Personal Papers of Joseph P. Kennedy. 1909 - 1969. Family Subject Files


Personal Papers of Joseph P. Kennedy. 1909 - 1969. Family Subject Files


This series contains personal material that related to, was produced by, or belonged to specific family members of Joseph P. Kennedy. Files include correspondence, health-related material, schoolwork and other school material, articles, speeches, essays and drafts, military records, trip diaries, wedding material, photographs, financial and estate material, bills and receipts, scrapbooks, news clippings, and magazines articles. Newsclipping files also contain material from John C. Dowd, Inc., Advertising, hired by the Kennedy family to write press releases, plan publicity, and collect news clippings about the Kennedys. This series also contains condolence mail on the deaths of Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., and Kathleen Kennedy Hartington. Material produced by or relating to Rose Kennedy includes correspondence, financial papers, bills and receipts, diaries, scrapbooks, itineraries, lists and inventories, deeds, speeches, press releases, news clippings, and magazine articles. A large portion of the material related to Rose Kennedy consists of extensive material from Kennedy residences, including information on household expenses, bills, staffing, interior decorating, deeds, leases, property values, construction, and repairs. Subjects covered within this series include Kennedy family residences at Bronxville, Palm Beach, Hyannis Port, and in Maryland; Rose Kennedy's trips to Europe and South Africa; her time in London as wife of Ambassador Kennedy; donations she made; restoration of John F. Kennedy's birthplace in Brookline, Massachusetts; her involvement in the 1960 presidential campaign; and educational material relating to the Kennedy children. Material relating to or belonging to Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. includes correspondence, school material, speeches, articles, drafts, naval records, news clippings, and condolence material to his family upon his death. Subjects covered include his education at Choate and Harvard, his trip to Spain in spring 1939, the 1940 Democratic convention, his naval career, his death in August 1944, and the launch of the USS Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Material relating to or belonging to John F. Kennedy includes personal correspondence, office correspondence, school material and report cards, speeches, articles, drafts, news clippings and financial material. Subjects covered include John Kennedy's health, his education at Choate, Harvard and Stanford, his thesis, "Why England Slept," his Naval career and PT 109, "Profiles in Courage," various articles and speeches, his wedding to Jaqueline Lee Bouvier in September 1953 and his inauguration as President in January 1961. The folders titled Non- family Correspondence contain correspondence between John F. Kennedy and non-family members and include business, personal and financial material. The Office Correspondence folder contains correspondence from members of his office, including secretaries and staffers, about business and political matters and date mostly from his time in Congress. The material from Choate is extensive and includes report cards, quarterly reports and correspondence with the headmaster and assistant headmaster. The Health folder contains all major correspondence discussing John Kennedy's health found in the Joseph P. Kennedy Papers, including correspondence with doctors and Choate staff. Material relating to or belonging to Kathleen Kennedy, Marchioness of Hartington, includes correspondence between Kathleen and non-family members, correspondence about Kathleen, a series of short articles written by Kathleen on notable people for the Washington Times-Herald, scrapbooks, Red Cross material, estate material and limited condolence mail. Material relating to or belonging to Eunice Kennedy Shriver includes correspondence, school material, remarks and speeches, bills and receipts, lists, itineraries, writings and newsclippings. Subjects covered include Eunice and Jean's trip to Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East in 1951, articles and interviews written about the trip, speeches and remarks by Eunice Kennedy, many on the subject of mental retardation and social reform, and Eunice's wedding to Sargent Shriver, including photographs, guests lists and news coverage. Material relating to or belonging to Patricia Kennedy Lawford includes correspondence, school material, newsclippings and articles and material documenting Patricia's wedding to Peter Lawford, including invitations, guest lists and photographs. Material relating to or produced by Robert F. Kennedy includes correspondence, school material, speeches, articles, drafts, photographs, trip diaries, wedding material, newsclippings, press releases and funeral and memorial material. Subjects covered include Robert F. Kennedy's education at Portsmouth Priory school, Milton Academy, Harvard University and University of Virginia law school, his stamp collection, various articles written by Robert Kennedy, his marriage to Ethel Skakel in 1950, his work as Senate Counsel in the 1950s and Senator from New York in the 1960's and trips to Europe and the Middle East in 1949 and the central Asia region of the Soviet Union in 1955 with Justice William O. Douglas. Material from this 1955 trip includes multiple copies of a diary kept by Robert Kennedy, photographs, drafts of lectures and articles completed by Kennedy after the trip and newsclippings about the trip. Material relating to or produced by Jean Kennedy Smith includes correspondence, report cards, material related to Jean's work at Merchandise Mart, an article by Jean Kennedy entitled "Museum on the Evolution of Religion and Atheism," and material documenting her wedding to Stephen Smith including announcements, invitations, guest lists, planning material and newsclippings. Material relating to or belonging to Edward Moore Kennedy includes correspondence, diaries, articles and drafts, research material, memoranda, schedules, newsclippings and school related material. Subjects covered include Edward Kennedy's education, multiple trips to Europe, Edward's wedding to Joan Bennet on November 29, 1958, articles about Northern Africa and his 1962 Senate campaign.

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