Documents pertaining to the adjudication of private land claims in California circa 1852-1892


Documents pertaining to the adjudication of private land claims in California, circa 1852-1892

Documents pertaining to the adjudication of private land claims in California circa 1852-1892

In 1851 the U.S. Congress passed "An Act to Ascertain and Settle Private Land Claims in the State of California" which required all holders of Spanish and Mexican land grants to present their title for confirmation before the Board of California Land Commissioners. Land from titles not confirmed became part of the public domain. This Act placed the burden of proof of title on landholders and initiated a lengthy process of litigation that resulted in most Mexican Californians, or Californios, losing their titles. While 604 of the 813 claims brought before the Board were confirmed, most decisions were appealed to U.S. District Court and some on to U.S. Circuit Court and the Supreme Court. The confirmation process required lawyers, translators, and surveyors, and took an average of 17 years to resolve. The records of the District Court cases, the Land Case Files, were deposited on permanent loan in The Bancroft Library by the U.S. District Court in 1961. There are 857 total cases: Northern District Cases 1-458 and Southern District Cases 1-399 (see "Additional Notes on the Collection" for a note on case number discrepancies). Materials include transcripts, witness depositions, materials presented as evidence, and other legal documents. Most maps were transferred to the Map Collection of The Bancroft Library for separate cataloging (see: Maps of private land grant cases of California).

Number of containers: 857 Cases. 876 Portfolios; Linear feet: Approximately 75; Microfilm: 200 reels; 10 digital objects (1494 images)



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John Charles Frémont (January 21, 1813 – July 13, 1890) was an American explorer, military officer, and politician. He was a US Senator from California, and in 1856 was the first Republican nominee for President of the United States. A native of Georgia, Frémont acquired male protectors after his father's death, and became proficient in mathematics, science, and surveying. During the 1840s, he led five expeditions into the Western United States and became known as "The Pathfinder". During the...

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Davies, Thomas R. (Thomas Russell), 1951- (person)

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Stockton, Robert Field, 1795-1866 (person)

U.S. naval officer. From the description of Papers, 1846-1847. (California Historical Society). WorldCat record id: 28420479 Second American military governor of Calif. Territory (July 29, 1846-Jan. 19, 1847); U.S. naval officer and Commander of the U.S.S. Frigate Congress. From the description of R.F. Stockton proclamation : ms, 1847 Jan. 11. (California Historical Society). WorldCat record id: 122508929 American military governor of Calif. Territory (J...

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Charles D. Semple (person)

Arno Maube (person)

William S. Johnson and Preston K. Woodiside (person)

José de Arnas (person)

José María Alviso (person)

Drury Malone (person)

L. D. Brown and R. S. Randall (person)

José M. Castenares (person)

Inocencio Romero (person)

José Agustín Narvaez (person)

City of San Francisco. (corporateBody)

Agustín Olivera (person)

Joseph Mount and Edward Cotterill (person)

Gregorio Briones (person)

Juan and David W. Alexander (person)

Fernando Tico (person)

Emigdio Vejar (person)

Francisco C. Negrete (person)

Ignacio Pastor (person)

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Jasper O'Farrell (person)

Uladislac Vallejo (person)

María Antonia Pico et al (person)

Anacleto Lestrada (person)

José de Jesús Pico (person)

Hanrey D. McCobb (person)

R. L. Kilburn (person)

Agustin Jouan and 12 families (person)

Robert B. Neligh (person)

Josefa Morales del Castillo Negrete (person)

Elam Brown (person)

Isidora Coutts (person)

Sarah Ann Modie (person)

Joaquín Gutierrez (person)

María del Espíritu Santo Carrillo (person)

Luis T. Burton and José Carrillo (person)

Stephen F. Henry (person)

Concepción Nieto et al (person)

McKee, William H. (person)

G. W. Bissell (person)

Ramona Carrillo de Wilson (person)

María Jesús Olivera de Cota (person)

