George W. Westerman papers 1886-1988 (bulk 1934-1985


George W. Westerman papers, 1886-1988 (bulk 1934-1985

George W. Westerman papers 1886-1988 (bulk 1934-1985

The George Westerman papers document the numerous and diverse interests of this journalist, sociologist, diplomat and activist, who was deeply immersed in issues relating to practically every issue on the isthmus of Panama, especially those affecting people of West Indian origin, from the 1940's through the early 1980's. The collection consists primarily of personal papers, news articles and administrative files pertaining to Westerman's journalism career, his published and unpublished writings, speeches, conference papers, and material relating to his career as an impresario. Additionally, the collection encompasses his involvement in Panamanian politics, United States-Panamanian relations, especially Panama Canal treaty negotiations, as well as education, labor, ameliorating conditions associated with racial discrimination, and sports. There is also reference material about various aspects of West Indian life in Panama.

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