Environment collection of Peter S. Thacher, 1960-1996.


Environment collection of Peter S. Thacher, 1960-1996.


The collection consists of the personal library and business files of Peter S. Thacher dating from his career beginning in 1971 at the United Nations Environment Programme, as Senior Counselor of the World Resources Institute as well as work with other notable institutions, organizations, events and activities. The collection has been divided into three main file categories: A. Correspondence file, B. Organization file, C. Business file. The correspondence file contains all correspondence, including incoming, outgoing, 3rd party correspondence, cables and draft cables. The organization file contains all documents generated by institutions with which Thacher was involved. The business file contains personal, administrative or biographical information found in the original donation. PROCESSING NOTE: The papers of Peter Thacher were packed on-site by the Environmental Resources Librarian where they had been stored for many years. It was apparent that the papers had not been ordered or had not remained in any recognizable filing system. Upon further investigation, it was concluded that the papers were essentially in disarray and that processing would require creating an imposed order for the collection. It was apparent that 3 different types of records were present: correspondence, organizational files i.e. files generated by an organization or event and personal business, administrative or biographical files. These types became the three dominant record groups by which the collection would be processed.

52.33 linear feet (129 boxes)

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