Oral history interview with Maarten Schmidt, 1975 March 10.


Oral history interview with Maarten Schmidt, 1975 March 10.

Growing up during World War II; early interest in astronomy; undergraduate studies in Groningen, Holland. Graduate school, Rijksuniversiteit te Leiden (Pieter van Rhijn, Jan Oort and Hendrik van de Hulst); Ph.D, 1956. Carnegie Fellow at California Institute of Technology, 1956-1958; assistant professorship at Caltech, from 1959; comparison between Leiden and Caltech then and now; interest in star formation. Review of published papers and discussion of research interests. Discovery of the quasars; comments on exotic phenomena in astrophysics; Allan Sandage; collaboration with Martin Rees, Cambridge (Malcolm Longair and Peter Scheuer); the quasar PHL 957. Future research projects (Donald Weistrop), and the original Dutch school of stellar statistics. Leisure time interests. Also prominently mentioned are: Adriaan Blaauw, John Bolton, Jesse Leonard Greenstein, Cyril Hazard, Malcolm Longair, Tom R. Matthews, Plaut, Peter Scheuer, and Sidney van den Bergh.

Sound recordings: 3 sound cassettes (ca. 3.0 hrs), 1 session.Transcript: 34 p.


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