Papers, 1880-1934.


Papers, 1880-1934.

Scientific manuscripts; working papers; correspondence. Scientific manuscripts cover such topics as observations of stars (including Aurigae, Persei, Polaris, Canum Venaticorum); numerical notes; the Doppler Principle (1894-1897); observations of Cepheid variable stars (1894-1916), supernovae (1918), the sun and sunspots (1880-1933), and Venus and Jupiter. Working papers include notebooks (1882-1897); lecture courses on astronomy (1884) and astrophysics (1908-1914); accounts of work (1890-1934); papers reflecting Belopolsky's activities in the Astronomical Observatory of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1917-1933) and in the Internation Union for Sun Study (1905-1916). Correspondents include: F.W. Dyson, W.W. Campbell, E. Frost, G.E. Hale; Soviet correspondents include: I.A. Balanovskiy, S.I. Bel'avskiy, A. Ya. Orlov, B.P. Ostashenko-Kudryavtzev, and G.A. Shain (1903-1934). Also available are copies of Belopol'skij's outgoing letters (1899-1932). The collection also contains an autobiography, diplomas, and photographs.

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Belopolsky, Aristarch Apollonovich, 1854-1934. (person)

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