Louis-Marie de La Revellière-Lépeaux papers 1789-1872 1789-1815


Louis-Marie de La Revellière-Lépeaux papers, 1789-1872, 1789-1815

Louis-Marie de La Revellière-Lépeaux papers 1789-1872 1789-1815

The collection consists of correspondence, writings, official reports, subject files, printed materials, and personal papers documenting the life and political career of La Revellière-Lépeaux, particularly during the period of the First Republic (1792-1804). The papers span the years 1789-1872, encompassing early publications by La Revellière-Lépeaux through correspondence of La Revellière-Lépeaux's family after his death. Series I, Correspondence, contains letters from other French officials, scholars and colleagues concerning political affairs, the French Revolution, Theophilanthrophy and deism, diplomacy and contemporary scientific research and expeditions. Correspondents include Charles Delacroix, Victor Marie Du Pont, Alexander von Humboldt, Alexis Rochon, David Bailie Warden, and United States President James Monroe. Third Party Correspondence includes correspondence from Nicolas Baudin to the Ministry of the Navy; a letter from Moissonnier, ex-Vice Consul to the United States, to Jean-François Reubell concerning the Russian Empire; and correspondence related to events in the United States, Turkey, and South America. There are also sets of correspondence addressed to La Revellière-Lépeaux's son from Adolphe Thiers and Jules Michelet, requesting access to the papers of La Revellière-Lépeaux for research. Series II, Writings, consists of La Revellière-Lépeaux's manuscript memoirs as well as printed materials and manuscript drafts of material written by or attributed to La Revellière-Lépeaux during his career. Drafts of La Revellière-Lépeaux's speeches are also present. Series III, Official Reports and Other Documents, is organized by geographic region, encompassing broad international reports as well as more focused reports and supporting documents that analyze France's position in relation to other nations and France's colonies. Materials relating to two expeditions, the 1792 voyage of Charles Baudin which ended in his arrest by Spanish authorities, and the expedition undertaken by Aristide Du Petit-Thouars in 1791 in search of the missing explorerer Jean-François de Galaup La Pérouse, are present. The Africa and Asia subseries includes five reports from Claude Etienne Savary which detail observations and proposals for improving trade and communication in the Near East. The Americas subseries contain reports relating to the new American republic, reports concerning Guadeloupe and French Guiana, a printed map of French Guiana, a memorandum estimating the forces needed to conquer Canada, and other documents relating to French diplomatic efforts in North America. The Europe subseries includes several documents related to Italy, including a draft of a military order for General Napoleon Bonaparte regarding the organization of country after France's successful 1797 campaign. The French Domestic Affairs subseries consists of documents pertaining to the national and local administration of political, social, and cultural affairs within France. Series IV, Printed Material, consists of pamphlets and other printed publications, primarily political. Series V, Subject Files, contains notes and drawings related to L'Academie Celtique and Celtic monuments in France, as well as documents concerning Theophilanthropy, which La Revellière-Lépeaux proposed as the new national religion of France. Series VI, Personal Papers, consists of travel documents and a security pass.

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French navigator and explorer. From the description of Papers [manuscript]. (Libraries Australia). WorldCat record id: 225756888 Nicolas Baudin, navigator and explorer was given command by the Institut de France, of an expedition to complete the cartography of New Holland. Baudin died in Mauritius in 1803. From the description of Papers [manuscript]. 1800-1913. (Libraries Australia). WorldCat record id: 225821473 Nicolas Thomas Baudin, 1754-1803, was bor...

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