximation of his genius, accomplishments, stature, 1975. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 367884710 From the guide to the J. Edward Johnson papers, 1975, (L. Tom Perry Special Collections) J. Edward Johnson is the author o...

Pringle, Edward J. (person)

Charles Henry Garoutte (person)

Terry, David Smith, 1823-1889 (person)

David Smith Terry was a lawyer, politician, and California Supreme Court justice. Born in Kentucky, he lived in Texas during the Revolution and joined the Texas Rangers during the Mexican War. After settling in California, he was elected a judge of the Supreme Court in 1855. Political rivalry with David C. Broderick, culminated in the famous Terry-Broderick duel in 1859, in which Broderick was killed. Terry joined the Confederate army during the Civil War and returned to California afterwards to...

Belcher, Isaac S., 1825-1898 (person)

Elisha Williams McKinstry (person)

James Dabney Thornton (person)

John Currey (person)

Alexander O. Anderson (person)

Robert Francis Morrison (person)

Augustus Loring Rhodes (person)

Gibson, James A., active 1860 (person)

E. W. Britt (person)

Hayne, Robert Y., 1853-1903 (person)

Shafter, Oscar Lovell, 1812-1873 (person)

Oscar L. Shafter, an attorney from Vermont, came to California in 1854, having been offered a one-year position in a prestigious San Francisco law firm. At year's end he was engaged in a successful practice and believing the California climate to be better for his family's health, he sent for his wife and two daughters to join him. During the next eight years he established his reputation as an attorney, and in 1863 he was named an associate justice of the California Supreme Court. He served in ...

Alexander Van Rensselaer Paterson (person)

William Cary Van Fleet (person)

Ralph Chandler Harrison (person)

Samuel Bell McKee (person)

John Haynes (person)

Burnett, Peter H. (Peter Hardeman), 1807-1895 (person)

Burnett was Governor when California was admitted into the U.S. in 1850. From the description of ALS, 1851 January 3 : San Jose, to Thomas Fox Taylor. (Copley Press, J S Copley Library). WorldCat record id: 16951352 Peter Hardeman Burnett, the first American Governor of the state of California, was born in Tennessee in 1807. He was admitted to the bar in 1839. In 1843, he and his family moved to Oregon where he helped form the territorial government. In 1848, Burnett moved t...

Charles H. Bryan (person)

Field, Stephen J. (Stephen Johnson), 1816-1899 (person)

Field graduated from Williams College (1837), studied law with David Dudley Field, remaining his partner until 1848. He served as associate justice of the U.S. States Supreme Court (1863-1897). From the description of Letters and autographs of Stephen J. Field, 1875, 1895. (Harvard Law School Library). WorldCat record id: 234339000 California lawyer and jurist; U.S. Supreme Court justice, 1863. From the description of Letter : Sacramento, [Calif., to Abraham Linc...

Henry Augustus Lyons (person)

Erskine Mayo Ross (person)

Works, John D. (John Downey), 1847-1928 (person)

John Downey Works, born 29 March 1847 in Indiana, served in the Civil War and in 1868 was admitted to the Indiana bar. He served one term in the Indiana House of Representatives before moving to southern California as a result of bad health. Works served as a superior court judge in San Diego County (1886-1887) and as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the State of California (1888-1891). In 1911, he was nominated for U.S. Senator by the Progressive Republicans of the Lincoln-Roosevelt Le...

Niles Searls (person)

Solomon Heydenfeldt (person)

Myrick, Milton H. (Milton Hills), 1826-1907 (person)

Addison Cook Niles (person)

N. P. Chipman (person)

Fitzgerald, William Francis (person)

Nathaniel Bennett (person)

Frederick William Henshaw (person)

Silas Woodruff Sanderson (person)

Warner Walton Cope (person)

Hastings, S. Clinton (Serranus Clinton), 1814-1893 (person)

After leaving New York, S. Clinton Hastings studied law in Iowa and served as a chief justice and member of the U.S. House of Representives. He later became the first chief justice of Calif., 1850-1852. In 1878, he founded and endowed the Hastings College of Law in San Francisco. From the description of S. Clinton Hastings letter : Norwich, N.Y., to Charles Anthony, Gouverneur, N.Y. : ALS, 1835 Aug. 31. (University of California, Berkeley). WorldCat record id: 48726747 ...

Royal Tyler Sprague (person)

William H. Beatty (person)