Ricordi, Giovanni, -1853

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Italian music publisher.

From the description of Partially printed document signed, dated : Toscolano, 3 October 1829, 1829 Oct. 3. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270873934

"The firm of Ricordi was founded in Milan in 1808 by Giovanni Ricordi (1785-1853); it was directed from 1853 to 1888 by his son Tito (1811-1888), from 1888 to 1912 by Tito’s son Giulio (1840-1912) and from 1912 to 1919 by Giulio’s son Tito (1865-1933). The firm was managed from 1919 to 1940 jointly by Renzo Valcarenghi and Carlo Clausetti, from 1940 to 1944 by Valcarenghi and Alfredo Colombo and from 1944 to 1952 by Colombo, Eugenio Clausetti and Camillo Ricordi. In 1952 it became a limited company, under the presidency first of Colombo, then of Guido Valcarenghi (from 1961), Carlo Origoni (from 1976), Gianni Babini (from 1982) and Guido Rignano (from 1988 to 1995). In June 1995 the company merged with BMG Ariola forming a new company BMG Ricordi S.p.a., of which Casa Ricordi is a division managed by Mimma Guastoni."

"During his first decade in business Giovanni Ricordi issued an average of 30 publications a year; in his second the yearly average was about 300. This expansion was largely the result of a succession of contracts starting from December 1814, which he won as prompter and exclusive copyist to La Scala, giving him the right to publish the music performed there; in 1825 he purchased their entire musical archives. In 1816 he had a similar contract as copyist to the Teatro Re, and in the 1830s and 1840s concluded highly favourable agreements with the opera houses of Venice and Naples. By the end of 1837 he had not only purchased the stock and plates of Ferdinando Artaria but was able to boast more than 10,000 publications, the exclusive rights to operas written for Milan and Naples, an archive of 1800 autograph manuscripts and a branch in Florence."

"In the entire history of music publishing there has been no other firm that through its own efforts, astuteness, initiative and flair has achieved a position of dominance such as Ricordi enjoyed in Italy in the 19th century, nor of power such as it has been able to maintain (on account of its rights on Verdi’s and Puccini’s operas) in the 20th." -- Richard Macnutt.

From the guide to the Collection of Ricordi records, 1810-1959, (Music Library)

Archival Resources
Role Title Holding Repository
creatorOf Bellini, Vincenzo, 1801-1835. Autograph letter signed, dated : Venice, to Giovanni Ricordi, 1832 Dec. 22. Pierpont Morgan Library.
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creatorOf Ricordi, Giovanni, 1785-1853. Partially printed document signed, dated : Toscolano, 3 October 1829, 1829 Oct. 3. Pierpont Morgan Library.
referencedIn Theater manuscripts collection, 1784-1941 (inclusive). Yale University Library
creatorOf Collection of Ricordi records, 1810-1959 Music Library
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referencedIn Bazzini, Antonio, 1818-1897. Antonio Bazzini autograph letter to Giovanni Ricordi. Library of Congress
creatorOf Lickl, Karl Georg, 1801-1877. Autograph letter signed, dated : Vienna June 15 1850, to Giovanni Ricordi in Milan, 1850 June 15. Pierpont Morgan Library.
creatorOf Farinelli, Giuseppe. Letter : Venice, to Gio. Ricordi, Milan, 1811 Jan. 30. New York Public Library System, NYPL
referencedIn Theater manuscripts collection, 1784-1941 (inclusive). Yale University Library
creatorOf Rossini, Gioacchino, 1792-1868. [Letter] 1820, April 12, Napoli [to] Giovanni Ricordi, Milano / G. Rossini. Northwestern University
creatorOf Donizetti, Gaetano, 1797-1848. Autograph letter signed, dated : Bergamo, 6 March 1819, to Giovanni Ricordi in Milan, 1819 Mar. 6. Pierpont Morgan Library.
referencedIn Albi Rosenthal collection of letters between composers and music publishers, 1704-1966. Harvard Theater Collection, Houghton Library, Harvard College Library, Harvard University
creatorOf Rossini, Gioacchino, 1792-1868. Autograph letter signed, dated : Bologna, 17 October 1843, to Giovanni Ricordi in Milan, 1843 Oct. 17. Pierpont Morgan Library.
Role Title Holding Repository
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associatedWith Alfano, Franco, 1875-1954 person
associatedWith Basili, Francesco, 1767-1850. person
correspondedWith Bazzini, Antonio, 1818-1897. person
associatedWith Bellini, Vincenzo, 1801-1835. person
associatedWith Clausetti, Carlo, 1869-1943 person
associatedWith Clausetti, Pietro, 1817-1892 person
associatedWith Coccia, Carlo, 1782-1873. person
associatedWith Colombo, Alfredo, 1877-1962 person
associatedWith Donizetti, Gaetano, 1797-1848. person
associatedWith Farinelli, Giuseppe. person
associatedWith Ganardini, A. person
associatedWith Lickl, Karl Georg, 1801-1877. person
associatedWith Liszt, Franz, 1811-1886. person
associatedWith Maffizzoli, Andrea. person
associatedWith Malipiero, Gian Francesco, 1882-1973 person
associatedWith Martucci, Giuseppe, 1856-1909 person
associatedWith Montemezzi, Italo, 1875-1952 person
associatedWith Northwestern University (Evanston, Ill.). Music Library corporateBody
associatedWith Paer, Ferdinando, 1771-1839. person
associatedWith Ponchielli, Amilcare, 1834-1886 person
associatedWith Puccini, Giacomo, 1858-1924 person
associatedWith Pucitta, Vincenzo, 1778-1861. person
associatedWith Ricordi (Firm) corporateBody
associatedWith Ricordi, Giulio, 1840-1912 person
associatedWith Ricordi, Tito person
associatedWith Ricordi, Tito, 1811-1888 person
correspondedWith Rosenthal, Albi, 1914- person
associatedWith Rossini, Gioacchino, 1792-1868. person
associatedWith Sardou, Victorien, 1831-1908 person
associatedWith Tosti, F. Paolo (Francesco Paolo), 1846-1916 person
associatedWith Valcarenghi, Renzo person
associatedWith Varesi, Felice, 1813-1889. person
associatedWith Zandonai, Riccardo, 1883-1944 person
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Birth 1785

Death 1853




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