William Hicks and James Martin (person)

Juan Abila (person)

Silvestre de la Portilla (person)

Josefa Carrillo de Fitch (person)

Vicente and Domingo Peralta (person)

María A. P. Castro (person)

Nathaniel Bassett (person)

María Anastasia Higuera de Berreyesa (person)

Edward R. Carpenter (person)

Smith, Thomas J., 1803- (person)

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United States (corporateBody)

Tomás Sanchez Colima (person)

Candelario Valencia (person)

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Larkin, Thomas Oliver, 1802-1858 (person)

Thomas O. Larkin (1802-1858) was a merchant who settled in Monterey, California, who later became U.S. consul (1844-48) and served as a delegate to the California Constitutional Convention in 1849. From the description of Letter from Thomas Oliver Larkin to Job Francis Dye and party, 1845 Aug. 10. (Huntington Library, Art Collections & Botanical Gardens). WorldCat record id: 122499643 Thomas O. Larkin, early California pioneer, arrived in California in 1832. Became succe...

Antonio Higuera (person)

Covarrubias, José María (person)

Catalina M. de Munras (person)

John Wilson, for Romualdo (person)

Diego Olivera and Teodora Arellanes (person)

Salvador Castro (Antonio Buelna) (person)

Anastasio Carrillo (person)

Francisco Berreyesa et al (person)

Juan P. Pacheco (person)

Rafael Sanchez (person)

Francisco and Juan Bolcoff (person)

José Loreto and Juan Sepulvede (person)

María Ignacia Berdugo (person)

Nicolás Berreyesa (person)

Carmen Sibrian de Bernal and José de Jesús Bernal (person)

Joaquín Estrada (person)

José A. Aguirre (person)

María Antonia Mesa (person)

Gervasio Argüello (person)

Joaquín Higuera (person)

Thomas S. Page (person)

Samuel Carpenter et al (person)

Pío Pico (person)

Wilson, John H., M.D. (person)

Francisco Sepulveda (person)

Charles Fossatt (person)

José Antonio Aguirre (person)

David W. Alexander and Francisc Mellus et al (person)

Valenta Cota et al (person)

Josefa Carrillo de Fitch et al, heirs (person)

Galbraith, James D. (person)

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Teodocio Yorba (person)

Francisco M. Alvarado (person)

Benjamin R, Buckelew (person)

Juan Sanchez (person)

Ellend E. White and John Garney (person)

Charles J. Brenham (person)

Weber, Charles M., 1911- (person)

Andrés Pico, Elias L. Beard, and John M. Horner (person)

Sebastian Peralta and José Hernandez (person)

José W. Revere (person)

José A. de la Guerra (person)

Juan Patricio Ontiveras (person)

Isidro Reyes and Francisco Marquez (person)

Robert Cathcart (person)

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Andres Castillero (person)

W. T. Sneed (person)

Samuel J. Hensley (person)

Juan Forster (person)

Couts, Cave Johnson, 1821-1874 (person)

Cave Johnson Couts (1821-1874), a native of Tennessee, was an army officer ordered to Monterrey, Mexico who was later sent to California and led the escort for the U.S. Boundary Commission in 1849. Couts married Isidora Bandini (daughter of Juan Bandini) and became the owner of the large Guajome Rancho in San Diego County. He was engaged in the cattle business, and his son, Cave J. Couts, Jr. (1856-1943) became a civil engineer and worked as a deputy surveyor for San Diego County before he began...

Vicente Sepulveda (person)

Joshua C. Brackett (person)

Manuela Carrillo de Jones et al (person)

Manuel Castro (person)

Guillermo Castro (person)

White, William W. (William Wilson), 1918- (person)

David S. Spence (person)

James, Blair (person)

James Blair was born in Scotland in 1655 or 1656. He received his master of arts from the University of Edinburgh in 1673. He was ordained in the Church of England. He went to Virginia as a missionary in 1685, serving as rector of Varina Parish (later Henrico). In 1689, he was appointed commissary, the first official representative of the Bishop of London, whose diocese included Virginia, in the colony. He left Henrico to become minister of Jamestown Church in 1694 and, in 1710, bec...

