Paul Amann Collection 1911-1972


Paul Amann Collection 1911-1972

The collection of author and translator Paul Amann (Prague, 1884 – Connecticut,1958) contains both personal and professional correspondence and manuscripts. The manuscripts include novels, essays and short stories as well asnonfiction works, translations and one folder of poetry. The collection also contains personal papers and a folder of material from thirdparties.

4 linear feet.





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Paul Amann, born in Prague in 1884, studied German and Romance languages, as well as philosophy, at Karl-Ferdinand-University in Prague, and then at the University of Vienna. He graduated in 1907 as a doctor of philosophy. After his studies he taught in Reichenberg (Liberec, Czech Republic) and Prossnitz (Prostejov, Czech Republic). In 1910 he accepted a position as a teacher at a Gymnasium in Vienna. In 1924 he married Dora Iranyi, a concert singer. From 1911 to 1938, Amann taught ...

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Bergman was a philosopher from Prague; he had been a member of the Prague Zionist student group Bar Kochba and was a friend of Martin Buber. From 1907 to 1919 he was a librarian at the Prague University library, except for the period when he served in the Austrian army during World War I; in 1920 Bergman emigrated to Palestine. (In publications in this period until his emigration, his name is typically given as "Hugo Bergmann"; in general his last name is often spelled "Bergmann.") In 1925, Berg...

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Hermann Hesse was a German writer, popular but often politically out of step in his native country. His social criticism, and especially his focus on the individual and inner spirituality, contributed to extraordinary popularity in America in the 1960s. From the description of Hermann Hesse letter to D. Kilham Roberts, 1950 January 9. (Pennsylvania State University Libraries). WorldCat record id: 49344033 German author. From the description of Zwölfe Gedichte vo...

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