Solms-Braunfels Archives 1842-1957


Solms-Braunfels Archives 1842-1957

Photostats, microfilm, and transcripts of official records of the Adelsverein, also known as the Verein zum Schutze deutscher Einwanderer in Texas (Society for the Protection of German Immigrants in Texas), a society formed in 1842 by German noblemen to promote German emigration to Texas, resulting primarily in settlements in New Braunfels and Fredericksburg, Texas.


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Leiningen, Christian, Graf zu. (person)

Bene, Louis, Lieutenant. (person)

Wied, Hermann, Fürst zu, d. 1863 (person)

The Prince of Wied took little interest in the Verein, which he joined because he was engaged to the sister of its patron, the Duke of Nassau, until it became clear that the members were seen as having dishonored themselves by not paying the debts they had incurred. He then became involved in the attempt to pay the bills and encouraged renewed interest in the Verein colony in the hope of recouping the losses. He was the nephew of Prince Max of Wied, the famed explorer of the Missouri Valley. ...

Adelsverein (corporateBody)

The Adelsverein, also known as the Verein zum Schutze deutscher Einwanderer in Texas (Society for the Protection of German Immigrants in Texas), and later as the German Emigration Company, was provisionally organized on April 20, 1842, by twenty-one German noblemen at Biebrich on the Rhine, near Mainz. The Adelsverein was composed of German noblemen whose intent was to settle emigrants on the Fisher-Miller Land Grant in Texas, but instead they became the founders of New Braunfels and Freder...

Meusebach, John O., 1812-1897 (person)

Born in Dillenburg, Germany, Baron Otfried Hans Freiherr von Meusebach, or John O. Meusebach (1812-1897), was one of four children to Baron Carl Hartwig Gregor von Meusebach and Ernestine von Witzleben. After studying law at the University of Bonn in 1832, Meusebach transferred to the University of Halle and took his bar examinations in 1836. A fluent speaker of English, Meusebach was appointed as commissioner general of the Adelsverein (Society for the Protection of German Immigran...

Flersheim, L. H. (person)

Fisher, Henry Francis, 1805-1867 (person)

Bourgeois d'Orvanne, Alexander. (person)

Adolph, Grand Duke of Luxembourg, 1817-1905 (person)

Leiningen, Victor, Fürst zu. (person)

Castell, Carl, Graf zu. (person)

Bibra, August, Freiherr von, 1808-1894 (person)

Boos-Waldeck, Joseph, Graf von. (person)

Frederick III, German Emperor, 1831-1888 (person)

Frederick III, German Emperor and King of Prussia (born 18 October 1831, Potsdam, Kingdom of Prussia-d. 15 June 1888, Potsdam, Prussia). He was a scion of the House of Hohenzollern. His parents were Prince William and Princess Augusta of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach. As early as 1851, Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom and Prince Albert were making plans to marry their eldest daughter, Victoria, Princess Royal, to Frederick. Their marriage took place on 25 January 1858 in the Chapel Royal of St. James...

Solms-Braunfels, Carl, Prinz zu, 1812-1875 (person)