Milton Little, Thomas Shaddon (person)

Juana Tico de Rodríguez (person)

Crisogono Ayala and Cosme Vanegas (person)

Peralta, Maria Teodora, 1786-1850 (person)

John A. Sutter (person)

Watmough, James H. (James Horatio), 1754-1812 (person)

Francisco Sánchez (person)

Agustín Olvera (person)

Francisco Branch (person)

Tracey A. Edgington (person)

Juan J. Warner (person)

María Merced Lugo de Foster and María Antonia Perez June (person)

City of San José (Founded by Neve) (corporateBody)

Andrew Randall (person)

José María Villavicencia (person)

Eustacio and José R. Valencia (person)

Edward Wilson (person)

Domingo Saenz (Sais) (person)

Leese, Jacob P. (Jacob Primer), 1809-1892 (person)

Merchant, of Yerba Buena, Calif. (1836-1840) and Monterey, Calif., from 1849, where he also served as city treasurer; from 1840 to 1849 he lived on his land grant in Sonoma County, Calif. From the description of Papers, 1836-1863. (California Historical Society). WorldCat record id: 28419813 Calif. merchant and official. Born in St. Clairsville, Ohio in 1809; came to Calif. in 1833, settling in Los Angeles in 1834. Relocated to Monterey, 1836, and entered into mercantile bus...

Thompson, Joseph P. (person)

William (alias Julian) Gordon (person)

Juan M. Luco (person)

María Antonia de la Guerra y Lataillade (person)

Guillermo Chard (person)

William H. Osborne (person)

Simeon, Indian (person)

William Wolfskill (person)

Antonio Suñol, Paula Sainsevain, and Henry M. Naglee (person)

Daniel Sexton (person)

Mowry W. Smith (person)

Gabriel Espinosa (person)

Anastasio and María Chabolla (person)

Salvio Pacheco (person)

Mariano Soberanes and Juan Soberanes (person)

José Manuel Bargas (person)

Domingo Yorba (person)

Joaquín Alvarado (person)

José M. Sanchez and, on his death, Vicente Sanchez et al (person)

Rafael Estrada (person)

José de Jesús Berreyesa (person)

Yount, George Concepción 1794-1865 (person)

José Castro (person)

Julian Estrada (person)

Rafael Soto de Pacheco (person)

Curtis, Henry C. (person)

John H. Watson and Davind S. Gregory (person)

Catharine Sheldon and Gabriel W. Gunn (person)

José Noriega (person)

Johnson Horrell (person)

Lewis F. Burton (person)

Vicente Peralta and Domingo Peralta (person)

John Hendley (person)

Carmen Sibrian de Bernal and José Jesús Bernal (person)

Luis Vignes (person)

Raimundo Olivas and Felipe Lorenzana (person)

Martin E. Cook (person)

Antonio M. Ortega (person)

Sebastian Rodríguez (person)

F. P., F. Templo and Juan M. Sanchez (person)

Antonia Pico de Castro et al heirs of Simeon Castro (person)

Rufina Castro, the heir (person)

Feliciano Soberanes (person)

Paula Sanchez de Valencia (person)

Hannah McCombs (person)

Talbot H. Green (person)

Eliza Spencer (person)

María Manuela Valencia (person)

Jacob P. Leese and Savador Vallejo (person)

James L. Ord (person)

Pedro Chaboya (person)

Joaquín and José Antonio Carrillo (person)

Manuel Dominguez (person)

Manuel Larios (person)

Robert Walkinshaw (person)

Joseph L. Majors and María de los Angeles, wife (person)

Vicente Cantua (person)

City of San Diego (presidial pueblo authorized August, 1834) (corporateBody)

Harriet Besse (person)

Andrés Duarte (person)

