Cohen, Harriet

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English pianist.

From the description of Typewritten letters signed (2), dated : [London], 15 February and 11 March 1933, to Harry Harkness Flagler, 1933 Mar. 11. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270564549

From the description of Typewritten letter signed, dated : [London], 15 August 1932, to Mrs. Harris R. Childs, 1932 Aug. 15. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270564545

Epithet: CBE, pianist

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000471.0x000196

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Role Title Holding Repository
referencedIn BAX COLLECTION. Vol. XLVI. Miscellaneous piano pieces; 1900-[1919]. ff. 31. Overall size 370 x 275mm. 1. ff. 1-2. 'Marcia Trionfale'; 1900. 2. ff. 3-5. 'In the Night (Passacaglia)'; 1914. 3. ff. 6-8. 'Berceuse'; 1915. Dedicated 'to Tanya'. Published ..., 1900-1919 British Library
creatorOf HUMPHREY SEARLE COLLECTION. Vol. cxix. 1929-1956.ff. 265.includes:ff. 1, 54-58 Lady Mathilde Schlich, née Marsily; second wife of Sir William Schlich; grandmother of Humphrey Searle: Letters to Humphrey Searle: [1929?], 1937. f. 2 Humphrey Searle, C..., 1929-1956 British Library
creatorOf MS Mus. 1641. Vol. xvi. MacKenzie-Wilder.ff. 187. 335 x 240mmincludes:ff. 1-2. Harriet Cohen, CBE; pianist: Sir Alexander Campbell Mackenzie, KCVO; composer: Letter from Sir Alexander Campbell Mackenzie to Harriet Cohen: 1912.ff. 3-4. Harriet Coh... British Library
creatorOf Dan H. Laurence Collection. Notes on Woolworth Exhibition of Pictures by G.B. Shaw, 1929. University of Guelph. McLaughlin Library
creatorOf RALPH VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: 'Hymn Tune Prelude [for piano, based] on "Song 13"' (f. 1), 'Oh my love, how comely now', by Orlando Gibbons; 1928. Autograph. For Song 13, see George Wither, The Hymnes and Songs of the Church, for the tune of 1623. Dedicatio..., 1928 British Library
referencedIn BAX COLLECTION. Vol. LVII. Miscellaneous sketches and fragments; n.d., 1955. For other sketches elsewhere in the collection see also Add. 54728, 54760, 54765, 54770 and 54775. ff. i+35. Largest size 360 x 265mm. 1. ff. 1-8. 'III Allegro' in A flat fo..., 1928-1955 British Library
creatorOf Vol. XX (ff. 279). Undated correspondence.includes:f. 1 Sinead Acheson, of London: Letter to G. B. Shaw of Sinead Acheson: n.d.: Imperf. f. 2 Eugen d' Albert, d 1932 German composer and pianist: Letter to G. B. Shaw of Eugen d' Albert: n.d. f. 3 Mary... British Library
referencedIn Mary Howe collection of noncommercial recordings [sound recording], 1945-1955 The New York Public Library. Rodgers and Hammerstein Archives of Recorded Sound.
creatorOf MS Mus. 1647. Vol. xxii. Ronald-Walton.ff. 204. 335 x 230mm.includes:f. 1. Harriet Cohen, CBE; pianist: Nigel Ronald, of the Foreign Office: Letter from Nigel Ronald to Harriet Cohen: 1939.ff. 3-9. Harriet Cohen, CBE; pianist: Eleanor Butler Roos... British Library
creatorOf BAX MANUSCRIPTS. Vol. VIII (ff. i+36). 'Sonata [in three move-ments] for violoncello and piano' (f. 2); 'Nov 7th 1923' (f. 30). Score, followed (ff. 32-36b) by a separate cello part in another hand with notes in German. Dedicated (f. 2) to Beatrice H..., 1923 British Library
referencedIn Childs, Eleanor Stuart. Autograph letters signed (2) and typewritten letters signed (2), dated : New York, 1925, 1928, 1933, and [n.d.] to Harry [Harkness] Flagler (and to Mrs. Flagler), 1925 Dec. 17. Pierpont Morgan Library.
creatorOf BAX MANUSCRIPTS. Vols. IV, V. 'The Happy Forest' (50176, f. 1); 1914, n.d., 1914 British Library
creatorOf BAX MANUSCRIPTS. Vol. III (ff. iv+48). 'Four Orchestral Pieces' (ff. iii). Full score; '1912-1913' (f. iii). (1) 'Pensive Twilight' (f. 1). ff. 1-11b:-(2) 'Dance in the Sun' (f. 12). ff. 12-24;-(3) No title. See Parlett, p. 27. ff. 24b-29b;-(4) 'T..., 1912-1913 British Library
