Ted and Katherine Egri research material on Walter Ufer, 1970-1980.


Ted and Katherine Egri research material on Walter Ufer, 1970-1980.

Research material on Walter Ufer, including an exhibition catalog from his 1970 retrospective; notes and writings; correspondence about Egri's article on Ufer for American Artist (1978); transcripts and notes from telephone conversations and interviews with friends and associates about their recollections of Ufer; photographs of his paintings; photocopies of 3 letters from Ufer to Frank and Hazel Hoffman and Carl Runguis; and 4 taped interviews with Regina Ufer, Christine Self, Hazel Hoffman and Dixie Yaple.

1 microfilm reel and 4 sound cassettes.


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Ted Egri was born in New York City in 1913. While in the Navy, he worked drafting maps. During his service, Egri drew and painted extensively. Although he did not receive any formal academic degrees in the arts, he studied at art schools in New York City and New Mexico, and eventually became a successful sculptor. In 1950, Egri and his wife move to Taos, N.M. where he taught sculpture, life drawing, still life drawing, and painting, and was a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Wyoming in Lar...