Paramount Pictures, Inc., Collection. 1951 - 1951. Motion Picture Newsreel Films. 10/1941 - 3/1957. PARAMOUNT NEWS [DEC. 16]


Paramount Pictures, Inc., Collection. 1951 - 1951. Motion Picture Newsreel Films. 10/1941 - 3/1957. PARAMOUNT NEWS [DEC. 16]


Part 1, the presidents of Costa Rica, Mexico, and Cuba break relations with the Axis. U.S. Ambassador Caffery calls at Brazil's Foreign Ministry. Shows crowds demonstrating in the streets of San Juan, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City, and Havana. Panama's president signs orders for safeguarding the Panama Canal. Part 2, Turkey's Pres. Inonu reviews troops in Ankara. Shows the German, Japanese, and British ambassadors in Turkey. Part 3, a building in San Francisco is sandbagged against air raids. The airliner Philippine Clipper arrives in the U.S. with personnel rescued from Wake Island. Shows barbed wire entanglements and machine guns in San Pedro, California. Part 4, New York City's Times Square is cleared in an air raid drill; Mayor La Guardia speaks. Part 5, James Roosevelt leaves for duty with the Marine Corps. Hank Greenberg enlists in the Army. Cmdr. Gene Tunney swears Bob Feller into the Navy. Part 6, Navy Secretary Knox reports on the U.S. losses at Pearl Harbor.33

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