Prudhomme Family Papers 1765-1997


Prudhomme Family Papers 1765-1997

Prudhomme family members were planters in Natchitoches Parish, La., with interests in slaves, cotton, corn, hay, lumber, livestock, and a general store. Six generations of Prudhommes, spanning the 19th and 20th centuries, lived at Bermuda plantation (later called Oakland). Among the important members of the Prudhomme family were Phanor Prudhomme (1807-1865); his son, J. Alphonse Prudhomme I (1838-1919); his grandson, P. Phanor Prudhomme II (1865-1948); and his great grandson, J. Alphonse Prudhomme II (1896-1991), who carried on the various agricultural operations and the general store until the early 1980s; and J. Alphonse II's wife, Lucile Keator Prudhomme (1906-1994). The collection includes correspondence, writings, scrapbooks, and photographic materials, 1828-1993, document plantation life, courtship and marriage, sickness, social activities, travel, and general news of the Prudhomme family; the Keator family of Webster Groves, Mo.; and other related families in the Natchitoches area, including the Cloutiers, Lecomtes, and Metoyers. Financial and legal materials include loose papers and volumes, 1765-1989, that document various agricultural and general store operations at Bermuda/Oakland plantation; accounts with sharecroppers, tenants, and hired laborers, many of whom were freedmen; relationships with other local plantation owners and businesses across the country; and the succession of ownership through several generations of the family. There is also documentation of the accounting of plantation physician, James A. Leveque, and miscellaneous personal financial records. Other materials relate to the social life and interests of the Prudhomme and Keator families; they include the extensive genealogical research and historic preservation work of Lucile Keator Prudhomme and the school, religious, military, political, and club materials of many family members. Also included are a small amount of maps and plats, chiefly of the Cane River plantations and Natchitoches, La.; family photographs; and audio cassettes and films documenting the family's activities. Many 18th- and 19th-century materials are in French.

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