University of Central Florida Publications Collection, 1962-2006


University of Central Florida Publications Collection, 1962-2006

University of Central Florida Publications Collection, 1962-2006

University publications include reports, planning documents, budgets, financial statements, audits, self studies, proposals, directories, feasibility studies and handbooks published by the University of Central Florida, its colleges, departments, centers, institutes, offices and organizations. This collection also holds materials published by other organizations, which affect the university, such as, the State of Florida, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the National Collegiate Athletics Association.

20 Boxes, Bound Volumes on Library Shelving; 118.5 linear feet


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Colbourn, Harold Trevor, 1927-2015 (person)

H. Trevor Colbourn became the second president of Florida Technological University, now University of Central Florida, in 1978. He resigned and returned to teaching in 1989. In 1990, he earned the title President Emeritus and assumed the role of University Historian in 1991. As part of the latter appointment, he compiled an oral history of the university and interviewed many people such as founders, other presidents, donors, faculty, and staff that were instrumental in the history of the univers...

UCF Office of Graduate Studies. (corporateBody)

University of Central Florida Library Staff Association. (corporateBody)

Office of Public Affairs (corporateBody)

The Office of Public Affairs works to support the strategic goals of the University through communication with the external community and the news media. The work of the Office of Public Affairs is aimed at recruiting an exceptional faculty and student body as well as supporting research and teaching goals of the University. The Office of Public Affairs represents all of New York University's schools and units, working to emphasize NYU's role as a leading research university, both w...

Ratan K. Guha. (person)

Block, David L. Dr., and Florida Solar Energy Center. (corporateBody)

Phillips-Schenk Institute. (corporateBody)

Central Florida Research Park. (corporateBody)

State University System and Dr. Billye J. Brown. (corporateBody)

Schenkel and Shultz. (corporateBody)

UCF Center for Economic Education. (corporateBody)

State of Florida, Dept. of Education. (corporateBody)

Office of the President (corporateBody)

During the period covered by these records, the University had four presidents, Charles N. Millican, H. Trevor Colbourn, Steven Altman and John C. Hitt . An acting president, Leslie Ellis served between Dr. Millican and Dr. Colbourn and interim president, Robert A. Bryan, served between Dr. Altman and Dr. Hitt. Each man contributed to the creation of these records, and many files include correspondence from several of them; some files even have at least one document produced by every man. The Of...

State of Florida Department of Education. (corporateBody)

Staff Council of the University of Central Florida. (corporateBody)

FIPSE Project. (corporateBody)

UCF Department of Computer Engineering. (corporateBody)

Quality Undergraduate Eng. Ed. Coalition. (corporateBody)

FL Office of Program Policy Analysis. (corporateBody)

Athletics Department. (corporateBody)

Orwig and Regusa. (corporateBody)

Jablonski and Associates Research. (corporateBody)

Equal Opportunity Office. (corporateBody)

Department of Psychology. (corporateBody)

Richard M. “Mike” Elliott was chairman of the Department from 1919-1951 and many of Elliott’s activities are mentioned. Elliott received his Ph.D. from Harvard University in 1913 and also received a post-graduate degree from the University of Berlin. After serving as a captain in the Armed Forces during World War I, he taught at Harvard and Yale Universities, before coming to the University of Minnesota. From 1899-1919, Psychology was part of the Department of Philosophy and Psychol...

Florida Technological University (corporateBody)

President's Commission on the Status of Racial and Ethnic Minorities. (corporateBody)

Radio/Television Division of Nicholson School of Communication. (corporateBody)

Quality Undergraduate Engineering Education Coalition. (corporateBody)

UCF Department of Chemistry. (corporateBody)

Leftwich, David Scot (person)

Wanielista, Martin P. and Keinath Thomas M. (person)

UCF News and Information Office. (corporateBody)

Enterprise Florida, Inc. (corporateBody)

Just the Facts, Inc. (corporateBody)

UCF Department of Theatre. (corporateBody)

State University System Offices of Inspectors General. (corporateBody)

Florida Technological University. Library (corporateBody)

Office of Equal Opportunity. (corporateBody)

Daytona Beach Campus. (corporateBody)

Florida Administrative Code. (corporateBody)

MAC. (corporateBody)

News and Information Office. (corporateBody)

Center for Research and Education in Optics and Lasers (corporateBody)