creatorOf MS Mus. 1669. Vol. xliv. Letters to Bax from Harriet Cohen and letters from Bax to Freda Bax; 1902-1949, n.d.ff. 212. 300 x 250mm.includes:ff. 1-137. Harriet Cohen, CBE; pianist: Sir Arnold Edward Trevor Bax, alias 'Sheila McCarthy'; alias 'Dermot ..., 1902-1949 British Library
creatorOf SIR ARNOLD BAX: Symphony no. 7; 1939. Full score. Autograph. Ink. Short score published Chappell, 1972. A manuscript of the earlier piano score is in the Library of Congress. For other Bax MSS. see Add. 50173-50181, 53735 and 54395. For a catalogue o..., 1939 British Library
creatorOf MS Mus. 1636. Vol. xi. Levi-De Mamblas.ff. 282. 345 x 240mm.includes:ff. 1-118. Harriet Cohen, CBE; pianist: Carlo Levi, Italian writer: Letters and telegrams from Carlo Levi to Harriet Cohen: 1949-1953: Eng, Fr.ff. 119-226 Harriet Cohen, CBE; pi... British Library
creatorOf MSS Mus. 1626-1633. A. Letters from Harriet Cohen to Arnold BaxHarriet Cohen Papers. Vols. i-viii. ‘Trunk 1’: letters from Harriet Cohen to Arnold Bax; 1914-1934, n.d. Almost all are undated. Where the date was clear from the postmark, it has bee..., 1914-1934 British Library
creatorOf MS Mus. 1645. Vol. xx. Chamberlain-Lobkowicz.ff. 202. 305 x 230mm.includes:f. 1. Arthur Neville Chamberlain, Prime Minister: Harriet Cohen, CBE; pianist: Note from Arthur Neville Chamberlain to Harriet Cohen: 1938: Typewritten, signed.ff. 2-3. Ha... British Library
creatorOf Cohen, Harriet. Typewritten letters signed (2), dated : [London], 15 February and 11 March 1933, to Harry Harkness Flagler, 1933 Mar. 11. Pierpont Morgan Library.
creatorOf MS Mus. 1638. Vol. xiii. Runciman Nov. 1930-Tuomioja.ff. 240. 320 x 240mm.includes:ff. 1-185. Harriet Cohen, CBE; pianist: Walter Leslie Runciman, 2nd Viscount Runciman: Letters from Walter Leslie Runciman to Harriet Cohen: 1930-1962.f. 63. Walte... British Library
referencedIn BAX COLLECTION. Vol. XLIV. Piano Sonatas; 1913-[1936]. ff. 53. Largest size 360 x 270mm. 1. ff. 2-7v. 'Sonate', 'No. 2. Scherzo', in F; 1913. For an orchestrated version of this movement see Add. 54742. 2. ff. 9-24v. '2nd Sonata', in G; 1919. Dedicat..., 1913-1936 British Library
creatorOf BAX MANUSCRIPTS. Vol. VI (ff. i+3). 'A Romance' (f. 1), for piano; bef. 1919. Published 1919, with a dedication to Harriet Cohen. British Library
referencedIn Ivor Novello papers, 1911-1956. Harvard Theater Collection, Houghton Library, Harvard College Library, Harvard University
referencedIn Koussevitzky, Serge, 1874-1951. Serge Koussevitzky Archive, 1920-1976 (bulk: 1924-1951) Library of Congress. Music Division
creatorOf BAX COLLECTION. Music manuscripts of Sir Arnold Edward Trevor Bax (b. 1883, d. 1953), Master of the Queen's Music; 1897-1949, n.d. Autograph. Manuscripts are in ink, and works were published in London, unless otherwise stated. Significant dedicatees ..., 1897-1949 British Library
creatorOf ‘Original letters’: Coates – Costa (ff. 227); 1817-1913, 1951-3, n.d.includes:ff. 1-7 Albert Coates, conductor and composer: Francesco Berger, pianist and composer; Secretary, Philharmonic Society: Letters to Francesco Berger from Albert Coates: [n..., 1817-1953 British Library
creatorOf MS Mus. 1637. Vol. xii. Mermod-Runciman Oct. 1930.ff. 246. 310 x 220mm.includes:ff. 1-35. Harriet Cohen, CBE; pianist: Dr Arthur Mermod: Letters from Dr Arthur Mermod to Harriet Cohen: 1926-1931: Fr.ff. 36-138. Harriet Cohen, CBE; pianist: Lieute... British Library
referencedIn ‘Original letters’: Tabb – Vert (ff. 269); 1821-1913, 1950-53, n.d.includes:f. 1 Richard Prestridge Valentine Tabb, cellist: William Hayman Cummings, Mus.D: Letter to William Hayman Cummings from Richard Prestridge Valentine Tabb: circa 1908.f. 2 ..., 1821-1953 British Library
