Papers of E. L. T. Mesens, 1917-1976, (bulk 1920-1971).


Papers of E. L. T. Mesens, 1917-1976, (bulk 1920-1971).

Collection comprises comprehensive documentation of the Belgian surrealist's career as gallery director, editor, publisher, musician, poet and artist. Most significant are ca. 3500 letters (1918-1971) to and from artists, musicians, writers, dealers, and others prominent in the art world in Europe and some in the U.S. Most of the correspondence is organized chronologically, and includes letters to and from Enrico Baj, André Breton, Jacques Brunius, Jan Cockx, Paul Eluard, Robert Giron, Paul-Gustave van Hecke, Wifredo Lam, Marcel Leconte, Marcel Mariën, Paul Neuhuys, Paul Nougé, Roland Penrose, Benjamin Péret, Arthur Petronio, Herbert Read, André de Ridder, Charley Troop, Tristan Tzara, among others. Artwork that Mesens handled or considered for exhibitions is documented in ca. 800 photographs. Four and a half linear ft. of files relate to the International Surrealist Exhibition in London in 1936, the beginnings of the Institute of Contemporary Arts (I.C.A.) in London, the London Gallery, other exhibitions, and unpublished manuscripts sent to Mesens for the London Bulletin. Other art business papers include art sales receipt books (1931-1936); press clippings and rare surrealist periodicals (Styx, NEON) and brochures; ca. 200 exhibition announcements (1920-1976); and journal articles by and about Mesens. Mesens' address book from the 1920s contains nearly 1,000 names. Thirteen copper or zinc plates of various artists' graphic work may have been used to create exhibition announcements.

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