Benjamin Lee Whorf papers 1898-1971


Benjamin Lee Whorf papers, 1898-1971

Benjamin Lee Whorf papers 1898-1971

The papers consist of correspondence; writings on linguistics, science and religion; miscellaneous biographical material; and lantern slides. Nearly three-fourths of the papers consist of Benjamin Whorf's writings on linguistics, including drafts of published works, unpublished manuscripts, research notes on his trip to Mexico in 1930 and on Hebrew, Maya, Hopi and other languages. Also included are articles by others, chiefly on Indian languages. The correspondence, which is entirely professional, includes Franz Boas, Frans Blom, Clyde Kluckhohn, Alfred Kroeber, J. Alden Mason, Edward Sapir, Herbert Spinden, Alfred M. Tozzer, George L. Trager and Charles F. Voegelin.

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Anthropologist and author. From the description of Papers of Clyde Kluckhohn, 1945-1948. (University of Iowa Libraries). WorldCat record id: 233131951 Kluckhohn taught anthropology at Harvard. From the description of Papers of Clyde Kay Maben Kluckhohn, 1930-1960 (inclusive). (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 76973102 Ashley Montagu, born Israel Ehrenberg on June 28, 1905, was a British-American anthropologist, specializing in the ar...

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Anthropologist. From the description of Leslie Spier papers, 1924-1961. (University of California, Berkeley). WorldCat record id: 80971494 Anthropologist; b. Leslie Ephraim Spier. From the description of Leslie Spier collection, 1918-1931. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 70922393 Leslie Spier (December 13, 1893 – December 3, 1961) studied the Klamath Indians as well as Plains Indians and Indians of the Southwest during his career as an anthro...

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Trager, George L. (George Leonard), 1906-1992 (person)

Trager was an American linguist. From the description of Amharic data, language materials for Tagalog and Japanese, and lectures of Archibald Hill : tape recordings, 1960. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 754863305 ...

Spinden, Herbert Joseph, 1879-1967 (person)

Mason, John Alden, 1885-1967 (person)

John Alden Mason was an anthropologist and archaeologist. From the description of Papers, ca. 1915-1967. (American Philosophical Society Library). WorldCat record id: 122523535 From the guide to the Northern Tepehuan language material, 1951, 1956, 1958, (American Philosophical Society) The archaeologist John Alden Mason was Curator of the University Museum at the University of Pennsylvania from 1926 until 1955. His research centered on the languages and...

Sapir, Edward, 1884-1939 (person)

American anthropologist and linguist. From the description of Yana field notes: holographs, 1907. (University of California, Berkeley). WorldCat record id: 227536942 ...

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