John Hunter Herndon Papers 1814-1872


John Hunter Herndon Papers, 1814-1872

John Hunter Herndon Papers 1814-1872

Correspondence, diary, legal documents, and military documents relating to John Hunter Herndon (1813-1878), and his journey from Kentucky to Texas in 1837-1838.


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Texas politician, soldier, and frontier hero. He was the first president of the Republic of Texas and served as a United States Senator for that state. From the description of Letter, ca. 1855. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122699442 From the description of Letter, 1859. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 145435304 Sam Houston's colorful public life began with his heroic action during the war of 1812. He served as congressman and governor of Tennessee, spent years amon...

Herndon, Barbara Makall Wilkinson Calvit. (person)

Herndon, John H. (John Hunter), 1813-1878 (person)

Born and educated in Kentucky, John Hunter Herndon arrived in Galveston, Texas, in 1838. He studied law in Kentucky and Houston, and was admitted to the bar in Fort Bend County in November 1838. In 1839, Herndon married Barbara Makall Wilkinson Calvit, heir to the Calvit sugar plantation in Brazoria County, and by 1860 he had become one of the wealthiest landowners in Texas. Although he was not in active military service during the Civil War, the war and Reconstruction depleted most of his fortu...

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Riley, William C. (person)

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John Alsop King was governor of New York State (1857-58). He also served as state senator and assemblyman (1819-21, 1832, 1838, 1840; 1823-25). From the description of Letters, 1825-1883. (New York State Library). WorldCat record id: 145409155 Governor of New York (1857-58), state assemblyman and senator (1819-21, 32, 38, 40; 1823-25). From the description of Letter to Samuel Stevens, 1849 July 2. (New York State Library). WorldCat record id: 122617902 ...

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Gray, Peter W., 1819-1874 (person)

Peter W. Gray was born in Fredericksburg, Virginia in 1819 and moved to Texas in 1838. Gray worked in his father’s law office in Houston, Texas before he became a captain in the Army of the Republic of Texas. In 1841, Gray was appointed District Attorney of the Houston district by Sam Houston. He ran for city secretary in 1840 but was elected alderman in 1841 and became a member of the board of health. In 1846, Gray was elected to the first Texas States Legislature where he authored the Practice...

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Henry Raguet (1796-1877) was born in Pennsylvania. After serving in the War of 1812, he moved with his wife, Marcia Ann Towers, to Cincinnati, Ohio and set up a business. After going bankrupt, he met Sam Houston and John Durst in New Orleans and took a trip with them to Texas, which induced him to move there. He and his wife settled in Nacogdoches, where ha and William G. Logan, a Mississippi immigrant, set up the mercantile firm of Logan and Raguet. Raguet went on to serve as treasurer and then...

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Thomas Jefferson Green (1802-1863) was a native of Warren County, N.C. and served as a brigadier general during the Texas Revolution and as a representative in the legislatures of four states. From the guide to the Thomas J. Green Papers, 1820-1910, (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Library. Southern Historical Collection.) Thomas Jefferson Green, native of Warren County, N.C.; served as Brigadier General during the Texas Revolution and as a representative in the...

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