Florida-USSR Institute. (corporateBody)

William O. Monroe, State of Florida Auditor General. (person)

Florida House Committee on Information Technology. (corporateBody)

UCF College of Business Administration. (corporateBody)

Access Services Department. (corporateBody)

Education Governance Reorganization Transition Task Force. (corporateBody)

FTU/UCF Office of Administration and Finance Business Affairs Office. (corporateBody)

Alcohol Task Force. (corporateBody)

Deloitte and Touche. (corporateBody)

PDR Architects and Building Committee. (corporateBody)

Office of Operational Excellence and Assessment Support. (corporateBody)

Vice President for Business Affairs. (corporateBody)

University Honors Program. (corporateBody)

University of Central Florida Diversity Task Force. (corporateBody)

UCF Office of Institutional Research and Planning. (corporateBody)

UCF Office of Administration and Finance. (corporateBody)

Industrial Engineering and Management Systems Department. (corporateBody)

Department of Chemistry (corporateBody)

UCF Diversity Task Force. (corporateBody)

Ruscella and Harrington. (corporateBody)

Board of Governors, State Uhniversity System of Florida. (corporateBody)

John F. Bush. (person)

UCF News and Information Office, Halstead Communications. (corporateBody)

University of Central Florida Center for Metropolitan Studies. (corporateBody)

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and others. (corporateBody)

Computer Services Telecommunications. (corporateBody)

Dept. of Mech. Materials and Aero. Engineering. (corporateBody)

Radwan, Majed A. (person)

Reach Peer Education. (corporateBody)

Harper, Wanielista, and Fries. (person)

UCF Diversity Initiatives Office. (corporateBody)

Students of Technology Achieve Rewards Program. (corporateBody)

Barbara Ratti, Internal Auditing. (person)

Louisiana State University (Baton Rouge, La.). College of Arts and Sciences (corporateBody)

The Louisiana State University College of Arts and Sciences contains 12 departments, as well as interdisciplinary programs, research groups, and institutes in the liberal arts. From the description of Louisiana State University photograph collection. College of Arts and Sciences, circa 1995-2004. (Louisiana State University). WorldCat record id: 304461355 From the description of Louisiana State University College of Arts and Sciences posters, 1986-1991. (Louisiana State Univ...

Business/Higher Education Partnership. (corporateBody)

UCF Career Resource Center. (corporateBody)

Dr. Richard Irwin. (person)

Strategic Planning Council. (corporateBody)

College of Engineering and Computer Science. (corporateBody)

W. Rex Brown. (person)

UCF College of Health and Public Affairs. (corporateBody)

UCF Retirement Association, Facilities Planning, et al. (corporateBody)

Budgets and Financial Services. (corporateBody)

Kirshstein, Rita J. et al and National Center for Educational statistics. (corporateBody)

Trans America Athletic Conference. (corporateBody)

Research Institutes. (corporateBody)

Office of Internal Auditing. (corporateBody)

Instruction and Research Support. (corporateBody)

Hardin, Michael, Wanielista, Martin P. and Kelly, Matt. (person)

American Physical Therapy Association. (corporateBody)

Committee For Photographic Artists Publication, FTU. (corporateBody)

University of Central Florida Student Nurse Association. (corporateBody)

William M. Bailey, Statistical Services. (corporateBody)

University Marketing. (corporateBody)

Performance Enhancement Group, Ltd. (corporateBody)

Internal Audit and Management Services No. 94/95 - 161. (corporateBody)

J. P Goree. (person)

College of Engineering University of South Florida. (corporateBody)

HECAP. (corporateBody)

UCF Department of Music. (corporateBody)

Martin Marietta and UCF College of Engineering. (corporateBody) and Lily Barrish. (corporateBody)

UCF Office of Facilities Planning. (corporateBody)

College of Social Sciences. (corporateBody)

Mary McKinney, Director. (person)

University of Central Florida Personnel Services. (corporateBody)

UCF College of Engineering. (corporateBody)

UCF Strategic Planning Council. (corporateBody)

Wanielista, Martin. (person)

UCF Theatre Department and Civic Theatre. (corporateBody)

Vice President for Student Affairs. (corporateBody)

Lipman Hearne and UCF. (corporateBody)

East Central Florida University. (corporateBody)

Barbara Ratti. (person)

MGT of America and Richard Janeway, M.D. (corporateBody)

Ernst and Young, LLP. (corporateBody)

UCF Center for Excellence (corporateBody)

Tenure and Promotion Recommendations Committee. (corporateBody)

Central Florida Technology Transit Corridor Consortium. (corporateBody)

Office of Institutional Research (corporateBody)

The University of Connecticut Office of Institutional Research provides data and analysis to support the management, planning, evaluation and assessment functions of the University. The office fulfills this mission in a variety of ways and serves a wide range of consumers of information, both internal and external to the University. The Office of Institutional Research has a university-wide approach to data collection, data reporting and data analysis. The Office is inte...

