Price, Ezekiel, 1727-1802

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creatorOf Price, Ezekiel, 1727-1802. Inferior Court of Common Pleas fee book, 1785-1796. Boston Athenaeum
creatorOf Price, Ezekiel, 1727-1802. Diary, 1775 May 23-1776 Aug. 17. Boston Athenaeum
creatorOf Price, Ezekiel, 1727-1802. Diary : manuscript, 1781. Houghton Library
creatorOf Jackson, Jonathan, 1743-1810. List of persons licensed as innholders and retailors of spirituous liquors, 1800. Massachusetts Historical Society
creatorOf Price, Ezekiel, 1727-1802. Papers, 1744-1800. Boston Athenaeum
creatorOf Appleton, Elizabeth Greenleaf, 1794-1885. Greenleaf family deposit, 1759-1881. Massachusetts Historical Society
creatorOf Tyley, Samuel, d. 1744. Notarial records : Boston, of Samuel Tyley, Ezekiel Goldthwait and Ezekiel Price, 1748 Dec. 2-1754 March 11. Boston Athenaeum
creatorOf Price, Ezekiel, 1727-1802. Certificates of appointment to the office of Justice of the Peace, 1780-1802. Boston Athenaeum
creatorOf Price, Ezekiel, 1727-1802. Marine insurance policies, 1756-1781. Boston Athenaeum
creatorOf Price, Ezekiel, 1728-1802. Papers, 1754-1785. Massachusetts Historical Society
creatorOf Cudworth, Benjamin. [Warrant for the arrest of Samuel Gray for debt], 1769. Harvard Law School Library Langdell Hall Cambridge, MA 02138
creatorOf Price, Ezekiel, 1727-1802. Notarial records, 1756-1789. Boston Athenaeum
creatorOf Massachusetts. Inferior Court of Common Pleas (Suffolk County). Fifth book of executions, 1763 Nov 3-1772 Jan. 1, Boston. Boston Athenaeum
creatorOf Price, Ezekiel, 1727-1802. Business records, 1753-1800. Boston Athenaeum
creatorOf Price, Ezekiel, 1727-1802. Marine insurance policy copy books, 1759-1781. Boston Athenaeum
creatorOf Price, Ezekiel, 1727-1802. Admiralty Court records, 1772-1796. Boston Athenaeum
creatorOf Bulfinch, Thomas, 1728-1802. Documents : for a reparation claim : manuscript, 1783. Houghton Library
creatorOf Massachusetts. Council (1754). Minutes of council meetings held at Falmouth, Maine, 1754 June 26-Sept. 4. Boston Athenaeum
creatorOf Massachusetts. Inferior Court of Common Pleas (Suffolk County). Order to the Sheriff to confiscate the land of absentee Eliakim Hutchinson, 1782 July 21, Boston. Boston Athenaeum
creatorOf Cooper, William, 1720-1809. Tuckerman family deeds, 1765-1831. Massachusetts Historical Society
referencedIn Massachusetts. Court of Common Pleas (Suffolk County). Records, 1783-1790; 1810-1813. Gadsden Public Library
creatorOf Price, Ezekiel, 1727-1802. Account books and marine insurance ledgers, 1744-1778. Boston Athenaeum
Role Title Holding Repository
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associatedWith Adams, John, 1735-1826. person
associatedWith Adams, Samuel, 1722-1803. person
associatedWith Ames, Fisher, 1758-1808. person
associatedWith Amory, Rufus Greene. person
associatedWith Avery, John, 1739-1806. person
associatedWith Belknap, Jeremy, 1744-1798. person
associatedWith Billings, John. person
associatedWith Bollan, William, d. 1776. person
associatedWith Bracken and Wilkinson. corporateBody
associatedWith Brackett and Wilkinson (Firm) corporateBody
associatedWith Bulfinch, Thomas, 1728-1802. person
associatedWith Dawes, Thomas, 1757-1825. person
associatedWith France. Marine corporateBody
associatedWith Gore, Christopher, 1758-1827. person
associatedWith Gray, Thomas. person
associatedWith Great Britain. Admiralty corporateBody
associatedWith Hall, Prince, 1748-1807. person
associatedWith Hancock, John, 1737-1793. person
associatedWith Harrison, Bernard, and Spragg. corporateBody
associatedWith Hopkinson, F. person
associatedWith Humane Society of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. corporateBody
associatedWith Hutchinson, Thomas, 1711-1780. person
associatedWith Jackson, Jonathan, 1743-1810. person
associatedWith Lonsdale, James Lowther, Earl of, 1736-1802. person
associatedWith Low, Nathanael, 1740-1808. person
associatedWith Mason, Jonathan, 1756-1831. person
associatedWith Massachusetts. Council (1754) corporateBody
associatedWith Massachusetts. Court of Common Pleas (Suffolk County) corporateBody
associatedWith Massachusetts Historical Society. corporateBody
associatedWith Massachusetts. Inferior Court of Common Pleas (Suffolk County) corporateBody
associatedWith Payne, Edward. person
associatedWith Rogers, Robert, 1731-1795. person
associatedWith Russell, Thomas, 1740-1796. person
associatedWith Savage, Abraham. person
associatedWith Shirley, William, 1694-1771. person
associatedWith Society for Encouraging Trade and Commerce within the Province of Massachusetts Bay. corporateBody
associatedWith Strong, Caleb, 1745-1819. person
associatedWith Sullivan, James, 1744-1808. person
associatedWith Tracy, Nathaniel, 1751-1796. person
associatedWith Tudor, William, 1750-1819. person
associatedWith Tyley, Samuel, d. 1744. person
associatedWith United States. Continental Army corporateBody
associatedWith Washington, George, 1732-1799 person
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United States
United States
United States
Boston (Mass.)
United States
United States
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Justices of the peace
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Marine insurance policies
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Marine protests
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Birth 1727

Death 1802



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