Ernst Papanek papers 1928-1976 1940-1970


Ernst Papanek papers 1928-1976 1940-1970

Ernst Papanek (1900-1973) was an Austrian-born child psychologist and educator known for his work with refugee children during and after World War II and for his involvement in socialist parties in Europe and the United States. Collection consists of Papanek's correspondence, writings, diaries, photographs, sound recordings, and other materials, most of which relate to his work with children's homes in Europe and the U.S. General correspondence concerns juvenile delinquency; refugee children of World War II; and Papanek's directorships of American Youth for World Service, 1945-1951, Child Projects of the Unitarian Service Committee, 1946-1947, Brooklyn Training School for Girls, 1948-1949, and the Wiltwyck School for Boys, Esopus, N.Y., 1949-1958. Also, materials pertaining to Papanek's professional associations and his interest in socialism especially in Austria; desk and pocket diaries, 1938-1966; typescripts of articles, lectures and other writings including his book The Austrian School Reform (1961); photographs of his work with children's homes in Europe and the United States, ca. 1937-1960s; and sound recordings of interviews with Papanek about his experiences in Nazi-occupied France conducted by Edward Linn between 1959 and 1967, and of lectures delivered by Papanek for college social science courses in the 1960s.

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