State University System of Florida, State of Fl. Dept. of Ed. (corporateBody)

Division of Student Affairs (corporateBody)

Molecular Biology and Microbiology Dept. (corporateBody)

Student Health Services (corporateBody)

Das, Sajal K. (person)

Cornell, Richard A., 1933- (person)

CREOL (Research center) (corporateBody)

Founded as Florida Technological University in 1963, the university began holding classes in 1968. In 1978 its name was changed to University of Central Florida. From the founding of the university until 2001, the university was part of the Florida State University System governed by a Board of Regents. Since then, the university has been governed by its own Board of Trustees. From the description of University of Central Florida publications collection, 1962-2006. (University of Tam...

University of Central Florida Office of Facilities Planning. (corporateBody)

Carol J. Darling. (person)

Sharyn Hurst, Office of Institutional Research. (corporateBody)

UCF Department of Athletics. (corporateBody)

State of Florida Auditor General's Office. (corporateBody)

University of New Orleans. College of Business Administration (corporateBody)

UCF College of Arts and Sciences. (corporateBody)

College of Arts and Sciences Summary. (corporateBody)

State University System of Florida (corporateBody)

Florida State University Office of the General Counsel. (corporateBody)

Hudson, Larry D. (person)

State University System of Florida, BOR. (corporateBody)

State University System. (corporateBody)

Center for Business and Economic Research (corporateBody)

Music Department. (corporateBody)

UCF Small Business Development Center. (corporateBody)

UCF School of Accounting. (corporateBody)

Office of Planning and Evaluation. (corporateBody)

Florida. Board of Control (corporateBody)

The Board of Control was created in 1905 (Ch. 5384, Laws) and consisted of five citizens appointed by the Governor and a Secretary. It acted under the supervision of the State Board of Education. The Board of Control had jurisdiction over and complete management and control of several institutions, including the University of the State of Florida, the Florida Female College, and the Institution for the Blind, Deaf and Dumb, which were also created under this 1905 act. Th...

UCF Office of Inspector General. (corporateBody)

UCF College of Education. (corporateBody)

FTU Survey Committee. (corporateBody)

Southern Technology Applications Center (corporateBody)

College of Heath. (corporateBody)

Mateu Carreno Rizo & Partners (corporateBody)

Charles B. Edwards. (person)

Athletics. (corporateBody)

Civil and Environmental Engineering. (corporateBody)

College of Education (corporateBody)

UCF Commission. (corporateBody)

College of Natural Sciences (corporateBody)

Office of University Relations. (corporateBody)

University Relations is the department of the university that interacts with elected officials, the media, chambers of commerce, businesses, social organizations, government agencies, and local and national leaders to further the goals of the university. A Director of Public Relations was first appointed in 1966. As the university developed so did its need for liaisons with others. In 1974, the Office of Community Relations filled this need, but nine years later it had become the Of...

Hardy Holman Pfeiffer Associates. (corporateBody)

UCF South Orlando Faculty and Staff. (corporateBody)

Office of Graduate Studies and Research. (corporateBody)

Keinath and Andrews. (corporateBody)

University of Central Florida and Area Community Colleges. (corporateBody)

University of Central Florida and Southern Association of Schools and Colleges. (corporateBody)

College Entrance Examination Board (corporateBody)

College of William and Mary, Dept. of Intercollegiate Athletics. (corporateBody)

College of Engineering Strategic Planning Committee. (corporateBody)

University Comptroller. (corporateBody)

University of Central Florida Orientation Center. (corporateBody)

Board of Regents and State Board of Community Colleges. (corporateBody)

These records were created by the University of Central Florida (corporateBody)

Originally named Florida Technological University, the University of Central Florida is a public multi-campus, metropolitan research university. It was founded in 1963 by the State of Florida; building began in 1967 and classes started in 1968. From the founding of the university until 2001, the university was part of the Florida State University System governed by a Board of Regents. Since then, the university has been governed by its own Board of Trustees. The founding president, ...