Bolton, James R., 1937-.... (person)

Martin Murphy Jr. (person)

George Cornwell (person)

Francisco Rico and José A. Castro (person)

John Wilson, James McKinley, Jesse Scott, and Ann Scott (person)

Isaac, William M., 1943- (person)

Jorge Morillo and María Verdugo Romero (person)

Teodora Soto (person)

Rafael Alviso (person)

Antonio Sunol (person)

Ortega, María Antonia 1954- (person)

Samuel G. Reed and Ruben S. Wade (person)

José de Jesús, José Antonio and Juan Bernal (person)

Fulgencio Higuera (person)

Carlos Antonio Carrillo et al (person)

Archibald Richie (person)

Jasper O'Farrell, John S. Jury, and John D. Stepehens (person)

Amador, José Mariá 1794-1883 (person)

Antonia Higuera et al, heirs (person)

Elizabeth de Zaldo (person)

Santiago Argüello (person)

Guillermo Domingo Foxon (person)

Antonio Chaboya (person)

John C. Core (person)

José Noriega and Robert Livermore (person)

Antonio María Cota et al (person)

José Dolores Ortega (person)

Angel María Castro and José Antonio Rodriguez (person)

Juan Gallardo (person)

Jospeh P. Thompson (person)

Kate M. Stoner (person)

Felicidad Carrillo de Castro (person)

William M. Fuller (person)

Pío and Andrés Pico (person)

Enrique Abila (person)

Concepción Munras et al (person)

Sánchez, José M. (José María) (person)

María and Salvador Vallejo (person)

Jacob R. Mayer and J. G. Isham (person)

José Ledesma, Indian (person)

Emilius Voss (person)

Andrés Pico and Francisco de Uribe de Campo (person)

Henry Cambuston (person)

Widow and Children of Simeon Castro (person)

Robert H. Thomes (person)

Julio and Catalina Verdugo (person)

Gibbs, William Henry, 1950- (person)

Epithet: illustrator and engraver British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000565.0x0002eb ...

Mario T. Bale and heirs of Edward T. Bale (person)

Octaviano Gutierrez (person)

Narciso Bennett (person)

Andres Solme and Catarina (person)

John Roland and J. L. Hornsby (person)

María Concepción Valencia de Rodriquez (person)

Guadalupe Mining co. (corporateBody)

Robert Livermore (person)

Francisco Sobranes (person)

Victoria Reid (person)

Isidro María Alvarado (person)

Johnson Horrell, Joseph Green, and Ramón G. de la Riva (person)

B. McCombs (person)

Juana de Jesús Mallagh (person)

María Antonia Cazares (person)

Andrés Duarte and Felipe Valenzuela (person)

Joaquín de la Torre (person)

Lovett P. Rockwell and Thomas P. Knight (person)

William Bocle (Buckle) (person)

Antonio and Faustino German (person)

Ferdinand Vassault (person)

Miguel Abila (person)

Parker, Joseph C. (person)

Edward L. Brown, Joshua Bailey, and C. I. Hutchinson (person)

Anastacio Carrillo (person)

Samuel Neal (person)

Antonia Pico de Castro and heirs (person)

Richardson, William A. (person)

Charles Chana (person)

Andrew J. Courtney and Juana Puebla de Courtney (person)

Richardson, William A. (person)

Julius Martin (person)

Cayetano Juarez (person)

María Z. Berreyesa et al (person)

Ellen A. Hogan (person)

Frederick Ogden and Nicholas H. Wise (person)

Pedro Sainsevain (person)

Ignacio Palomares (person)

Dwight Spencer (person)

Julio Carrillo (person)

Jones, William C., 1900-1980 (person)

William D. M. Howard (person)

Gil Ybarra (person)

Petronillo Pios (person)

Manuel A. Rodriguez de Poli (person)

Charles Morse, Mark Herring, and Francis Wright (person)

José de la Guerra y Noriega (person)

