Response to Laser History Survey, 1984.


Response to Laser History Survey, 1984.

Letter to Joan Bromberg, director of the Laser History Project, as a response to the questionnaire, in which Polanyi discusses his early interest in lasers; his attendance at the Gordon Conference on Spectroscopy where he was further interested in laser research by one of Charles Townes' graduate students; and his work in Toronto on chemical lasers. File also includes a curriculum vitae and list of publications.

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Bromberg, Joan Lisa (person)

Historian (science). On history of science faculty at the University of Hawaii, Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, and the Hebrew University; assistant to Léon Rosenfeld at the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen (1969-1971); contract historian at the U. S. Department of Energy (1977-1981); and director of the Laser History Project co-sponsored by the American Institute of Physics, Center for History of Physics, from 1982. Wrote "The Laser in America, 1950-1970" in 1991 (MIT Press). Latest work ...

Townes, Charles Hard (person)

Physicist. Member of technical staff, Bell Telephone Laboratories, 1939-1947; professor of physics, Columbia University, 1948-1961; physics dept. chairman, director of radiation laboratory, and provost, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1961-1967; University Professor of Physics, University of California, Berkeley, from 1967. From the description of Memoranda from Bell Telephone Laboratories concerning applications of microwave spectroscopy (1946); letters from Townes to Joan Br...

Polanyi, J.C., 1929-.... (person)