FL Virtual Campus. (corporateBody)

Data Analysis, Research Consultants, Inc. (corporateBody)

Florida. State Board of Community Colleges (corporateBody)

Senate Ways and Means Committee. (corporateBody)

Hough and Co. (corporateBody)

UCF Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. (corporateBody)

Office Strategic Planning. (corporateBody)

UCF College of Education and Lockheed Martin. (corporateBody)

C. R. Carpenter. (person)

Dr. Peter Hilton. (person)

College of Business Administration School of Accounting. (corporateBody)

Division of Legislature Information Services Lobbyist Registration Office. (corporateBody)

UCF Counseling and Testing Center. (corporateBody)

Baumbach, Donna J. (Donna Jean), 1948- (person)

Block, David L. Dr., Florida Solar Energy Center. (corporateBody)

Office of Inspector General. (corporateBody)

UCF Student Government Association. (corporateBody)

Metropolitan Center for Regional Studies. (corporateBody)

University of Central Florida Salary Equity Committee. (corporateBody)

State University System of FL. (corporateBody)

Junior Achievement of Central Florida. (corporateBody)

Division of Sponsored Research and Training. (corporateBody)

Division of Sponsored Research. (corporateBody)

Center for Distributed Learning. (corporateBody)

Institute for Simulation and Training (corporateBody)

Wanielista, Martin P. (person)

NCAA Certification Committee. (corporateBody)

Stormwater Management Academy. (corporateBody)

Spaceport Florida Authority. (corporateBody)

Florida High Tech Corridor Council and USF. (corporateBody)

Campana, Jean L., Campana Consulting. (corporateBody)

UCF Library Staff. (corporateBody)

NCAA. (corporateBody)

Somerville, Paul N. (person)

UCF Student Financial Aid Office. (corporateBody)

Real Estate Research Consultants. (corporateBody)

Council for Education Policy, Research and Improvement. (corporateBody)

Director, Internal Auditing. (corporateBody)

State University System of Florida, BOR of Florida. (corporateBody)

Minority Student Services. (corporateBody)

Small Business Development Center. (corporateBody)

The University of Central Florida Small Business Development Center was founded in 1980 with the intent of providing current and prospective entrepreneurs with the tools necessary to maximize their business potential. The SBDC aids its clients in the areas of accounting, finance, marketing, operations, new venture planning, and technical support. The UCF chapter was founded in 1981 to service the Central Florida area. There are currently four offices for the UCF Small Business Development Center...

State of Florida Auditor General. (corporateBody)

UCF Division of Student Affairs. (corporateBody)

Office of Graduate Studies (corporateBody)

This collection spans the Office of Graduate Studies from 1970 until 1991. During this time the Office changed names and directors numerous times. In the 1970-71 school year the Office was under the Vice President for Academic Affairs and was coordinated by Leslie L. Ellis, who held the title of the Director of Research and Graduate Studies. In 1971 his title was changed to the Dean of Research and Graduate studies, and again in 1974 to the Associate Vice President of Academic Affai...

Office of Business Affairs. (corporateBody)

Monroe, William O. (person)

F. Gomez. (person)

Hosni, Yasser A. (person)

College of Arts and Sciences, College of Engineering and Computer Science. (corporateBody)

UCF Business Services Planning Committee. (corporateBody)

Office of Finance and Accounting. (corporateBody)

Data Analysts and Research Consultants. (corporateBody)

Internal Audit and Management Services. (corporateBody)

College of Health and Public Affairs. (corporateBody)

Board of Regents, State University System of Florida. (corporateBody)

FTU Division of Personnel Services. (corporateBody)

Honors College. (corporateBody)

Helman Hurley Charvat Peacock. (corporateBody)

International Studies Center University of Central Florida. (corporateBody)

National Educational Computing Conference (corporateBody)

Barbara Ratti, Inspector General. (person)

Florida Board of Education and State Board of Education. (corporateBody)

National Collegiate Athletic Association. Division I (corporateBody)

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is a national organization set up to monitor the athletic programs of collegiate schools. The NCAA is responsible for monitoring each school's compliance, students, media relations, recruiting, sports, officiating and championship regulations. From the description of NCAA Collection, 1939-1997. (Texas Tech University). WorldCat record id: 37933863 Dating back to 1905, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) work...

