The Harold Wilson University Finance Speech 1981


The Harold Wilson University Finance Speech 1981

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Wilson, Harold, Sir, 1916- (person)

On 8th July 1981, following government cuts to university funding, a House of Commons debate was held on higher education. Sir Harold Wilson (the then Chancellor of the University of Bradford) delivered a speech critical of the cuts, referring to the reduction in overseas student numbers, the loss of foreign placements for sandwich courses, and the anticipated closure of the University's Clinical Oncology Unit. From the guide to the The Harold Wilson University Finance Speech, 1981, ...

University of Bradford (corporateBody)

The origins of the University of Bradford are in the Bradford Technical College, established in 1882. In 1957 the Bradford Institute of Technology was established as a College of Advanced Technology to take over the advanced work of Bradford Technical College. The Robbins Committee recommended in 1963 that CATs should receive university status, and the University of Bradford received its Royal Charter on 18 October 1966. The University's purpose was defined as "the advancement of le...