creatorOf BAX MANUSCRIPTS. Vol. VII (ff. i+20). 'To the Name above Every Name' (f. 1), a setting for soprano, chorus and orchestra, of words by Richard Crashaw; '16 March 1921' (f. 19b). Vocal score, with a violin part on a separate stave. Pencilled indication... British Library
creatorOf Vol. IV (ff. 215). A-F.includes:ff. 2-15 John Mervin Addison, composer: Correspondence with E. Chapman of John Mervin Addison: 1950-1959: Partly typewritten copies and signed.ff. 16, 17 Richard Anthony Sayer Arnell, composer: Letters to E. Chapma... British Library
referencedIn Spewack, Samuel and Bella. Papers, ca.1920-1980. Columbia University in the City of New York, Columbia University Libraries
referencedIn Nicolas Slonimsky Collection, 1873-1997, (bulk 1920-1990) Library of Congress. Music Division
creatorOf MS Mus. 1635. Vol. x. Drioli-Largentaye. ff. 218. 295 x 250mm.includes:f. 1. Harriet Cohen, CBE; pianist: Lino Salghetti Drioli: Letter from Lino Salghetti Drioli to Harriet Cohen: 1933.f. 3-10. Lino Salghetti Drioli: Josiah Noel Macy, American n... British Library
creatorOf MS Mus. 1643. Vol. xviii. Aghnides-Bennett.ff. 200. 290 x 225mm.includes:ff. 1-6. Thomassis Aghnides, Greek diplomatist at the League of Nations: Harriet Cohen, CBE; pianist: Letters from Thomassis Aghnides to Harriet Cohen: 1946-1962.f. 7. Harri... British Library
creatorOf MS Mus. 1634. Vol. ix. Andrić-Constantinesco.ff. 154. 332 x 255mm.includes:ff. 5-7. Harriet Cohen, CBE; pianist: Y. S. Andric, at St Stephen's House, Oxford: Letters from Y. S. Andric to Harriet Cohen: 1919.f. 8. Harriet Cohen, CBE; pianist: Geor... British Library
creatorOf MS Mus. 1642. Vol. xvii. Williams-Zweig and concert programmes. Also included in this volume are reminiscences of Arnold Bax in Ireland by Tilly Fleischmann.ff. 204. 340 x 205mmincludes:f. 1. Harriet Cohen, CBE; pianist: Evelyn Williams, Clerk to t... British Library
creatorOf MS Mus. 1646. Vol. xxi. MacDonald-Rodrigo.ff. 214. 310 x 235mm.includes:ff. 1-2. Harriet Cohen, CBE; pianist: Alister G. MacDonald, Chairman of the 1917 Club: Letter from Alister G. MacDonald to Harriet Cohen: 1937-1938.ff. 3-16. Harriet Cohen, C... British Library
creatorOf MS Mus. 1676. Harriet Cohen Papers. Vol. li. Photographs; 1897-1937, n.d. ff. 196. 310 x 240mm.1. ff. 1-46. Harriet Cohen and Arnold Bax. 2. ff. 47-112. Bax family.3. ff. 113-196. Bax friends and girlfriends.includes:ff. 1-46. Harriet Cohen, CBE; p..., 1897-1937 British Library
referencedIn ‘Original letters’: Ashe – Beckwith (ff. 254); 1816-1913, 1952-53, n.d.includes:ff. 1-4 William Watts, Secretary, Philharmonic Society: Andrew Ashe, flautist and concert organiser: Honoria Ashe, singer: Letters concerning Honoria Ashe's first Londo..., 1816-1953 British Library
referencedIn BAX COLLECTION. Vol. XVIII. Full score; n.d. Copy (in the same hand as Add. 54746), with autograph tempi indications and an autograph dedication 'To Harriet Cohen' (f. 1). Includes a pencil note from H. Saunders-Jacobs to Bax, '1.9.38' (f. ii). ff. i... British Library
referencedIn Yaddo records, 1870-1980 New York Public Library. Manuscripts and Archives Division
creatorOf MS Mus. 1648. Vol. xxiii. Wells-Wood, unidentified correspondents and letters of congratulation on Cohen’s C.B.E. awarded in 1938.ff. 191. 300 x 235mm.includes:ff. 1-3. Harriet Cohen, CBE; pianist: Herbert George Wells, author: Postcards from Herbe..., 1938 British Library
creatorOf MS Mus. 1655. Vol. xxx. 1919-1921.ff. 214. 280 x 235mmincludes:f. 213. Harriet Cohen, CBE; pianist: Eric Verney-Cohen, brother of Harriet Cohen: Letter from Eric Verney-Cohen to Harriet Cohen: 1921., 1919-1921 British Library
creatorOf Cohen, Harriet. Typewritten letter signed, dated : [London], 15 August 1932, to Mrs. Harris R. Childs, 1932 Aug. 15. Pierpont Morgan Library.
creatorOf Cohen, Harriet. Correspondence with Theodore Dreiser, ca. 1931-1932. University of Pennsylvania Libraries, Van Pelt Library
