Los Angeles Railway Corporation Collection of Photographs 1851-1939


Los Angeles Railway Corporation Collection of Photographs, 1851-1939

Los Angeles Railway Corporation Collection of Photographs 1851-1939

The collection consists of 1164 black and white photographs, 97 glass negatives, clippings, correspondence, manuscripts, notes, a card file, and a ledger book related to the Los Angeles Railway, 1851-1939, collected and created by Edwin L. Lewis. The collection provides a broad pictorial overview of the development of the railway systems in Los Angeles in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, as well as information on the physical development of the city itself.

27 boxes,; 22 linear feet


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Eaton, Frederick, 1855-1934

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Haynes, John Randolph, 1853-

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Haynes was born June 13, 1853 in Fairmount Springs, PA; received his MD and Ph. D from Univ. of PA; had a medical practice in Philadelphia, 1874-87; moved to Los Angeles and continued his medical practice, 1887; was involved with incorporating initiative, referendum, and recall amendments in the LA City Charter, 1903; member, LA County Probation Comm., 1915-25; member and president, LA Civil Service Commission, 1903-15; member, LA Board of Water and Power Commissioners, 1925; member, Metropolita...

Bicknell, John W., 1913-

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Kuhrts, George J., 1869-1932

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Crank, James Fillmore, d. 1935

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Harriman, Edward Henry, 1848-1909

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Harriman was a wealthy businessman with an interest in trotting horses. He gained control of the Historic Track in Goshen, N.Y. in the 1890s and ran amateur races there. From the description of Papers, 1890-1909. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 155523846 ...

Workman, Elijah H., 1835-1906

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Garland, William May, b. 1866

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Howland, Charles Wing, 1817-1896

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Robinson, Henry Mauris, 1868-1937

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Henry Mauris Robinson (1868-1937), lawyer and banker. He was born in Ravenna, Ohio, son of George Foreman Robinson (1844-1917), judge of the Court of Common Pleas in the 2nd subdivision of the othe Judicial District of Ohio. Henry Mauris Robinson was educated at Western Reserve Academy and Cornell University and practiced law in Ohio and New York City before moving to Southern California in 1905. He was chairman of the board of Security-First National Bank of Los Angeles and also was on board of...

Workman, Boyle, b. 1868

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Hellman, Isaias W. (Isaias William), 1842-1920

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Hellman was a banker and prominent financial figure of Calif. and Oregon. He served as president of Farmers and Merchants National Bank of Los Angeles, Nevada National Bank, and Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. He also served as chairman of the board of directors of Union Trust Company of San Francisco, and director of the United States National Bank of Portland and the Security Trust and Savings Bank of Los Angeles. From the description of Isaias W. Hellman papers, 1865-1929. (Cali...

Huntington, Henry Edwards, 1850-1927

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Henry Edwards Huntington (1850-1927), founder of the Huntington Library, was born in Oneonta, New York. In 1892 he went to San Francisco to work for his uncle, Collis Potter Huntington, who was President of the Southern Pacific Railway Company. After Collis's death in 1900 and Henry's purchase of the Shorb ranch in 1902, Henry moved his business interests to the Los Angeles area, organizing the Pacific Electric Railway Company, the Huntington Land and Improvement Company, and other real estate a...

Clark, Eli P., 1847-1931

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Weid, Otto, d. 1934

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Sachse, Richard Griswold Davis

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Randolph, Epes.

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Hollenbeck, John Edward, 1829-1885

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Pontius, David W.

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Sherman, Moses H., General, 1853-1932

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Downey, John Gately, approximately 1827-1894

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Downey served as governor of California, 1860-1862. From the description of ALS, 1858 December 24 : Los Angeles, to Hon. J.W. Denver, Commissioner of Indian Affairs, Washington, D.C. (Copley Press, J S Copley Library). WorldCat record id: 16837960 Farmer, real estate broker, banker, 7th Governor of California (1860-1862). Downey came to Los Angeles and opened only drugstore between San Diego and San Francisco (1850). Became very wealthy, invested in land, eventually became a...

Pacific Electric Railway Company

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The Pacific Electric Railway was established in Southern California by railroad and real estate tycoon Henry E. Huntington in 1901; by 1911 it was the largest interurban electric transport system in the nation with over 1000 miles of track. The first interurban line constructed by the Railway ran from Los Angeles to Long Beach, and opened in 1902. In 1905, Huntington opened the Pacific Electric Building at 6th and Main Streets in Los Angeles which served as the terminal for many of the interurba...

Mellus, James J., d. 1935

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Los Angeles Railway

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The Los Angeles Railway Corporation, formed in 1910, was the final result of various mergers and consolidations of the numerous local and interurban railways which developed in Los Angeles and adjacent communities. From the description of Records of the Los Angeles Railway Corporation, 1887-1938. (Huntington Library, Art Collections & Botanical Gardens). WorldCat record id: 122570780 ...

Weid, Ivar, 1837-1903

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Workman, William B.

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Beaudry, Prudent, d. 1893

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Lewis, Edwin L.

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Biographical Note The Los Angeles Railway Corporation (LARy) was the product of mergers and consolidations of numerous local and interurban railways in Los Angeles and adjacent communities. In 1910, Henry E. Huntington yielded his interests in the Pacific Electric Company to the Southern Pacific Railroad Company, which subsequently controlled the interurban lines, and he incorporated the Los Angeles Railway Company and other railway interests...

Huntington, Howard

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Griffith, Griffith Jenkins, Colonel, 1850-1919

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Widney, R. M. (Robert Maclay), 1838-1929

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Child, Ozra W.

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