Louise Morgan and Otto Theis papers 1903-1983 (inclusive 1930-1960


Louise Morgan and Otto Theis papers 1903-1983 (inclusive 1930-1960

The papers document the literary and personal lives of Morgan and Theis, and contain correspondence, subject files, and professional papers related to the 20th century British literary world. There is correspondence regarding Evelyn Scott, and correspondence as well as poems by Nancy Cunard.

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Mansel, Freda.

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Swing, Betty Gram.

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Freud, Anna, 1895-1982

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Child psychoanalyst (1895-1982). From the description of Papers, 1941-1984. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 155493481 Psychoanalyst, author, and daughter of Sigmund Freud. From the description of Anna Freud papers, 1880-1995 (bulk 1946-1982). (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 70982551 Psychoanalyst; d. 1982. From the description of Papers, 1880-1988 (bulk 1946-1982). (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 31816437 Bi...

Powell-Edwards, Tony.

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Roberts, Joanna

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Cameron, Carin Wander.

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Young, A. P.

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Budberg, Moura

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Balderston, Marion

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Sanderson, Averil, Lady.

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Royde-Smith, Naomi, 1875-1964

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Naomi Royde-Smith was born in Llanwrst, Wales, and moved to London as a child and was educated at a private school in Geneva, Switzerland. From 1904-1922 she worked at the WESTMINSTER GAZETTE, serving as its literary editor and drama critic. From 1924-1927 Royde-Smith worked as a drama critic for THE OUTLOOK. She published her first novel, "Tortoiseshell Cat," in 1925. Royde-Smith published another thirty-seven novels, as well as travel books, short stories, plays and biographies. Fr...

H.D. (Hilda Doolittle), 1886-1961

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Hilda Doolittle was born in Bethlehem, Pa., in 1886. Doolittle made a name for herself as a poet, playwright and novelist. As an admirer of Ezra Pound, Doolittle established herself as part of the Imagist genre and was married to one of its leading exponents, Richard Aldington. From the description of Letter, [between 1921 and 1931]. (Temple University Libraries). WorldCat record id: 122541829 Hilda Doolittle (1886-1961), American poet, published as H. D. at the suggestion o...

Sutton, Eric

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Rankin, Rhondda.

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Brodribb, Sylvia.

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Cameron, William M., 1908-

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Executive. From the description of Reminiscences of William M. Cameron : oral history, 1975. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 86131285 ...

Wallace, Ethel Violet, -1933

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Clifton, Vivian.

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McAlmon, Robert, 1896-1956

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Robert McAlmon (1896-1956), American author who founded Contact Editions in Paris in 1922 and published many of the most important expatriate authors of the 1920s. His own works included the story collection Distinguished Air and the novel Village. After leaving Paris in 1929, he published little, though his memoir, Being Geniuses Together, appeared in England in 1938. He died of tuberculosis in Hot Springs, California in 1956. From the description of Robert McAlmon papers, 1916-1980...

Waller, Madge.

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Mannin, Ethel, 1900-1984

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The oldest of three children, Ethel Edith Mannin was born on October 11, 1900 in Clapham, a suburb of London, to Robert Mannin and Edith Gray Mannin. She was author of almost one hundred books (her goal was to publish one novel and one work of nonfiction each year). She published novels, travelogues, autobiographies, children's books, collections of short stories, books on child-rearing, and articles on pacifism and the Arab-Israeli conflict. Her journalistic career began at age seventeen, when ...

Masefield, John, 1878-1967

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The English poet, playwright and novelist John Masefield was born in 1878 in Ledbury. After running away to sea early (when he was thirteen) he settled in London from 1897 and devoted himself to writing. Later he moved to Oxford which was where he lived when most of the following collection was produced. Masefield became Poet Laureate in 1930 and was awarded the Order of Merit in 1935. Among his more notable works are some early reflections of his maritime experiences in Salt Water Ba...

Rankin, Rhondda.