Metropolitan Research University Peer Identification. (corporateBody)

University of Central Florida. College of Engineering (corporateBody)

Dyer, Riddle Mills and Precourt, Inc. (corporateBody)

Colleges and Universities. (corporateBody)

UCF Police Department. (corporateBody)

M. Elliot Vittes and Henry Kennedy. (person)

Office of University Research. (corporateBody)

Lawson, Tubbs, Smith. (person)

James Moore and Co. (corporateBody)

Rangarajan, K., Dr. (person)

McDonald, Ralph Waldo, 1903-1977 (person)

Ralph Waldo McDonald was an educator, legislator, and North Carolina gubernatorial candidate in the Democratic primary elections of 1936 and 1944. He was associated with the extension service and taught in the education and radio departments at the University of North Carolina beginning in the late 1930s and served as president of Bowling Green State University in Ohio, 1951-1961. From the description of Ralph Waldo McDonald papers, 1936. (Oceanside Free Library). WorldCat record id:...

Office of University Analysis and Planning Support. (corporateBody)

W. Scott Cole, BOT General Counsel. (corporateBody)

CREOL. (corporateBody)

Dept. of Ed. Services, College of Education. (corporateBody)

Mahesh Dodani. (person)

Alumni Association (corporateBody)

Historical Note: The San Diego State University Alumni Association loosely chronicles the history and activities of the institution's alumni. From the guide to the Alumni Association Records, 1939-, (Special Collections & University Archives) Organized on June 5, 1873, 1 the Alumni Association held decennial reunions in 1882 2 and 1892. 3 It is a separate corporation promoting the interests of the Univers...

Business Services Planning Committee. (corporateBody)

College of Health. (corporateBody)

UCF Office of Undergraduate Studies. (corporateBody)

The Honors College. (corporateBody)

Values and Ethics Task Force Committee. (corporateBody)

President's Commission on the Status of Women (corporateBody)

Pennsylvania State University. College of Engineering (corporateBody)

Penn State historian Michael Bezilla writes that "Engineering education was important in the context of land grant education from [Penn State's] ... earliest years." A class in engineering was part of the first curriculum of the Farmers' High School in 1859. From 1890 to 1910, it enrolled at least one half of Penn State's undergraduates. The percentage remained over one-fourth until the 1930s. The School of Engineering was established in 1895, with classes in civil, electrical, mechanical, and m...

Florida. Board of Regents (corporateBody)

In 1965, the Board of Regents (Ch. 63-204; Ch. 65-138, Laws) assumed the duties of the Board of Control, which had been in existence since 1905 (Ch. 5384, Laws). The Board of Regents is a corporate entity holding all the powers of a body corporate and elects a corporate secretary. Its Regents are the Commissioner of Education plus twelve members appointed by the Governor. The Board acts as the Director of the Division of Universities in the Dept. of Education (Ch. 69-106, Laws). The...

UCF Nursing Department. (corporateBody)

Office of Minority Student Services. (corporateBody)

McElvey, Jennewein, Stefany and Howard, arch. (corporateBody)

State University System of Florida V. 1. (corporateBody)

Board of Regents. (corporateBody)

Department of Nursing. (corporateBody)

Office of Diversity Initiatives. (corporateBody)

C-USA. (corporateBody)

Florida. Dept. of Education. (corporateBody)

Florida Small Business Development Center. (corporateBody)

Juicy Temples Creative and UCF. (corporateBody)

Florida Solar Energy Center (corporateBody)

Office of Academic Affairs (corporateBody)

From the guide to the Faculty Research, 2000-2020, (Roger Williams University) ...

UCF Chemistry Department. (corporateBody)

Office of Chief Inspector General. (corporateBody)

Office of Graduate Studies Administrative Audit. (corporateBody)

Quality Commitment Series. (corporateBody)

Internal Auditing Office. (corporateBody)

Maryam Hosseini-Kargar. (person)

Board of Control of Florida. (corporateBody)

University of Central Florida USPS Department. (corporateBody)

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (corporateBody)

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools was founded November 6, 1895 in Atlanta, Georgia, under the name The Association of Colleges and Preparatory Schools of the Southern States. Chartered by 6 universities including Duke University, Vanderbilt University, and the University of Mississippi, and 13 secondary schools, the association hoped to pool resources and establish minimum educational standards at member institutions. The association addressed the needs of both white and African A...

