Yates, James

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Epithet: unitarian and antiquary

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000574.0x0001c0

Epithet: Secretary, Council of the British Association

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000574.0x0001bf

Archival Resources
Role Title Holding Repository
referencedIn SIA RU000026, Smithsonian Institution Office of the Secretary, Correspondence, 1863-1879 Smithsonian Institution Archives
referencedIn Vol. XII. (ff. 551). 1844-May, 1847.includes:ff. 1, 15, 25, 96, 111, 122, 137, 142, 148, 295, 297, 336, 343, 478, 482, 546 Sir Charles Lyell, 1st Baronet; geologist: Letters to C. Babbage: 1826-1854. f. 2 Reverend William Pulling: Letter to C. Babba..., 1844-1847 British Library
referencedIn The Daily Worker and The Daily World Photographs Collection, 1920-2001 Tamiment Library and Robert F. Wagner Labor Archive
referencedIn John Edward Gray papers, 1783-1884, 1783-1884 American Philosophical Society
referencedIn Documents relating to Charles Sumner, 1828-1912. Houghton Library
referencedIn J. Walter Thompson Company. Biographical Information, 1916-1998 (bulk 1960s-1980s) David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library
referencedIn Jared Sparks collection of American manuscripts, 1582-1843. Houghton Library
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creatorOf Vol. V. 1829-Nov. 1880.includes:f. 1 Richard Bentley, publisher (I): John S. Gregory: Letter to Richard Bentley from John S. Gregory: 1840.f. 3 Richard Bentley and Son formerly Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley formerly Richard Bentley; publisher... British Library
referencedIn BIOGRPAHICAL NOTICES by Joseph Hunter, F.S.A. (1783-1861), of certain of his " contemporaries who have gained some celebrity, chiefly in the literary world." Arranged in three classes, according to the period when he first became acquainted with them..., 19th century British Library
referencedIn Vol. VIII, ff. 297, R-Y.includes:f. 1 John Rae, FRS; Arctic explorer: Letter to R. McCormick: 1860.f. 3 Andrew Crombie Ramsay, geologist; Knight 1881: Letter to -: 1841.f. 4 Andrew Crombie Ramsay, geologist; Knight 1881: Letter to T. R. Jones: ... British Library
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referencedIn Smithsonian Archives. Ru 33: Office Of The Secretary, Outgoing Corres..
referencedIn Vol. IV (ff. 369). S-Z. Presented by the Geological Society of London.includes:ff. 1-26 General Sir Edward Sabine, RA; KCB; PRS: Letters to Sir R. I. Murchison: 1845-1862, n.d. f. 30 Nikolai Aleksandrovich Sablukov, Russian General: Letter to Sir R. ... British Library
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Role Title Holding Repository
Relation Name
associatedWith Communist Party of the United States of America. corporateBody
associatedWith Gray, John Edward person
correspondedWith Henry, Joseph, 1797-1878 person
associatedWith J. Walter Thompson Company. corporateBody
correspondedWith Newton, H. A. person
associatedWith Sparks, Jared, 1789-1866 person
correspondedWith Wesley, William person
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Southampton, Hampshire
Handsworth, Warwickshire
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