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Grant, Doris, 1905-

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Resident of Hall Quarry, Me. From the description of Oral history interview, [197-] [sound recording]. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 70972697 ...

Balderston, Marion

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Clifton, Vivian.

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Rathbone, Irene, 1892-1980

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Cameron, Carin Wander.

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Padmore, George, 1902-1959

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George Padmore was one of a number of talented West Indians who helped shape African events in the 20th century, and he played a crucial role in developing the Fifth, and most important, Pan African Congress, intended to address the issues facing Africa due to European colonization of much of the continent. Padmore was also instrumental in organizing black labor movements from the 1930s onwards. From the description of George Padmore collection, 1933-1945. (Princeton University Libra...

Russell, Bertrand, 1872-1970

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Russell was an English logician and philosopher. Marsh edited Russell's Logic and knowledge: essays 1901-1950 and wrote about Russell. From the guide to the Letters to Robert C. (Robert Charles) Marsh, 1950-1959., (Houghton Library, Harvard College Library, Harvard University) Russell, British philosopher and mathematician and the 3rd Earl Russell. From the description of [Letter, 19]44 Dec. 8, Trinity College, Cambridge [to] Dear Sir / Bertrand Russell. (Smith C...

Kay-Scott, C., 1879-

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Edgerton, Gladys

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Royde-Smith, Naomi

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Young, A. P.

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Richardson, Dorothy M. (Dorothy Miller), 1873-1957

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Author and translator Richardson was born and raised in England. She was a teacher and a dentist's assistant; after her marriage to artist Alan Odle, she concentrated on writing. From the description of Papers, 1944-1979 (inclusive). (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 232007877 Dorothy M. Richardson, English novelist. From the description of Dorothy Richardson collection, 1889-1967. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 86121603 From the description of D...

Scott, Evelyn, 1893-1963

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American author. From the description of Evelyn Scott Collection, 1894-1952. (Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center (HRC); University of Texas at Austin). WorldCat record id: 122590438 Evelyn Scott was a writer from Clarksville, Tennessee. From the description of Letter, circa 1937, New York, to Mr. Nortewall. (University of Tennessee). WorldCat record id: 45253557 Evelyn Scott was born in Clarksville, Tennessee, on January 17, 1893, as El...

Powell-Edwards, Tony.

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Swing, Betty Gram.

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Mansel, Freda.

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Balderston, John L. (John Lloyd), 1889-1954

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Journalist and playwright of Beverly Hills, Calif. From the description of John L. Balderston papers, 1915-1950. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 80158323 Playwright and screenwriter, John L. Balderston was born in Philadelphia, but lived for many years in England. He trained as a journalist, was a war correspondent during World War I and in the early 1920s worked as a journalist in London. As a playwright, Balderston often worked in collaboration and ...

Evans, Donald, 1884-1921

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Journalist; editor; music; poet. From the description of Papers, 1904-1919. (Brown University). WorldCat record id: 145430316 ...

Freud, Anna, 1895-

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Lynd, Sylvia

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Steen, Marguerite

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Sutton, Eric

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Swinnerton, Frank, 1884-1982

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English novelist; Brown class of 1907. From the description of Papers, 1953-1968. (Brown University). WorldCat record id: 122615539 Swinnerton, a literary critic, editor, and author, was born in London and worked as an office boy and later as an editor for publishers. He began writing the first of his more than forty novels and twenty books of criticism in 1909. He was literary critic for the Evening news and The Observer. Swinnerton is best known for his novels, including N...

Morgan, Louise, 1944-

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Louise Morgan (1886?-1964), an expatriate American author and journalist, lived in London, England and was married to Otto Theis. Otto Theis (1881-1966), who was born in Germania, Pennsylvania, but spent his career in London working as an editor for Outlook and as a literary agent. Evelyn Scott (1893-1963) was an expatriate American author and close friend of Louise Morgan and Otto Theis. Nancy Cunard (1896-1965) was a British author and close fri...

