Alois Francis Kovarik papers 1902-1951


Alois Francis Kovarik papers, 1902-1951

Alois Francis Kovarik papers 1902-1951

Physicist, professor at Yale University. Correspondence, writings, lecture notes and glass slides relating to Kovarik's work on radioactive materials. Included also are biographical materials gathered by Kovarik in connection with an article on Bertram B. Boltwood and papers issued by the Committee on Standards of Radioactivity (1938-1946) of which Kovarik was a member. Prominent among his correspondents are Niels Bohr, Marie S. Curie, Ernest Pollard and Luville T. Steadman.

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Tate, John Torrence, 1925-.... (person)

Woodruff, Lorande Loss, 1879-1947 (person)

National Research Council. Committee on Standards of Radioactivity.. (corporateBody)

Kovarik, Alois Francis, 1880-1965. (person)

Physicist; professor of Physics at Yale University, 1915-1948; member of the Manhattan Project during World War II. From the description of Alois Francis Kovarik papers, 1902-1951 (inclusive). (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 702165632 Physicist; professor of Physics at Yale University, 1915-1948; member of the Manhattan Project during World War II. Degrees and positions held by Professor Kovarik include: University of Minnesota, B.A. 1904, M.A. 1907, ...

Steadman, Luville Taylor. (person)

Lane, Alfred C. (Alfred Church), 1863- (person)

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Failla, Gioacchino, 1891-1961. (person)

Yale University. Dept. of Physics. (corporateBody)

National Research Council. Committee on the Measurement of Geological Time. (corporateBody)

Easton, William H. (William Heyden), 1916-1996 (person)

Boltwood, Bertram Borden, 1870-1927 (person)

Ph.D. from Yale 1897; opened a private laboratory in New Haven with Joseph Hyde Pratt and acted as consultant to industry, 1900-1906; began work on radioactivity in 1904; Yale professor of physics in 1906, professor of radiochemistry, 1910-1927. From the description of Bertram Borden Boltwood papers 1890-1932 (inclusive). (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 702165927 Ph.D. from Yale 1897; opened a private laboratory in New Haven with Joseph Hyde Pratt and acted as co...

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Yale University. Faculty. (corporateBody)

Exner, Frank M. (person)

MacKee, George M. (George Miller), 1878- (person)

Lang, W. B. (person)

Pollard, Ernest Church, 1906- (person)

McKeehan, Louis Williams, 1887- (person)

Kurie, Franz Newell Devereux. (person)

Ruark, Arthur Edward, 1899-.... (person)

Physicist (civil engineering). Chief, physics division research laboratory, Gulf Oil Corporation, 1930; professor of physics, University of Pittsburgh, 1930-1934; head physics department, University of North Carolina, 1934-1944; research positions at Johns Hopkins University, 1946-52; assistant and senior associate director of research, Atomic Energy Commission, 1956-1969. Died 1979. From the description of Lecture notes and manuscript on theory of relativity ca. 1951. (Unknown). Wor...

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Ellis, C. D. (Charles Drummond), 1895-1980 (person)