Thomas Coal (Cole) (person)

Ralph L. Kilburn (person)

Juan Silvas (person)

María Luisa Greer and Manuel Coppinger (person)

Joseph L. Folsom (person)

Juan Reed, heirs of (person)

Sebastian Nuñez (person)

City of Los Angeles (Founded by Neve) (corporateBody)

Samuel Harris (person)

Burnett, Peter H. (Peter Hardeman), 1807-1895 (person)

Burnett was Governor when California was admitted into the U.S. in 1850. From the description of ALS, 1851 January 3 : San Jose, to Thomas Fox Taylor. (Copley Press, J S Copley Library). WorldCat record id: 16951352 Peter Hardeman Burnett, the first American Governor of the state of California, was born in Tennessee in 1807. He was admitted to the bar in 1839. In 1843, he and his family moved to Oregon where he helped form the territorial government. In 1848, Burnett moved t...

T. W. Sutherland (person)

Petronillo Ríos (person)

Abel Stearns (person)

Juan Bandino (person)

Thaddeus M. Leavenworth (person)

Patrick Kelly (person)

Manuel Díaz (person)

José María Covarrubias and Joaquin Carillo (person)

María Concepción Boronda (person)

Thomas M. Robbins and Manuela Carrillo (person)

A. Farley (person)

Isabel Yorba (person)

José Castro, D. F. Douglas, and M. Keary (person)

City of Santa Barbara (corporateBody)

John F. Jones and Lendro Cota (person)

Ramons Yerba et al (person)

John Patchett (person)

Martina Castro (person)

Oliver Boulio (person)

H. F. Teschemacher, J. P. Thompson, G. H. Howard, and J. K. Rose (person)

Francisco and Secundino Higuera (person)

John Hendley and Joseph N. Nevill (person)

Michael C. Nye (person)

Fermin Espinoza de Perez (person)

José M. Covarrubias (person)

José A. Aguirre and Ignacio del Valle (person)

Joaquín Carrillo and José M. Cavarrubias (person)

William Workman (person)

Bernardo Yorba (person)

Nathan Coombs (person)

Antonio Rodríguez (person)

Jocaba Feliz et al (person)

José Dolores Pacheco (person)

Juan M. Vaca and Juan F. Pena (Armijo) (person)

City of Sonora (corporateBody)

Tomás Sánchez et al, Victoria Higuera (person)

Francisco Sales, Indian (person)

José Antonio Estudillo (person)

José de la Cruz Sanchez (person)

William Gordan and Nathan Coombs (person)

Joaquín Soto (person)

James, Watson (person)

Vallejo, Mariano Guadalupe, 1808-1890 (person)

A copy of speech commencing the celebrations of the centennial of San Francisco. From the description of Discurso, 1876, San Francisco. (University of California, Berkeley). WorldCat record id: 743385385 Perhaps compiled for Vallejo's "Recuerdos." Some entries in the handwriting of Henry Cerruti. From the description of Cuadernos para la historia de California, 1821-1846, 1874?. (University of California, Berkeley). WorldCat record id: 122502111 Vallejo ...

Margaret McEneerney (person)

José M. Fuentes (person)

Brume Abila (person)

Juan Martin (person)

José Sepulveda (person)

Guillermo Eduardo Hartnell (person)

Henry Dalton (person)

Juan Alvirez (person)

Sebastian Rodriguez (person)

City of Sonoma (corporateBody)

Joaquín Isidro Castro (person)

Fernando Feliz (person)

Peter Lassen (person)

G. A. Sciligo (person)

City of San Luis Obispo (corporateBody)

Timothy Murphy for the Indians (person)

C. P. Stone (person)

Ermenegildo Vasquez (person)

Limantour, José Yves (person)

Finance minister in the second government of Porfirio Díaz, economist and lawyer. Born 1854 in Mexico City; died 1935 in Paris. Educated at the Escuela Nacional Preparatoria and the Escuela Nacional de Jurisprudencia, from which he received his law degree in 1875. Professor of political economics at the Escuela Superior de Comercio (1876) and of international law at the Escuela Nacional de Jurisprudencia (1876-1878). Active in economic development and public works. Elected president of the Congr...