UCF Foundation, Board of Trustees. (corporateBody)

University of Central Florida Student Government and Barbara W. Pope. (corporateBody)

Florida. Department of Education (corporateBody)

University of Central Florida Alumni Association Board of Directors. (corporateBody)

Hosni, Yasser and IEMS Conference. (corporateBody)

Center for Advanced Transportation System Simulation. (corporateBody)

Division of Administration and Finance. (corporateBody)

Ad Hoc Committee on Title IX Implementation. (corporateBody)

National Council for Accreditation. (corporateBody)

UCF School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. (corporateBody)

Larry R. Hudson. (person)

UCF Steering Committee for Campaign Planning. (corporateBody)

Florida Cluster Metrics Task Force. (corporateBody)

NASULGS. (corporateBody)

Postsecondary Education Planning Commission. (corporateBody)

College of Business. (corporateBody)

UCF/DOE Instructional Technology Resource Center. (corporateBody)

Donald W. Seay. (person)

University of Central Florida Foundation, Inc. (corporateBody)

MGT of America, Inc. (corporateBody)

Department of Public Safety (corporateBody)

Sun Belt Conference League. (corporateBody)

Activity and Service Fee Review Committee. (corporateBody)

UCF/Daytona Beach Campus. (corporateBody)

State University System and Florida Board of Regents. (corporateBody)

UCF Department of Social Work. (corporateBody)

Belle, Robert L. (corporateBody)

National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (corporateBody)

Kenneth D. Lawson et al. (corporateBody)

College Park Communities, Baum Co., and UCF. (corporateBody)

UCF Athletics Association, Inc. Board of Directors. (corporateBody)

FCDM Planning Committee. (corporateBody)

Student Housing Services, Inc. (corporateBody)

Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Programs Office. (corporateBody)

Kenneth D. and Coleman, Daniel R. and others. (person)

Florida Space Era Education Study (corporateBody)

Office of Operational Excellence and Assessment Support SR-002. (corporateBody)

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). (corporateBody)

University of Central Florida. Library (corporateBody)

William R. Young, Jr. (person)

Florida Student Association, Inc. (corporateBody)

FL State University System, BOR. (corporateBody)

Office of the Florida Board of Regents. (corporateBody)

Office of Inspectors General. (corporateBody)

Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering. (corporateBody)

Horton Business Services. (corporateBody)

FTU News. (corporateBody)

UCF/DOE Instructional Tech. Resource Center. (corporateBody)

Lee, Gene C.H. (person)

Foreign Language Department. (corporateBody)

Residence Hall Development Committee. (corporateBody)

Hitt, John C. (person)

Multiple Developers and Architects. (corporateBody)

UCF College of Health and Professional Studies. (corporateBody)

Vice President for Research. (corporateBody)

College of Health Related Professions. (corporateBody)

Office of Sponsored Research. (corporateBody)

International Cathedral Music Festival, David Brunner and Jeff Reynolds. (corporateBody)

Herrington and Kasten, editors. (corporateBody)

Pappas Consulting Group (corporateBody)

Division of Internal Management Auditing. (corporateBody)

Hawkins and Oblinger. (corporateBody)

FTU Faculty Opinion Survey Committee. (corporateBody)

Board of Trustees and United Faculty of Florida. (corporateBody)

James Moore and Co., Certified Public Accountants. (corporateBody)

Administration and Finance. (corporateBody)

Operational Excellence and Assessment Support. (corporateBody)

Department of Music. (corporateBody)

UCF Foundation. (corporateBody)

UCF Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors. (corporateBody)

Knight Images. (corporateBody)

Vice President for Academic Affairs (corporateBody)

The Vice President for Academic Affairs was formally established as an executive position of the Medical College of South Carolina at the October 14, 1966 meeting of the Board of Trustees. Prior to the creation of this position the President of the Medical College handled both hospital and academic administrative issues. Since its inception, the institution had grown a great deal and the new position was needed to assist the President in effectively and efficiently running the institution. Throu...

State University System of Florida. Office of Budgets and Financial Services (corporateBody)