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Robert Russell Bennett was an American composer, orchestrator and conductor.

From the guide to the Robert Russell Bennett papers, 1911-1981, (Music Library)

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referencedIn 1. TREATISE on the Astrolabe by Geoffrey Chaucer; written at the end of the 15th cent. At the end, f. 26 b, is a monogram apparently of the name of G. Heyton. f. 3. 2. "Ephemerides siue Almanach perpetuus"; printed by Peter Liechtenstein, of Cologne,... British Library
referencedIn CHAUCER's Legende of Good Women, here called " The Legend of Ladyse," wanting the prologue, and imperfect, as far as 1. 273 of " Isiphille." At the end is added the Legend of " Sismond" [Sigismonda and Guiscard], which from the last stanza we learn w... British Library
referencedIn GEOFFREY CHAUCER'S Dream; a poem on the marriage of John of Gaunt with Blanche of Lancaster. A transcript on paper, of the xvith century. Folio. [10,303.], 16th century British Library
referencedIn APIVOR MANUSCRIPTS. Vol. XI. Early songs; 1935-1939, n.d. Pencil scores. ff. 56. Principal size 295 x 235mm. Songs 1-19 below are bound in a quarter cloth binding bearing the title 'Collected Songs, Vol. 1' in the hand of the composer. Contents: 1. f..., 1935-1939 British Library
referencedIn " THE BOOKE of Heraldrye and other thinges togither with the Order of Coronacions," etc.: a common-place book chiefly of heraldic and historical collections by Robert Commaundre (ob. 1613), Rector of Tarporley, co. Chester, and Chaplain to Sir Henry ..., 1525-1625 British Library
referencedIn Lutyens Collection. Vol. cciii. ff. 39.1. 'All and all the dry worlds lever'; n.d. Pencil score. (ff. 1-2). 370 x 270mm.2. Anthem 'Eternal Father' (words, Robert Bridges); n.d. Ink score. (ff. 3-8). 260 x 180mm.3. 'Balade of Bon Counseill' (word..., 1957-1965 British Library
referencedIn Vol,. III.; tempp. Edw. I.-Rich. II. 1. Accounts of various ambassadors to France, Spain, Hainault, etc. 1 Edw. III.-17 Rich. II. [1327-1394], ff. 5, 6, 18, 19, 26, 30, 41, 42, 45, 46, 51, 53, 59, 73, 90, 122, 124, 136. 2. Expenses of the maintenance..., 19th century British Library
referencedIn includes:ff. 2-64 b Astrology: Tractatus astrologico -magicus "Filia astronomiæ": 15th cent.: Lat. and Fr.ff. 65b-106 Geoffrey Chaucer: Treatise of the Astrolabe,: 15th, 16th centt.f. 106 b Johannes de Beltone, Magister: Experimentum magicum "... British Library
referencedIn THE CANTERBURY TALES, by Geoffrey Chaucer, in the following order.. -(1) Prologue. f. 1 ;-(2) " the knightes tale." f. 11 b;-(3) , the mylleres tale." f. 39 b;-(4) "the Reve." f. 49 ;-(5) " the Cook of London." f. 55. After f. 55 is inserted (ff. 56..., 1400-1718 British Library
referencedIn RALPH VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: rondels and motet; 1921. Presented by Mrs Ursula Vaughan Williams, 7 March 1985. Paper; ff. 15. 1. ff. 1-8v. 'Merciless Beauty', three rondels for voice and string trio (words, Geoffrey Chaucer); 1921. Instrumental parts. Copi..., 1920-1922 British Library
referencedIn SPEGHT'S 'CHAUCER'. Thomas Speght's edition of The Workes of... Chaucer, 1598, with autograph notes by Gabriel Harvey, including (f. 422b) the earliest known reference to Shakespeare's Hamlet. These notes are for the most part edited by G. C. Moore ... British Library
referencedIn CHAUCER: Autotypes of 15th cent. MSS. 30 plates issued by the Chaucer Society, ed. F. J. Furnivall. 1877.Geoffrey Chaucer: Autotypes of MSS., 15th cent. (Chaucer Society): 1877.: Facs. British Library
referencedIn Thomas Potter: Collection of chemical aud alchemical treatises: 1580.: Partly Autogr. and Printed.Writers of Manuscripts: Potter (Thomas): 1580.includes:ff. 140-166 b George Ripley, Canon of Bridlington: Compound of Alchemy, in verse: 16th-17th ce... British Library
