James Forman Papers 1848-2005 (bulk 1961-2001)


James Forman Papers 1848-2005 (bulk 1961-2001)

Author, journalist, and civil rights activist. Correspondence, memoranda, diaries, subject files, speeches and writings, family papers, appointment books and calendars, and other papers relating primarily to Forman's activities as executive secretary of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and president of the Unemployment and Poverty Action Committee.

79,000 items; 255 containers plus 2 oversize and electronic files; 100.2 linear feet




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Clinton, Bill, 1946-

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Sarachild, Kathie, 1943-

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Kathie Sarachild, born Kathie Amatniek in 1943, is an American writer and radical feminist. In 1968, she took the last name "Sarachild" after her mother Sara, coined the phrase "Sisterhood is Powerful" in a flier she wrote for the keynote speech she gave for New York Radical Women's first public action at the convocation of the Jeannette Rankin Brigade, was one of four women who held the Women's Liberation banner at the Miss America protest, and had her paper "A Program for Radical Feminist Cons...

Belafonte, Harry, 1927-

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Born to immigrant parents in Harlem on March 1, 1927, Harry Belafonte spent much of his youth in his mother's home country of Jamaica. Though difficult, life in Jamaica was full of rich cultural experiences that influenced Belafonte's art. At the beginning of World War II, Belafonte returned to Harlem with his mother and brother. He had trouble integrating into the new environment and later dropped out of high school to join the U.S. Navy. After Belafonte was honorably discharged, he went bac...

Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (U.S.)

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SNCC was founded in 1960 at the close of the Raleigh Conference, held at Shaw University, Raleigh, NC. It was a meeting of Southern student sit-in leaders and northern student supporters. In May, 1960, the committee held its first meeting in Atlanta. SNCC was composed of representatives from 16 southern states and the District of Columbia. Its basic purpose was the coordination of activities within the civil rights movement. From the description of Collection, 1960-1961. (Swarthmore ...

Black Workers Congress

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Braden, Anne, 1924-2006

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Journalist, civil rights activist; interviewee married Carl Braden. From the description of Reminiscences of Anne Braden : oral history, 1981. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 309721763 Journalist; civil rights activist; interviewee married Carl Braden. From the description of Oral history interview with Anne Braden, 1978. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 309721830 Anne McCarty was born ...

Romilly, Constancia

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McDew, Charles

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Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party

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The Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP) was organized during the summer of 1964 by members of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and other participants of the Mississippi Freedom Summer of 1964. The MFDP attempted in August 1964 to secure delegate representation at the Democratic National Convention because the Mississippi Democratic Party had included a clause rejecting civil rights and opposing the national party's commitment to that cause. The activities of the MFDP promote...

Mississippi Freedom Labor Union

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Carmichael, Stokely

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Stokely Carmichael was born in Trinidad, 1940. He graduated from Howard University in 1964 and the same year became field secretary of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. He was elected chairman of that group in 1966. From the description of Stokely Carmichael-Lorna D. Smith collection 1964-72. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122510440 Biographical Note 1941 b...

March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom (1963 : Washington, D.C.)

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Warren, Robert Penn, 1905-1989

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Robert Penn Warren (1905-1989), first poet laureate of the United States, was a poet, writer of fiction, and co-author with Cleanth Brooks of influential textbooks on literature. He won Pulitzer Prizes for All the King's Men (1946) and for volumes of poetry, Promises (1958) and Now and Then (1979). From the description of Robert Penn Warren papers, 1906-1989. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 702132948 Robert Penn Warren served on the faculty of Louisiana State University, Dept...

McSurely, Alan, 1936-

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Lawyer Alan McSurely of Chapel Hill, N.C., was born in 1936 in Dayton, Ohio, and graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. During the 1960s and 1970s, he and his wife, Margaret McSurely, worked with a number of organizations endeavoring to eliminate poverty, bring about an end to segregation, and organize workers in labor disputes. From the description of Alan McSurely papers, 1928-1985 (bulk 1960s-1980s). WorldCat record id: 40337289 Lawye...

Meeks, Josie

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Black Economic Development Conference

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Drake, St. Clair.

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Born in 1911, St. Clair Drake was an educator and social anthropologist who taught sociology at Roosevelt and Stanford Universities and at the Universities of Liberia and Ghana. His study of social life in the Caribbean and West Africa and in the black communities of Chicago and Great Britain spanned the 1930s to the 1980. His major study of Blacks in Chicago, Black Metropolis, written in collaboration with Horace Cayton, was published in 1945. A prolific lecturer and author, his many articles a...

Donaldson, Ivanhoe

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Hayden, Tom, 1939-2016

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Biography Tom Hayden, Democrat, was a State Assembly Member, 1983-1992 and a State Senator, 1993-1998. He represented the 44th Assembly District in Los Angeles County until 1992 when his Assembly seat was eliminated with redistricting. Hayden was then elected to the 23rd Senatorial District in Los Angeles. He left office in 2000 because of term limits. Hayden was a leader of student civil rights and anti-war movements in the 1960s...

Unemployment and Poverty Action Committee

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Mississippi Freedom Schools

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Younge, Sammy, 1944-1966

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Stone, Flora

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Unemployed Poverty Action Council, Legal Defense, Education, and Research Fund

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Mississippi Freedom Project

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Al-Amin, Jamil, 1943-

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Stone, Donald P., 1935-

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Bellamy, Fay

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Fanon, Frantz, 1925-1961

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Forman, James, 1928-2005

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Social activist and organizer James Forman was born on October 4, 1928, in Chicago. He spent much of his childhood with his grandmother on a farm in Marshall County, Mississippi. His grandmother stressed the importance of education and his experiences in the segregated South proved very important in his developing social consciousness.Forman completed high school in 1947. He attended Chicago's Wilson Junior College before joining the U.S. Air Force. After completing four years of military servic...

National Black Economic Development Conference (1969 : Detroit, Mich.)

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Zellner, Dorothy

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Holt, Len

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Sharpe, Monroe

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Congress of Racial Equality

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Organized ca. 1942 by an interracial group of University of Chicago students and theological seminary students, and by members of the Fellowship of Reconciliation (U.S.); purpose was to eliminate all racial segregation and discrimination by means of interracial, direct nonviolent action; by 1966, CORE's official policy shifted to Black power and Black separatism while rejecting the former principles of non-violence. From the description of Collected records, 1942-1972. (Swarthmore Co...

Black Panther Party

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The Black Panther Party was founded in Oakland, California in 1966 by Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale. The philosophy of the Black Panthers, known as their ten-point program, combined Marxist socialism and black nationalism with demands for land, housing, education, justice and peace. By 1969 the Black Panthers had become known nationally. From the guide to the Black Panther Party FBI file, 1967-1969, (The New York Public Library. Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, Manusc...

Johnson, P. Anna (Patricia Anna)

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Zellner, James A.

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Holt, Faye

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