Guide to the James Oneal Papers, 1907-1962


Guide to the James Oneal Papers, 1907-1962


The collection contains correspondence, manuscripts, and clippings of this active participant in Socialist Party and Social Democratic Federation, including letters from Lena Morrow Lewis, Algernon Lee, August Claessens, Theodore Debs, Irving Stone, Norman Thomas, John M. Work, Jean Longuet, Emma Henry, Elsie Ehret, and daughter Olive Oneal Rude. Letters frequently discuss developments, past and present, on the left. Later correspondence includes Oneal's answers to historians studying U.S. socialism. Other subjects dealt with in correspondence are details of publication of the 1947 edition of <i>American Communism</i> (with G.A. Werner), the Social Democratic Federation, and the New Leader. The collection also includes notes, articles, book reviews, and typescripts of "American Party Struggles," and "The Great Collapse and After: A Socialist Interpretation."

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Lewis, Lena Morrow, 1868-1950 (person)

Lena Morrow Lewis was one of the most active women socialists in the United States during the first half of the 20th century. Throughout her career in radical politics, Lewis was immersed in a variety of socialist activities. She was a candidate on the Socialist Party ticket in numerous local, state, and congressional elections in California and Alaska. Besides her electoral endeavors, Lewis gave lectures on contemporary socialist issues and worked as a journalist for several socialist and labor...

Thomas Norman Mattoon, 1884-1968 (person)

Norman Mattoon Thomas (1884-1968), was a leading American socialist, pacifist, author, and six-time presidential candidate on the Socialist Party of America ticket, between 1928 and 1948. Born in Marion, Ohio, he was a graduate of Princeton University, attended Union Theological Seminary, where he became a socialist, and was ordained as a Presbyterian minister in 1911. Thomas opposed the United States' entry into the First World War, a position that earned him the disapproval of many in his soci...

Lee, Algernon (person)

Algernon Lee was a socialist, educator and New York City alderman. After attending the University of Minnesota in the early 1890s, Lee worked as a political organizer for the Socialist Labor Party and served as editor of several socialist publications. In 1909 Lee became the Director of Education at the Rand School of Social Science. He held this position until his death in 1954. Lee was also an instructor in economics and American history at the Rand School. On the New York City Bo...

Debs, Theodore, 1864-1945 (person)

Oneal, James, 1875- (person)

James Oneal (1875-1962) was a Socialist, author, editor of New Leader (1924-~1940). From the guide to the James Oneal Papers, 1907-1962, (Tamiment Library / Wagner Archives) ...

New leader (New York, N.Y. : 1924). (corporateBody)

The New Leader (1924-2006) was the official (weekly) periodical of the Socialist Party until 1936 when, after a split in the SP, it became the official periodical of the Social Democratic Federation through 1946, after which it was published independently (including a period under the auspices of the American Labor Conference on International Affairs). It became a biweekly in 1961, and a bimonthly in 2000. Under Samuel M. (Sol) Levitas’s editorship (1936-61), it gained prominence as...

Longuet, Jean (person)

Claessens, August, 1885-1954 (person)

August Claessens was one of the most influential leaders in the educational and political development of the Socialist Party. He helped organize support for the Socialist Party within several New York City labor unions and in the fall of 1917 was elected to the New York State Assembly where he worked for legislation pertaining to child labor, the penal code's procedures for obtaining an admission of guilt, the abolishment of the Bolstead Act, the abolishment of the death penalty, and the regulat...

Socialist Party (U.S.) (corporateBody)

The Socialist Party (U.S.) was founded in 1901, bringing together moderate socialists from the Social Democratic Party, and dissident members of the Socialist Labor Party. In 1936 the ongoing differences between the “Old Guard” and “Militant” factions, resulted in a split, with the Militant group retaining the SP name and much of the membership, while the Old Guard faction retained most of the organizational and financial assets. From the guide to the Socialist Party (U.S.) Minutes, ...

Social Democratic Federation of America (corporateBody)

The Social Democratic Federation (SDF) was organized in 1936 after the split in the Socialist Party between the Old Guard and the Militants. It was able to attract many of the traditional Socialist Party sources of support and its activities were directed by many prominent Socialist Party members, including August Claessens, Algernon Lee, Leo Meltzer, James Oneal and Louis Waldman. The SDF sought to promote the principles of social democracy and independent political action. In the late 1930's, ...