referencedIn Lutyens Collection. Vol. clxv. Pencil sketch; -draft full score in pencil, incomplete, wanting pp. 79-98.ff. 46. Both 365 x 270mm.Geoffrey Chaucer: Music by Elisabeth Lutyens , setting words by Chaucer: [1957-1963], n.d. British Library
referencedIn Lieutenant Gedeon Bonnivert, son of Paschall and Judith Bonnivert of Sedan in Champagne: Papers and collections of, in prose and verse: 15th-17th centt.includes:ff. 2-16 b Theology: On penance and confession, tribulation and temptation, contemplati... British Library
referencedIn CHAUCER's POEM of Troylus and Creseide; imperfect at the end. On vellum, xvth cent. Quarto. [12,044.]Geoffrey Chaucer: Poem of Troylus and Creseide., 15th century British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1686Paper, in folio, ff. 295, XV Century: formerly belonging to William Walter; some leaves are wanting at the beginning.Twenty three of the Canterbury tales of Chaucer with a part of the prologue; the order in which they are written is as fol... British Library
referencedIn BOETHIUS de Consolatione Philosophiæ, translated into English by Geffrey Chaucer. On vellum, of the xvth century. Folio. [10,340.], 15th century British Library
referencedIn Ramón Lull, of Majorca: Theorica, capp. 49-67: 16th cent.: Engl.Henry Clitherow, Merchant of London: Trading accompts: 1578-1580.Nicolaus de Comitibus, of Padua and Florence: Epistle on alchemy: 16th cent.William Blomefield, MB: Compendiary of alchem... British Library
referencedIn THE ELLESMERE CHAUCER reproduced in facsimile. Preface by Lady Alix Egerton. Coloured reproduction of the early 15th cent. MS. of The Canterbury Tales, lately possessed by the Earl of Ellesmere. 2 vols. 1911.Ellesmere Chaucer: Fascimile: 1911.Geoffre... British Library
referencedIn Vol. II (ff. i + 255). This contains nothing, apart from the assignments, of special interest.includes:f. 8 John Andrews: Assignment of his History of the Revolutions of Denmark: 1773. f. 10 Arnoux Deslandes): Assignment of his Art of teaching Frenc..., 1707-1820 British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1098Paper, in small quarto, ff. 50; XVI century; written by the same hand as the last described; bound with no. 1099.Collections on Alchemy; among which the following may be noticed:-1. Various excerpts in English and Latin. f. 2.2. Abbreviate... British Library
referencedIn Sloane family: Pedigree: 1726.includes:ff. 2 b-32 Henry Clitherow, Merchant of London: Trading accompts: 1578-1580.ff. 2 b-32 Roger Clark, Merchant of London: Trading accompts: 1578-1580.ff. 32b, 33, 109 b-112 William Blomefield, MB: Compendiar... British Library
referencedIn Rawlinson Manuscripts, 8th-18th century Bodleian Library, Oxford
referencedIn "A PARAPHASE upon the three first Bookes of Chaucer's Troilus and Cresida. Translated into our Moderne English for the satisfaction of those who either cannot, or will not, take ye paines to vnderstand the excellent Authors farr more exquisite and si..., 17th century British Library
referencedIn "GLEANINGS from Rare Books:" Vol. I. xixth cent.Bibliography: Gleanings from rare books, by D. Turner: 19th cent.includes:f. 5 Dungeness, Kent: Drawing of the lighthouse at: 1692. f. 75 Geoffrey Chaucer: Verses on, entitled " The Description of Sir ..., 19th century British Library
referencedIn (h) Rotographs of headings of two Customs Rolls in the Public Record Office, bearing accompts, 4-5 and 8-9 [Rich, II, 1380-1381, 1384-1385], of Geoffrey Chaucer as Comptroller of Customs, etc. Presented by Dr. F. J. Furnivall.Customs: Headings of two... British Library
referencedIn Vol.. IV.; tempp. Hen. III.-Hen. VII. 1. Accounts relating to David Bruce, prisoner in England; 21-31 Edw. III. [1347-1357], f. 4. 2. English benefices in the hands of Cardinals; 20 Edw. III. [1346], f. 7. 3. Itineraries, from household accounts, for..., 19th century British Library