McAlmon, Robert, 1895-1956

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Robert McAlmon, American author, was born in Kansas, one of ten children of an itinerant minister, and raised in several Midwestern states. After a brief stay in Chicago, where he met Emanuel Carnevali, he moved to New York in 1920 and quickly joined the literary circle active in Greenwich Village. With his friend William Carlos Williams, he founded Contact magazine; its four issues published work by Ezra Pound, Wallace Stevens, Marianne Moore, Glenway Wescott, and H. D. ...

Swing, Raymond, 1887-1968

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Raymond Gram Swing (Mar. 25, 1887, Cortland, N.Y.-d. Dec. 22, 1968, Washington, D.C.), American print and broadcast journalist. From the description of Swing, Raymond Gram, 1887-1968 (U.S. National Archives and Records Administration). naId: 12012081 Epithet: US journalist British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000295.0x00010c Journalist and radio commentator. Full name: Raymond Gram Swing. ...

Palmer, Herbert E. (Herbert Edward), 1880-

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Epithet: poet British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000207.0x000316 Poet, literary critic, lecturer. From the description of Papers, 1918-1961. (University of Michigan). WorldCat record id: 34370456 From the description of Herbert Palmer papers, 1918-1961. (University of Michigan). WorldCat record id: 68796018 Herbert Edward Palmer, lyric and narrative poet and critic, was born in Market...

Bowes-Lyon, Lilian Helen, 1895-1949

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Ellerman, J. R. (John Reeves), 1909-1973

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Sutherland, Millicent, Duchess of, 1867-1955

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Cunard, Nancy, 1896-1965

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6x92jb5 (person)

Nancy Clare Cunard (March 10, 1896 - March 17, 1965) was an English writer, editor, publisher, political activist, anarchist and poet. She became a muse to some of the 20th century's most distinguished writers and artists, including Wyndham Lewis, Aldous Huxley, Tristan Tzara, Ezra Pound, and Louis Aragon, who were among her lovers, Ernest Hemingway, James Joyce, Constantin Brancusi, Langston Hughes, Man Ray, and William Carlos Williams. In later years she suffered from mental illness, and her p...

Waller, Madge.

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Bloomfield, Paul, 1898-

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Merton, Owen, 1887-1931

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Jameson, Storm, 1891-1986

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66h4z90 (person)

Storm Jameson was an English novelist, editor, critic, and peace activist. From the description of Margaret Storm Jameson letters, 1932-1954. (Pennsylvania State University Libraries). WorldCat record id: 49014732 Jameson met Morley Roberts for the first time in 1933. She served as his literary executor. From the description of Correspondence from Morley Roberts, 1933-1942. (University of Pennsylvania Library). WorldCat record id: 642326304 English autho...

Patmore, Brigit.

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Brodribb, Sylvia.

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Holtzmann, Fanny E

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Epithet: Counsellor at Law New York British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000298.0x00024c ...

Roberts, Joanna

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Sanderson, Averil, Lady.

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Theis, O. F. (Otto Frederick), 1881-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6cr5vj7 (person)

One item is from Louise Morgan, wife of O. F. Theis. From the description of Correspondence with Theodore Dreiser, 1930. (University of Pennsylvania Library). WorldCat record id: 155894406 ...

Cameron, William, 1905-

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Bryher, 1894-1983

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jm2j45 (person)

Bryher (1894-1983) was a British author best known for her historical novels, including The Fourteenth of October (1952) and Coin of Carthage (1962), and her autobiographical writings. She also established Close-Up (1927-33), the first periodical devoted to film. Born Winifred Ellerman, she married Robert MacAlmon in 1919. They divorced in 1927, and in that year she married Kenneth MacPherson. Beginning in 1918, she was the close friend of American poet H. D., whose daughter she adopted. ...

Wallace, Ethel

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Alexander, F. Matthias (Frederick Matthias), 1869-1955

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67x0g6s (person)

Budberg, Moura.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6m71cth (person)

Epithet: writer British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000758.0x0001cb ...

Metcalf, John, 1897-1989

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6h174gd (person)