Oral History Interviews of the Women's Action Organization


Oral History Interviews of the Women's Action Organization


Tapes and transcripts of interviews focusing on women and their involvement in the beginnings of the women’s reform movement in the U.S. Department of State during the early 1970s, conducted by the Women's Action Organization, formed to address some of the long-standing inequities in the treatment of women in the State Department and its "sister" Foreign Service agencies.

1 volume, 18 audiotapes

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Good, Barbara Ann

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Timberlake, Clare Hayes, 1907-

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Baer, Berenice.

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Federally Employed Women, Inc.

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Steinem, Gloria

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Author, editor, feminist. From the description of Reminiscences of Gloria Steinem : oral history, 1976. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 122528716 Journalist; Feminist; Political activist; Co-founder, Ms magazine; Co-founder, Women's Action Alliance; Co-founder, Ms Foundation for Women; Co-founder, National Women's Political Caucus. Born 1934; graduated Smith College, 1956; received post-graduate 2 year fellowship to...

Salisbury, William, 1622-1675

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Salisbury, Diane.

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Dillon, Dorothy Rita, 1917-

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Kreutzer, Valerie.

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Pollard, Frederick D.

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Thomas, Charles H

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Marcy, Mildred, 1913-

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Harrison, Evelyn B. (Evelyn Byrd)

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King, Marguerite Cooper.

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Stansbury, Dorothy.

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Joyce, Jean

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Rogers, Gladys Pearlson, 1917-

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Clark, Joan.

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Olmsted, Mary S.

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Harper, Elizabeth M.

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Mace, Howard Perry, 1916-

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Macomber, Phyllis Bernau.

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Bray, Charles W., 1933-2006

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Louchheim, Katie, 1903-

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Louchheim was a government official and active in the Democratic Party. From the description of Oral histories, 1974-1976 (inclusive). (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 232008480 Government official Louchheim was born in New York City, graduated from Rosemary Hall School (1921), and attended Columbia (1926-1927). She worked for the League of Women Voters and held numerous positions in the Democratic Party. From the description of Interview, 1968. (Harvard...

Rossell, Idris.

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Pitts, Mildred.

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Williamson, Richard A. (Richard Alan), 1943-

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Long, Nira.

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McElhiney, Thomas Watkins, 1919-

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Palmer, Alison, 1959-

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Brown University Class of 1953. Worked as writer for Christian Science Monitor and New York Times; served in the United States Foreign Service (1959-1981) in Belgian Congo, Ethiopia, and Vietnam. Honored for her service in Vietnam. Filed sex discrimination complaint (relating to her assigment in Africa) against the State Department and won her case in 1974. Together with women colleagues brought a class action suit against the Department and won in 1987. Thirteenth woman Episcopal priest ordaine...

United States. Department of State

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The Department of Foreign Affairs was established by an act of July 27, 1789 (1 Stat. 28) and redesignated the Department of State by an act of September 15, 1789 (1 Stat. 68). It was the agency of the United States created by law to assist the President in the formulation and execution of the Nation's foreign policy, and in the conduct of foreign affairs and of certain domestic affairs. The Department made plans for peace and security among all nations, participated in the United Nations and o...

United States Information Agency

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King, Marguerite Cooper

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Women's Action Organization.

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The Women's Action Organization (WAO) was formed in November 1970 to address some of the long-standing inequities in the treatment of women in the State Department and its "sister" Foreign Service agencies: United States Information Agency and Agency for International Development. Jean Joyce, who in 1970 was senior reports advisor in the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and one of the founders of WAO, conceived the idea of interviewing those involved in the formation of WAO. She conduc...

American foreign service association

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Professional association of the U.S. Foreign Service dedicated to enhancing the effectiveness of the Foreign Service, promoting understanding of the role of the Foreign Service in America's national security and economic prosperity, and ensuring the maintenance of high professional standards for both career diplomats and political appointees. Founded in 1924. From the description of American Foreign Service Association records, 1940-1964. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 71068795 ...

Pardon, Carol Caviezel

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Rogers, Gladys Pearlson, 1917

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Clark, Joan

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Williamson, Richard

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Richard Williamson was born at Campton, Bedfordshire, on 25 November 1802, the son of the Revd Edmund Williamson. He was educated at Wesminister School, before matriculating at Trinity College, Cambridge, in 1821 (B.A., 1825; M.A., 1828; D.D., 1835), where he became a fellow in 1827. He was admitted at the Inner Temple in 1827, and was ordained deacon in 1828, and priest in 1829. He was headmaster of Westminster School, 1828-1846; rector of Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire, 1844-1850; and vicar of...

Kreutzer, Valerie

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United States. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency

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Olmsted, Mary, 1919

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American Federation of Government Employees

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Timberlake, Clare Hayes, 1907

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Milam, William B.

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Long, Nira

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Macomber, Phyllis (Bernau)

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Rogers, Gladys

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Mace, Howard

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Rogers, William P. (William Pierce), 1913-2001

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Deputy Attorney General. From the description of Correspondence with Johan Thorsten Sellin, 1955-1969. (University of Pennsylvania Library). WorldCat record id: 243780768 William Pierce Rogers was born on June 23, 1913 in Norfolk, New York. He received an A.B. from Colgate University in 1934, and an LL.B. from Cornell University in 1937. He was admitted to the New York bar in 1937 and the District of Columbia bar in 1950. He was the assistant district attorney for New York C...