Vicente de la Osa et al (person)

Brown, John E. (John Edward), 1948- (person)

James and Squire Williams (person)

Jeremiah Clark (person)

Guadalupe Ortega de Chapman et al (person)

Horace Inghram (person)

Smith, Henry Charles (person)

Rafael Villavicancio (person)

Julian and Fernando Santos (person)

Archibald A. Ritche and P. S. Forbes (person)

Liberta Ceseña Bull et al (person)

Nicolás Dodero (person)

Nicolás Morchon (person)

Victor Linares et al (person)

Candelario Miramontes (person)

Vicente Gomez et al (person)

Juan C. Galindo (person)

Alpheus B. Thompson (person)

Andrés Ybarra (person)

Hilaria Sanchez (person)

Mariano and Juan Soberanes (person)

James B. Huie (person)

J. H. Fine (person)

William H. Davis and José R. Estudillo (person)

Issac Williams (person)

Joqauín Carrillo (person)

Henry Cocks (person)

Leander Ranson (person)

María Antonia Machado (person)

Jonathan R. Scott and Benjamin Hayes (person)

H. C. Parker (person)

City of Monterey (corporateBody)

Roland Gelston (person)

Michael White (person)

Angus L. Boggs (person)

Josefa de Haro de Guerrero (person)

George Norris (person)

Juan José and Victor Castro (person)

Magdelena Estudillo (person)

José Y. Llimantour (person)

Josefa Palomares (person)

Manuel Alviso (person)

John A. Sutter for Chief Helena (person)

J. R. McCombs (person)

Mary S. Bennett (person)

María Antonio de la Guerra Lataillade (person)

Henry Brown (person)

Juan Bandini (person)

Bonilla, José Mariano, 1807-1878 (person)

Biographical Sketch Bonilla, born in Mexico City in 1807, came to California in 1834 with the Hijar and Padres colony. He held various responsible public offices in San Luis Obispo — alcalde, judge, and district attorney. He died in 1878. From the guide to the Documentos para la historia de California, (The Bancroft Library) ...

Josefa Soto (person)

Charles Walters (person)

Tomás Pacheco and Agustín Alviso (person)

Antonio Ignacio Abila (person)

José Antonio Alviso (person)

Joel S. Polack et al (person)

Pedro Estrada (person)

José Ortega and Eduardo Stokes (person)

Reuben M. Hill (person)

John Conn (person)

Justo Larios et al (person)

Presentación de Ridley (person)

María Antonia de la Guerra y Lataillde (person)

Quintin Ortega et al (person)

James M. Harbin et al (person)

James Williams and the heirs of Edward A. Farwell (person)

James Murphy (person)

María de la Soledad Ortega de Argüello et al (person)

Emanuel Pratt (person)

Agustín Yansens (person)

White, Michael C. (Michael Claringbud), 1801-1885 (person)

Josefa de Haro et al (person)

Juan Hamos and Juan Dauenbiss (person)

Nicolas A. Den and Richard S. Den (person)

Jesús Machado Apis (person)

Honry Haight (person)

Lucena Parsons (person)

Richard Somerset Den (person)

María Antonio de la Guerra y Lataillade (person)

Bishop Alemany for the Indians (no grantee) (person)

John F. Zollener and John Evan (person)

Barbara Soto et al (person)

John Love (person)

Wiliam Williams (person)

Charles Covillaud et al (person)

Antonio M. Lugo (person)

Ellen E. White (person)

Thomas Dorland (person)

Hiram Grimes (person)

William Johnson (person)

Santiago E. Arguello (person)

Miguel Villagran (person)

Stephen Smith and Manuela T. Curtis (person)

Ramona Butron and Jerimah McMahon (person)