referencedIn BAX COLLECTION. Vol. LVI. Songs; 1911-1927. ff. 55. Largest size 365 x 270mm. 1. ff. 1-2. 'Das Tote Kind' (words, J. P. Meyer); 1911. 2. ff. 3-5. 'The splendour falls' (words, Tennyson); 1912-1917. 3. ff. 6-14. 'Three Rondels' (words, Chaucer): 'Your..., 1911-1927 British Library
referencedIn MISCELLANEOUS scientific treatises, viz: 1. Treatise on the Astrolabe, by Geofffey Chaucer, f. 3. 2. Tractatus de composicione naviculæ [an instrument for astronomical observation], f. 29. 3. "Tractatus secundum Galfridum [sive Gualterum de Vino Salv..., 15th century British Library
referencedIn GRANT of arms by William Camden, Clarenceux, to Robert Wakeman, D.D. of Beerferris, co. Devon, 1616. On the dors are lines in Camden's hand from Chaucer's "Nun's Tale" in reference to the Wakeman crest. British Library
referencedIn Paper, in folio, ff. 181, xv. Cent. 1. Ypotys, a religious Legend. fol. 1. It begins, "Alle that wolle wysdam here, Herkenythe me now and ze may here Of a tale of holy writte." It ends, "Thus endith this talkyng; God graunt us alle gode endynge, Amen... British Library
creatorOf Robert Russell Bennett papers, 1911-1981 Music Library
referencedIn (i) Chaucer, Balade to Rosemounde (Bodl. MS. Rawl. poet. 163, f. 114). Presented by E. W. B. Nicholson, Esq., Bodley's Librarian.Geoffrey Chaucer: Balade to Rosemounde.: Facsimile of Bodl. MS. Rawl. poet. 163, f. 114. British Library
referencedIn THE CANTERBURY TALES, by Geoffrey Chaucer. Imperfect; see below. The following is the order:-(1) Prologue. f. 1. Wanting two leaves (153 lines) at the beginning, and two more (ll. 234-396) after f. 1: see Skeat's Complete Works of Chaucer, Oxford, 1... British Library
referencedIn Astronomy: Astronomiæ aphorismi: 16th cent.includes:ff. 37-56 Astrolabe: Excerpta de astrolabio, ex Chaucero aliisque: 16th cent.ff. 50 b-56 Geoffrey Chaucer: Treatise of the Astrolabe,: 15th, 16th centt. British Library
referencedIn A VOLUME containing various old English tracts in prose and verse, viz.:-"Boicius de Consolatione, prosed in Englisshe by [Geoffreyl Chaucier;" with the following colophon :-" Thus endethe the translacon of Boece," . . " translated by the moral and ... British Library
referencedIn CHAUCER'S Canterbury Tales, with the spurious tale of Gamlyn The Norton MS., mentioned as no. 59 in Prof. Skeat's edition (1894), but not seen by him. Used by Urry for his edition (1721), and more fully collated by William Thomas in an interleaved co... British Library
referencedIn "MEMOIRS of the Delapoles, Dukes of Suffolk," to 1513, with pedigrees, coats of arms in gold and colours, drawings of tombs, etc., by Sarah Steuart Fripp. Autograph. Included are pedigrees of the families of Wingfield (f. 27), Stafford (f. 32), Chauc... British Library
referencedIn PROPHECIES in prose and verse concerning England, the end of the world, etc., attributed to Merlin, St. Thomas of Canterbury, Geoffrey Chaucer, Johannes de Reputissa [Rupescissa], and others. Eng. and Lat. At f. 19 are the "Carmina Vaticinalia" of Jo..., 16th century British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1723Paper, in 4to., ff. 122, xvii Century; formerly belonging to Stephen Williams.Various Alchymical Treatises and Processes; among which are the following: — 1. 'Isaac his worke upon head.' ff. 3-17.2. A treatise intitled 'Theophrastis Parace... British Library
referencedIn MATHEMATICAL and other treatises, in Latin and English, viz.:-1. Mnemonic verses on the Calendar, with explanations in prose, beg. "Filius esto dei coelum bonus accipe grates." f. 2. 2. Treatise on arithmetic, in verse and prose, beg. "Hie algorismu... British Library
referencedIn FRAGMENTS of Chaucer's Legend of Good Women, viz.:-Prologue, ll. 513-end, f. 1;-"Legenda Cleopatrye," ll. 1-31, f. 2;-Tisbe, ll. 103-end, f. 3;-"Legenda Didonis Cartagie Regine," ll. 1-180, 381-end, with small fragments, f. 5;-"Legenda Ysephile et M..., 15th century British Library
