Rukhl Fishman Papers, 1940-1990


Rukhl Fishman Papers, 1940-1990

Collection includes the papers of an American-born Yiddish poet living in Israel until her death in 1984. Includes incoming and outgoing correspondence, poetry manuscripts, newsclippings, subject files, personal documents, and school/youth activities.

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The Workmen’s Circle (Arbeiter Ring), founded in 1892, became a national order in 1900. It was established as a social and cultural Jewish labor fraternal order. Its purpose was to provide members with mutual aid and health and death benefits and to support the labor and socialist movements of the world. Historically, the Workmen’s Circle was closely tied to Jewish unions, the Yiddish labor press, and the Socialist Party. The Circle was highly dedicated to raising the education levels of members...

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Fishman, Gella Schweid. (person)

Biography Teacher of Yiddish language and culture. From the guide to the Gella Schweid Fishman Teaching materials for Yiddish language and culture, 1940-1990, (Stanford University. Libraries. Dept. of Special Collections and University Archives.) ...

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Shapiro, S. (person)

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Younin, Wolf (person)

Grade, Chaim (person)

Yisroel-Shtime (corporateBody)

Silverman, Bine (person)

Shafir, M. M. (person)

Bez, Kh. Bialostotzky, B. J. (person)

Rekes, A. (person)

˜ha-œ Universịtah ha-ʿIvrit bi-Yerushalayim (corporateBody)

S. n., Naomi (person)

Weinreich, Regina (person)

Patar, Doni (person)

Yidishe Kultur Gezelshaft, Jerusalem (corporateBody)

Levin, Lyova (person)

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Miller, Shmarya (person)

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S. n., Shoshana Lev (person)

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Mintz, Ruth Finer (person)

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Fishman, Rukhl, 1935-1984 (person)

American-born Yiddish poet living in Israel until her death in 1984. From the description of Rukhl Fishman papers, 1940-1990. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 462019273 Biography Rukhl Fishman (RF), the younger sister of Joshua A. Fishman (JAF), was born June 10, 1935 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was raised in a secular Yiddish-speaking home and her parents, Aaron and Sonia Fishman (AF and SF), were dedicated activist...

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Yanosovitsch, Yitskhok (person)

Aharoni, Arye. (person)

Davis, Moshe (person)

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TAL International Publishing : Tel Aviv University (corporateBody)

Singer, Isaac Bashevis, 1904-1991 (person)

BIOGHIST REQUIRED Novelist, short story writer. From the guide to the Isaac Bashevis Singer Manuscripts, [ca. 1960]-1971, (Columbia University. Rare Book and Manuscript Library, ) Novelist, short story writer; came to America in 1935. Born Isaac Singer July 14, 1904, in Radzymin, Poland; son of Pinchos Menachem and Bathsheba (Zylberman) Singer. From the description of Manuscripts collection, [ca. 1960]-1970. (New York University). WorldCat record id: 477256024 ...

Leftwich, Joseph (person)

Avani, Avraham (person)

Hashin, Khave (person)

Lehren, Leibush (person)

Kestin-Heller, Hadassah (person)

Fishman, Avi (person)

Hrushovski, Rina (person)

Ring, Galila (person)

S. n., David (person)

Turkow, Zigmund (person)

Yiddish Writers and Journalists Assoc. in Israel (corporateBody)

Sofri, Beni (person)

Vaysman, Gavriel (person)

Histadrut (corporateBody)

Verber, Shifre (person)

Bilitski, Y. Kh. (person)

Yagur, Moyshe (person)

Kadari, Yehudit (person)

Patar, Like (person)

Shika, Esther (person)

Levi, Dror (person)

Shteynberg, Mordkhe (person)

Molodowsky, Kadia. (person)

Teitelbaum, Dora (person)

Ostrovsky, Avi (person)

Aharoni, Ayre (person)

Grosman, Moyshe. (person)

Paner, Yitskhok (person)

Heller, Binem, 1908-1998 (person)

Hashomer Hatzair (corporateBody)

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Bialystotska, P. (person)

Yisroel-Bukh (corporateBody)

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S. n., Ilana (person)

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Camp Boiberik (corporateBody)

Hillely, P. (person)

Glanz-Leyeles, Aron. (person)

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Kahara, Shulamit (person)

Ratson, Khave (person)

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Miller, Sarah (person)

Kibutz Reshefin (corporateBody)

Cohen, Rivke (person)

Top, Shmuel (person)

Shapiro, Martin M. (person)

Verber, A. (person)

Fishman, David (person)

Turkow, Zigmunt. (person)

Landau, Khayem (person)

Shor, Zalman (person)

Dzuba, Albert (person)

Gorin, Moyshe (person)

Fishman, Joshua A. (person)

Biography / Administrative History Dr. Joshua Aaron Fishman is a renowned social scientist and a founder of the field of sociolinguistics. An acclaimed researcher, Dr. Fishman's interests include language and ethnicity, language spread and change, Yiddish studies, bilingual education, and traditional folk medicine. In the course of his career, Dr. Fishman has accumulated multiple honors and awards. He has been a visiting fellow at almost all ...

Birstein, Yossel (person)

Sturman, ? (person)

Zionist Organisation (corporateBody)

Yisroel, Yung (person)

Fishman, Aaron (person)

Leiwick-House (corporateBody)

Telesin, Ziame (person)

Nevelstein, Roze (person)

Avani, Lina (person)

Sheinman family (family)

Aaron Fishman Foundation for Yiddish Culture (corporateBody)

Preminger, Yitskhok (person)

Kazdan, Ch. Sh. (person)

Yugutruf (corporateBody)

Sheinman, Claire (person)

Holdheim, Arik (person)

Rossman, Lillian (person)

Waknin, Shoshana (person)

Benyumen Shekhter Foundation for the Advancement of Standard Yiddish (corporateBody)

Cohen, Rafael (person)

Hassah Hospital (corporateBody)

Bez, Khayem (person)

Shedletski, A. (person)

Rekes, A., Dr. (person)

United Labor Party (corporateBody)

Holdheim, Aliza (person)

Bassman, Rivke (person)

Ockman, Kalman (person)

S. n. Devora (person)

Noy, Dov. (person)

Bakh, Shloyme (person)

Roytman, Sholyme (person)

Khanl, Gila (person)

Shore, Alex (person)

Schaechter, Mordhke. (person)

Gorin, Miriam (person)

Yonai, Aliza (person)

Yaffe, Meyer (person)

Gutman, Saul (person)

Yonai, Gila (person)

Ash, Khayele. (person)

Yunin, Volf. (person)

Winer, Gershan (person)