Louis Napoleon Parker Papers 1869-1943


Louis Napoleon Parker Papers, 1869-1943

Louis Napoleon Parker Papers 1869-1943

This collection contains the papers of Louis Napoleon Parker, an English playwright, translator, and historical pageant producer active in the theater from the 1890s until the early 1940s. The collection includes holograph manuscripts, typescripts, and printed editions of Parker’s plays, prose and poetry; theater programs and newspaper reviews; a small selection of sheet music; correspondence; personal documents, including datebook-style diaries; photographs; several books belonging to Parker; and his portrait in chalk by Cyril Roberts.

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Louis Napoleon Parker, British musician and playwright. From the guide to the Louis Napoleon Parker manuscript material : 1 item, 1893, (The New York Public Library. Carl H. Pforzheimer Collection of Shelley and His Circle.) Louis Napoleon Parker (1852-1944) was a popular and successful mainstream English playwright, producer of historical pageants, and musician, as well as a prolific translator of drama in French and Italian. A contemporary of George Bernard Sh...

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The German opera composer Richard Wagner was at the beginning of his career at the time of this letter. From the description of Manuscript copy of letter from Richard Wagner, 1832 June 15, Leipzig, addressed to Schott's Söhne, Mainz, [1896?]. (New York Public Library). WorldCat record id: 122571065 From the guide to the Manuscript copy of letter from Richard Wagner, 1832 June 15, Leipzig, addressed to Schott's Söhne, Mainz, 1896?, (The New York Public Library. Music Divisio...

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