creatorOf MSS Mus. 1649-1667. Harriet Cohen Papers. Vols. xxiv-xlii. Letters from Bax to Cohen; 1912-1953, n.d., 1912-1953 British Library
creatorOf VERNON BARTLETT. Vol. I (ff. 165). Abdul Rahman Putra -Joad.includes:f. 1 Abdul Rahman Putra, Tunku; Prime Minister of Malaysia: Letter to V. Bartlett from Abdul Rahman Putra: 1963: Signed. ff. 2-8 William Maxwell Aitken, 1st Baron Beaverbrook: Lett... British Library
referencedIn BAX COLLECTION. Vols. XXVIII, XXIX. 'Winter Legends'; 1929, 1930. Two volumes., 1929-1930 British Library
creatorOf MS Mus. 1639. Vol. xiv. Adams-Olga Cohen.ff. 232. 300 x 260mmincludes:ff. 2-3r. Harriet Cohen, CBE; pianist: F. P. Adams: Letter from F. P. Adams to Harriet Cohen: 1932.ff. 4-5r. Harriet Cohen, CBE; pianist: Jacobo Maria del Pilar Carlos Manuel F... British Library
referencedIn Ralph and Ursula Vaughan Williams: Photographs, 1955-1956 British Library
creatorOf Correspondence files: concerts and general; 1954-57 (ff. 167).includes:f. 1 Igor Fyodorovich Stravinsky, composer: Royal Philharmonic Society: Chappell and Co; music publishers: Card relative to the press tickets allocation for the Stravinsky conce..., 1954-1957 British Library
creatorOf MS Mus. 1640. Vol. xv. Constantinesco-Ramsay MacDonald.ff. 204. 305 x 230mmincludes:ff. 1-8. Harriet Cohen, CBE; pianist: Grégoire Constantinesco, Romanian Envoy: Letters from Grégoire Constantinesco to Harriet Cohen: 1931, n.d.: Fr.f. 7. Harriet... British Library
creatorOf MS Mus. 1644. Vol. xix. Bennett-Casals. There are two sequences of letters from Arnold Bennett: the second group (ff. 87-118.) was previously deposited with Cohen’s solicitor and was added to the present collection in 1969.ff. 202. 280 x 220mm.includ... British Library
creatorOf Correspondence files: concerts and general; 1958-59 (ff. 256).includes:f. 1 Leslie Regan, Secretary, Royal Philharmonic Society: Frederick Woodhouse, singer: T. Frost, Education Officer, Borough of Barking: Letter to Leslie Regan from T. Frost rel...., 1958-1959 British Library
referencedIn Rudolf Kolisch papers, 1886-1978. Houghton Library
creatorOf Scherchen, Hermann, 1891-1966. Correspondence to Alma Mahler, 1933-1937. University of Pennsylvania Libraries, Van Pelt Library
referencedIn Samuel and Bella Spewack Papers, ca.1920-1980 Columbia University. Rare Book and Manuscript Library
creatorOf MS Mus. 1525. Sidney Newman Papers: Correspondence of the conductor, pianist and teacher Sidney Newman (b. 1906, d. 1971), with a collection of signed concert programmes; [1941-1971; n.d.]. Names of correspondents and of the performers whose signat..., 1941-1971 British Library
creatorOf BAX MANUSCRIPTS. Vol. IX (ff. i+2). 'Carry Clavel' (f. 1), a setting for voice and piano of words by Thomas Hardy; 'August 6th 1925' (f. 2b). Published 1926, with a dedication to W. Grant Oliver., 1925 British Library
referencedIn Correspondence concerning special concert series; 1950-56.ff. 202. largest size 330 x 240mm.As follows:—1. ff. 1-37. Festival of Britain, 1951; 1950-52. With audited accounts for the whole series, and separate balance sheet for the concert of 7 June ..., 1950-1956 British Library
creatorOf GALLIARD COLLECTION. Vol. XLVII. Works by Adam Carse, Francis Chagrin, Harriet Cohen, Anthony Collins, Sir Frederic Cowen; 1890-[1950]. ff. 50. Largest sizes 365 x 270mm; 300 x 240mm. 1. ff. 1-29v. Carse: Sonata in C minor for violin and piano, and f..., 1890-1950 British Library
creatorOf BOULT PAPERS. Vol. I (ff. 253+185*+44*). Granville Bantock, Arnold Bax, Arthur Bliss, Nadia Boulanger, Pablo Casals, Walter Damrosch, Walford Davies, Frederick Delius, Edward Elgar, Myra Hess, Gervase Elwes, George Henschel, Gustav Holst, John Irelan... British Library
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Birth 1895-12-02

Death 1967-11-13




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