Account book, 1769-1812.


Account book, 1769-1812.

Records debits and credits accrued by Clarke from 1769 to 1812, when all his shop accounts were settled. A variety of merchandise is noted, including pieces of iron and brass, glass, linens, sail cloth, and nails. He sold nails, brads, and glass to watchmaker Gawen Brown and nails, sheep shears, and brass kettles to Benjamin Dolbeare, a pewterer, brazier, and merchant. Clarke dealt with a number of prominent Boston merchants as well as people in Amherst, N.H., Providence and Newport, R.I., and Baltimore, Md. He invested in several venture cargo exploits, which he called "adventures," to such places as St. Petersburg, Russia and Amsterdam. Clarke listed the profession of his customers in many of the entries. He had transactions with braziers, cutters, metal-workers, housewrights, rope makers, merchants, a truckman, a chair maker, a stationer, a schoolmaster, and three "peruke" makers. The last three paid Clarke by shaving him and dressing his wigs. Several entries in the volume highlight Clarke's relationship with John Skinner and Nathaniel Austin, two prominent pewterers. From 1770 to 1776, Clarke turned over a ton of old pewter to John Skinner. In return, he received 28 dozen quart pots, 96 dozen pint basins, 3 dozen gill porringers, 6 dozen half-point porringers, 18 dozen large pint porringers, and 15 dozen porringers, not specified as to size. Similar arrangements were made with Austin.

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Benjamin Clarke was a brazier in Boston, Ma. Born on Jan 1, 1730, he was the son of Benjamin and Miriam (Kilby) Clarke. He graduated from Harvard in 1750 and settled in Boston. He served as a constable and later, clerk of the market. Clarke was a prosperous businessman. Although described as a merchant, he specialized in brasses. In 1764, he was a member of the Society for Encouraging Trade and Commerce; in 1768, he signed the merchants' non-importation agreement, and the next year he signed the...

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