Juan José Gonzalez (person)

María Antonia Cruz (person)

James W. Weeks (person)

Antonio Peralta (person)

Pedro J. Vasquez (person)

Salvador Vallejo (person)

John Marsh (person)

T. W. Sutherland, guardian (person)

José M. Boronda (person)

Antonio Coronel (person)

Anacleto Lestrade (person)

Gabriel Ruiz et al (person)

Santiago Ríos (person)

Hart, Charles E. (Charles Edward), 1838-1916 (person)

Alemany, Joseph S. (person)

Barcelia Bernal (person)

Bishop Joseph S. Alemany for the Indians (person)

María de Jesús Garcia et al (person)

Ubano, Odon, and Manuel, et al, Indians (person)

Benjamin D. Wilson and W. T. B. Sanford (person)

Charles White (person)

William Forbes (person)

María Antonia de la Guerra y Latoillade (person)

José de la Cruz Sánchez et al. (person)

Lyman Barlett (person)

Josefa de Haro (person)

Juan Moreno et al (person)

Teodoro and Secundino Robles (person)

Malo, José R. (José Ramón), 1799-1879 (person)

Bartolomé Bojorquez (person)

Ramón Rodríguez and Francisco Alviso (person)

James Noe (person)

Tiburcio Vasquez (person)

Apolinaria Lorenzana (person)

Victoria Dominguez et al (person)

Mathirius Jensen (person)

Casildo Aguilar and Victoria Higuera (person)

Lugardo Aguilar (person)

Marta Frias de Higuera (person)

Francisco B. Quintana (person)

George Swat (person)

Charles E. Hart and Edward McGarry (person)

John F. Schultess (person)

David W. Alexander and Francis Mellus (person)

Manuel Rodríguez (person)

Joseph Green (person)

Vicente Cordero et al (person)

Juana Briones de Miranda (person)

Francisco P. Pacheco (person)

United States. District Court (California). (corporateBody)

U.S. district and circuit courts were created by the Judiciary Act of 1789 under the authority of the constitutional provision that the judicial power of the United States be vested in a Supreme Court and in such inferior courts as the Congress may establish. The Judiciary Act provided that these courts were to have original jurisdiction in cases involving crimes, remedies of common law, and aliens suing for a tort. The district courts were to have exclusive original cognizance of c...

José A. Serrano, Blas Aguilar, and José Aguilar (person)

Juan B. Alvarado (person)

John Truebody (person)

William Banitz (person)

Modesto Castro (person)

Eben Knight (person)

Thomas C. Larkin (person)

Máximo Martínez (person)

White, Francis J. (person)

Juan M. Anzar (person)

Jesús Machado (person)

Patrick Breen (person)

Eulogio de Celis (person)

Presentación de Ridley, Clara Ridley, and Robert Ridley (person)

James Swansen (person)

Encarnación Mesa et al (person)

Dolores Riesgo Armijo (person)

J. Walter Ward Jr. (person)

José Domingo (person)

John Buhman (person)

Salvador Vallejo Damaso A. Rodríguez (person)

María Josefa Soberanes (person)

H. G. Langley (person)

John Finnell (person)

Fisher, William A. (person)

W. Blackburn (person)

Henry R. Payson (person)

Benjamin S. Lippencott (person)

José Amesti (person)

Joseph Hooker (person)

Rafael García (person)

Louis Roubideau (person)

Teodora Gonzales (person)

Julian Ursua and Pedro Romo (person)

Bishop S. Alemany (person)

Julian Workman and Aaron Pollard (person)

Henry Cocks et al (person)

Manuel Garfias (person)

Nicholás August Den (person)

Timoteo Murphy (Grantee for Gallinas only: Nasario Berreyesa) (person)

Bethuel Phelps (person)

Luis Arrellanes and Emigdio Miguel Ortega (person)

José Joaquín Ortega and Eduardo Stokes (person)

James Stokes (person)