James E. Jackson and Esther Cooper Jackson Papers Bulk, 1937-1992 1917-2008


James E. Jackson and Esther Cooper Jackson Papers, Bulk, 1937-1992, 1917-2008

James E. Jackson and Esther Cooper Jackson Papers Bulk, 1937-1992 1917-2008

James E. Jackson (1914-2007) and Esther Cooper Jackson (1917- ) are African American communists and civil rights activists, best known for their role in founding and leading the Southern Negro Youth Congress (1937-48). James Jackson was head of the Communist Party of the United States of America (CPUSA) Louisiana state organization in 1946, and was a Party organizer in the automobile industry in Detroit from 1947-50. He then moved to New York, becoming the Southern Director for the Communist Party. In 1951 he was indicted under the Smith Act, and became a fugitive until 1955. He later served as the Communist Party's Educational Director and as International Affairs Secretary, retiring in 1991. Esther Cooper Jackson served as Executive Secretary of the Southern Negro Congress from 1942-1946. She also co-founded and served as the managing editor from 1961-86 of , an influential African American political and cultural quarterly. The papers contain clippings of articles by and about Jackson; correspondence of both Esther Cooper and James E. Jackson, including the Jacksons' voluminous World War II correspondence with each other; James Jackson's lectures, research notebooks, speeches, and writings and subject files. Also included are correspondence, internal documents and printed ephemera pertaining to the Southern Negro Youth Congress, and to , legal and other materials pertaining to the Smith Act indictments of James Jackson and other communists as well as Communist Party internal documents. Freedomways Freedomways

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A former editor of the Daily Worker and member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party, U.S.A., James E. Jackson was educated at Howard University, Goddard College and Moscow University. He contributed many theoretical articles to the literature of the communist world, especially on issues of labor, the civil rights movement and the national question as it relates to Blacks in the United States. From the description of James E. Jackson writings, 1935-1985. (New York Public Lib...

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James E. Jackson (1914-2007) and Esther Cooper Jackson (1917- ) are African American communists and civil rights activists, best known for their role in founding and leading the Southern Negro Youth Congress (1937-1948). Both were raised in middle-class families with histories of civil rights activism. James Jackson, Sr. was a druggist in Richmond, Virginia. Raised in Arlington, Virginia, Esther Cooper's father was a lieutenant in the U.S. army, and her mother worked in the U.S. For...

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Folksinger and songwriter. From the description of Autograph card signed : [Beacon, N.Y.], [1965]. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270916063 ...

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Virginia Foster Durr (1903-1999) was a civil rights activist and a friend of Lyndon B. Johnson and Lady Bird Johnson. She was a relief worker during the Great Depression, worked as a lobbyist and campaign worker for Progressive Party candidate Henry Wallace in the 1940s, ran as a candidate for governor of Virginia in 1948, and worked as a civil rights activist in Montgomery, Alabama in the 1950s and 1960s. From the description of Durr, Virginia Foster, 1903-1999 (U.S. National Archiv...

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W. E. B. Dubois secured his position as one of the key voices in the argument over the role of the black man in modern America through his seemingly endless works of social activism. He was an educator (at Fisk University and Atlanta University), a founder of the Niagara Movement (which later merged into the NAACP), the long-time editor of the NAACP publication, The Crisis, a lecturer, political activist, and prolific writer. His works include: The Souls of Black Folk, Dusk of Dawn, and an Autob...

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Alice Walker (1944- ), African American poet, novelist, and activist. From the description of Alice Walker papers, circa 1930-2010. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 233538612 Alice Walker (1944- ), African American poet, novelist, and activist. Walker has written numerous essays, novels, and collections of poetry. Her novel THE COLOR PURPLE, published in 1982, won both the Pulitzer Prize and the American Book Award. John Ferrone served as Alice Walker's editor at Harcourt, Bra...

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