Letter to [George?] Ryley. [s.l.]. 1865 Apr. 1.


Herbert, John Rogers, 1810-1890. Letter to [George?] Ryley. [s.l.]. 1865 Apr. 1.

Letter to [George?] Ryley. [s.l.]. 1865 Apr. 1.

Concerning a jar of honey gotten in Athens, and the delivery of a "tin case."

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Ryley, George

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Herbert, John Rogers, 1810-1890

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The British artist John Rogers Herbert began his career as a portrait painter and illustrator. After his conversion to Catholicism around 1840, his works were mostly of a religious character, often imbued with the reverential spirit of mediaeval art, which also influenced his appearance. Elected full member of the Royal Academy in 1846, Herbert was commissioned to paint frescoes in the new building of Parliament. He exhibited at the Academy until 1889. From the description of John Ro...