Wesley C. (Wes) Uhlman Mayoral Records 1956-1978 1970-1977


Wesley C. (Wes) Uhlman Mayoral Records 1956-1978 1970-1977

Records from Wes Uhlman's two terms as Seattle mayor from 1969 to 1977.

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The Department of Community Development administered the City's comprehensive plan and provided direction and support for the City's physical and economic development through community planning. DCD was established in 1969 and assumed the responsibilities of the City Planning Commission and the Urban Renewal Program. In 1972, the Office of Economic Development was created in the Department to provide information to businesses that were expanding or relocating in Seattle. DCD was the lead agency ...

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Norman B. Rice was born 4 May 1943. He received his college education at the University of Washington, earning a bachelor's degree in communications and a Masters of Public Administration. Rice holds honorary degrees from Seattle University, the University of Puget Sound, and Whitman College. Before entering city government, he worked as a reporter at KOMO-TV News and KIXI Radio, served as assistant director of the Seattle Urban League, was executive assistant and director of government services...

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City's first charter established the marshall as the local peace officer; in 1883 the position of chief of police was established; city charter of 1890 created the Board of Police Commissioners which administered the department and appointed officers; following allegations of corruption, the commission was abolished by the new charter of the 1896; in 1962 the department assumed authority for policing the harborfront, formerly a function of the Harbor Department. From the description ...

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The Mayor is the chief executive officer of the City with responsibilities for law enforcement, appointing department heads, administering City departments and programs, and preparing and executing the City budget. Seattle's original Charter (1869) created the position of Mayor who served as ex-officio President of the Common Council. The 1875 Charter gave the Mayor a vote on Council. That was amended in 1886 to provide for a tie-breaking vote only. The 1890 Charter completely separated the Exec...

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Uhlman, Wesley C. (Wesley Carl), 1935-

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