referencedIn Walter Stevens: G. Chaucer's conclusions of the Astrolabe, amended by: 16th cent.Edward Courtenay, 1st Earl of Devon: MS. was dedicated to him as " Earle of Devonshir " by W. Stevins.Geoffrey Chaucer: The conclusion of the Astrolabe by, amended by W.... British Library
referencedIn "NOTULÆ; a few notes upon the Scriptures and some of our greater poets," by Joseph Hunter. 1. Notes on passages in the Pentateuch and other books both of the Old and New Testament, ff. 3, 28, 33; Illustrations of obsolete English terms used in the re..., 19th century British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1685Vellum, in folio, ff. 223, XV Century: many leaves throughout are wanting.A volume containing twenty one of the Canterbury Tales of Chaucer, with a part of the prologue; in the following order; namely — 1. The latter part of the prologue. ... British Library
referencedIn COLLECTIONS for the edition of Chaucer's works begun by John Urry (d. 1715), continued by his assistant Thomas Ainsworth (d. 1719), finally revised and completed by Timothy Thomas, and published in 1721. Four volumes. Paper. Folio. Formerly Appendix ... British Library
referencedIn THE STORIE of Thebes; a poem by John Lydgate, monk of St. Edmundsbury, f. 1; "De Regimine Principum;" a poem by Thomas Occleve, compiled from the "Secretum Secretorum," attributed to Aristotle, the treatise "De Regimine Principum" of Egidius de Colon..., 14th century-15th century British Library
referencedIn A COLLECTION of English poems, chiefly by John Lydgate, with a few by, or attributed to, Geoffrey Chaucer.; together with three Roundels (art. 6) in French. Sonic of the titles, etc., ate insertions in the hand of John Stow. 1. Tale of two perfect fr... British Library
referencedIn ANTIQUARIAN NOTES, for the most part (as pointed out by Philip Bliss at f. 1) in the hand of Edward Rowe Mores, including:-(1) Institutions to benefices in the diocese of Canterbury, 1381-1387 (from Ashmole MS. 794). f. 2;-(2) Admissions to degrees, ... British Library
referencedIn Papers relating to the, Longman Annotated English Poets, series, particularly a planned edition of Chaucer, 1959-1986 GB 206 Leeds University Library
referencedIn Lutyens Collection. Vol. clxvi. Fair copy full score in ink (ff. i+1-22); -piano reduction in ink (ff. 23-56).ff. 56. Both 365 x 270mm.Geoffrey Chaucer: Music by Elisabeth Lutyens , setting words by Chaucer: [1957-1963], n.d. British Library
referencedIn CHAUCER'S Canterbury Tales, with John Lydgate's Story of Thebes: the Ingilby MS. described in Historical MSS. Commission, 6th Report, Appendix, p. 361. No. 54 in Skeat's edition; Askew 1 of Tyrwhitt. A portion, the Doctor-Pardoner link and Pardoner's... British Library
creatorOf Richard Symonds (1617-1660), royalist and antiquary: Commonplace-book, circa 1637-1677, with later additions partly by Sir Richard Gipps (d. 1708), circa 1685-1715. Mainly autograph. Partly Latin, Greek and Italian, and engraved. Several distinct sta..., 1632-1715 British Library
referencedIn THE Canterbury Tales of Geoffrey Chaucer. Imperfect; containing portions only of tales of, the Knight, f. 1 ; Miller, f. 24 b; Man of Law, f. 31; Sompnour, f. 41; Doctor of Physic, f. 48; Pardoner, f. 52 b; Clerk, f. 64; Shipman, f. 80; Priores, f. 8..., 15th century British Library
referencedIn Vol. III (ff. 482). 1868, 1869.Robert Herrick, poet: Letters rel. to W. C. Hazlitt's edition of his works: 1869.Reverend Thomas Warton, the younger: Letters ref. to W. C. Hazlitt's edition of his History of English Poetry: 1868.William Browne, poet: ..., 1868-1869 British Library
referencedIn Thomas Potter: Collection of chemical aud alchemical treatises: 1580.: Partly Autogr. and Printed.Writers of Manuscripts: Potter (Thomas): 1580.includes:ff. 140-166 b George Ripley, Canon of Bridlington: Compound of Alchemy, in verse: 16th-17th ce... British Library
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Birth 1340

Death 1400-10-26


English, Middle (1100-1500)



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