William M. King Papers 1832-1873


William M. King Papers, 1832-1873

William M. King Papers 1832-1873

Papers of a merchant, civic leader, and territorial legislator of Portland, Oregon. Includes correspondence, financial records, notebooks, and ledgers. Materials relate to King's enterprises, including the firms of Butler & King, King & Kittridge, and a lawsuit concerning King's work on the Erie Canal.

2 cubic ft.; 3 document cases, 1 flat box


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Chapman, William Williams

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Adair, John, 1757-1840

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Soldier, politician, and governor of Ky. From the description of John Adair : miscellaneous papers, 1797-1824. (Filson Historical Society, The). WorldCat record id: 46605138 ...

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Pratt, Orville C. (Orville Charles), 1819-1891

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Pratt, a lawyer of Rochester, New York, and Galena, Illinois, was appointed associate justice of the Second District, Oregon Territory. In 1856 he moved to San Francisco, where he was later elected judge of the Twelfth District. From the description of Overland journey from Fort Leavenworth to Los Angeles /by Orville C. Pratt, 1848-1849. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 702126351 ...

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Lane, Joseph, 1801-1881

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Joseph Lane was born in North Carolina December 14, 1801, and moved to Kentucky when he was three years old. At age fourteen Lane moved away from his family to Indiana. At the age of twenty-one Lane married Mary Hart Polly. The couple had eight children. From 1822 to 1846, Lane served in the Indiana State Legislature. After serving in the war against Mexico, where he became a major-general in 1847, he accepted the position as Territorial Governor of Oregon. Lane was sworn in as Governor on March...

May, Samuel E.

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Sulger, Abraham

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Portland & Valley Plank Road Company

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McEwan, William L. (William Leonard), 1859-1937

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Dyer, Thomas Jefferson

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Cooley, Randoph M.

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Deady, Matthew P. (Matthew Paul), 1824-1893

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Matthew Paul Deady, son of Daniel and Mary Ann (McSweeny) Deady, was born near Easton in Talbot County, Maryland on May 12, 1824. The Deady family worked a farm first in Maryland and, after 1828, in Wheeling, Virginia. Deady received his early education from his father and later at Wheeling's Lancasterian Academy. In 1837, three years after Mary Ann Deady's death, the family moved to Ohio. From 1841 to 1845 Deady was apprenticed to a blacksmith and, at the same time, attended Barnes...

Moore, James M.

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King, William M., 1800-1869

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William M. King was a merchant, civic leader, and territorial legislator of Portland, Oregon. A native of Danbury, Connecticut, King was identified with a number of enterprises in the northeast, including the Pennsylvania extension of the Erie Canal and a sawmill at DeWitt, New York. He brought his family overland from Missouri to Oregon in 1848, settling at the new town site of Portland and starting a sawmill. He entered the mercantile business with various partners, including George Kittredge,...

Stark, Benjamin

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Reed, Cyrus Adams

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Butler & King

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Thurston, Samuel Royal, 1816-1851

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Blain was a Presbytarian minister and the editor of the newspaper "Oregon Spectator," 1849 Oct. 4 - 1850 Sept. 5. From the description of Samuel R. Thurston letters to Wilson L. Blain [manuscript], 1850. (Oregon Historical Society Research Library). WorldCat record id: 669500711 Lawyer, member of Congress from Oregon Territory. From the description of ALS and receipt : Washington, D.C., 1850. (Rosenbach Museum & Library). WorldCat record id: 122617165 ...

Post, John Dennison

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Bennett, Charles H. (Charles Henry), 1829-1867

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Simpson, Ben F.

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Bush, Asahel, 1824-1913

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Asahel Bush was the publisher of the Oregon Statesman. From the description of Asahel Bush letter to John Colgate Bell [manuscript], 1893 Mar. 7. (Oregon Historical Society Research Library). WorldCat record id: 664125845 Asahel Bush Jr. (1824-1913) was a publisher, banker and Democratic political leader. From the guide to the Asahel Bush letter to Hugh D. O'Bryant, 1850 April 27, (Oregon Historical Society Research Library) From the guide to the Asahel ...

Hammon, Hiram

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Lownsdale, Daniel H., active 1848-1858

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King & Kittredge

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Huntress, F. D.

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Conser, Jacob

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Butler, Joseph Bradley Varnum, 1809-1879.

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Shannon, Wesley

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Hammon & King

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Hastings, Loern B.

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Kittredge, George, fl. 1854-1855.

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Campbell & Boise

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Lynde, J. B.

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