United States Civil Service Commission

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wd7pm1 (corporateBody)

The United States Civil Service Commission was established by the Civil Service Act of 1883. The Commission replaced the “spoils system” and democratized the process of hiring for federal jobs; first, because it required that these positions be filled through competitive examinations which were open to all citizens; second, because it required selection of the best-qualified applicants without regard to political considerations. During World War II, the need for federal ...

Macomber, Williams Butts, Jr., 1921

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Harrison, Evelyn

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Eliot, Theodore L.

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Diplomat. From the description of Reminiscences of Theodore L. Eliot: oral history, 1986. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 122308464 ...

Diplomatic and consular service

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Harrop, William C.

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Palmer, Alison

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Alison “Tally” Palmer was born in Medford, Massachusetts on November 22, 1931. She was the daughter of Lois Mead Patten Palmer and C.B. Palmer. Palmer had two siblings, David and Lois. Alison Palmer graduated from Brown University in 1953. She went to work for the Christian Science Monitor after graduation, but was dissatisfied with her assignments. She was hired by The New York Times, but as at her previous job, found that she was assigned to cover the women's page rath...

Dillon, Dorothy

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Rossell, Idris

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Bowles, Chester, 1901-1986

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69h69wf (person)

United States ambassador to India, 1951-1953 and 1963-1969. From the description of The Indo-American development program : the problems and opportunities : mimeograph, 1952. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 754867525 Chester Bowles was born on April 5, 1901, in Springfield, Massachusetts. He graduated from Yale University in 1924 (B.S.) and established the advertising firm of Benton and Bowles, with William Benton, in 1929. Bowles served in the Office of Price Administration ...

Harper, Elizabeth (Betty Jo)

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United States. Agency for International Development

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bc7n8t (corporateBody)

On September 4, 1961 the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 vas signed into law. On November 4, 1961 the Agency for International Development was set up in the Department of State to succeed the International Cooperation Administration. The main objective of AID was to combine the various foreign assistance programs into one program which would assist the underdeveloped countries in maintaining their independence by making them self-supporting nations. The Development Loan Fund, created in 1957 was ...

Rusk, Dean, 1909-1994

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6z31x1j (person)

Dean Rusk (1909-1994), U.S. Secretary of State, born in Cherokee County, Georgia. From the description of University of Georgia faculty papers, 1952, 1971-1995. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 38477809 Dean Rusk was born in Cherokee County, Ga., on February 9, 1909. He attended Davidson College, graduating in 1931 as a Rhodes Scholar. He then attended St. John's College, Oxford. In 1946 he became assistant chief of the Division of International Security Affairs of the U.S. De...

Marcy, Mildred, 1913

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Pollard, Frederick D.

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Good, Barbara

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Salisbury, William R.

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Mace, Howard Perry, 1916

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Bray, Charles

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American Association of Foreign Service Women.

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Allport, Mildred

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Thomas, Charles H., II

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Steinem, Gloria, 1934-

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Gloria Steinem, late 1960's Gloria Steinem was born on March 25, 1934 in Toledo, Ohio to Leo Steinem and Ruth Nuneviller Steinem, the second of their two children (Suzanne Steinem was born in 1925). She grew up in Toledo and Clark Lake, Michigan, where the family ran a summer resort. Leo and Ruth divorced in 1945, and, with Suzanne away at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts, eleven-year-old Gloria assumed responsibility for the care of her mother, who was incre...

Richardson, John, 1921-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6hd96vq (person)

Art administrator; Washington, D.C. From the description of John Richardson interview, 1971. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 220189884 President, International Rescue Committee, 1960-1961; president, Free Europe Committee, 1961-1968; United States assistant secretary of state for educational and cultural affairs, 1969-1977; board member, National Endowment for Democracy. From the description of John Richardson, Jr. papers, 1956-2005. (Unknown). WorldCat record id:...

United States. Federal Women's Program.

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Salisbury, Diane

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Gardner, John W. (John William), 1912-2002

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6t72tw1 (person)

John William Gardner (1912-2002) was vice president of the Carnegie Corporation of New York from 1949 to 1955, and president of the Carnegie Corporation from 1955 to 1965. He was a member of President Kennedy's Task Force on Education in 1960, on President Johnson's Task Force on Education in 1964, and he served as Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare from 1965 to 1968. From the description of Gardner, John William, 1912-2002 (U.S. National Archives and Records Administration)...

Macomber, William B. (William Butts), 1921-2003

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6hq5jr3 (person)

William B. Macomber, Jr. (1921-2003) received his master's degree in government from Yale University, a master's degree in social science from the University of Chicago and a law degree from Harvard University. During World War II, he served as a lieutenant in the U.S. Marines, working for the Office of Strategic Services. After his tour of duty ended, Macomber taught government at Boston University, spent two years with the Central Intelligence Agency then joined the State Department. President...

United States. Agency for Interational Development

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McElhiney, Thomas Watkins, 1919

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Aaron, David, 1938-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65q7rdr (person)

Louchheim, Katie (Scofield), 1903

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6f04whv (person)