Portraits of members of the upper classes in Baden-Baden, St. Petersburg and Paris. 1859-1871.


Portraits of members of the upper classes in Baden-Baden, St. Petersburg and Paris. 1859-1871.

A collection of 28 group portraits and over 300 carte-de-visite portraits assembled by Roger Batbedat, a French attaché stationed in Baden-Baden and St. Petersburg. The first portion of the album contains photographic records of family groups in an elite German resort setting at Lichtental, Germany, on the Oos river near Baden-Baden, between September 1860 and 1863. Portrait cartes-de-visite (1859-1871) depict principally people active in European diplomatic, political and aristocratic circles photographed within prefabricated studio settings in a wide range of poses, facial expressions and dress. Most poses are full-length and sharp-focus. Props include drapery, furniture (tables and pedestals), velvet cloaks, and diverse attendant objects of visual appeal. Various celebrity portraits are interspersed throughout.

1 album (ca. 300 carte-de-visite photoprints, 28 photoprints) ; 30 x 42 cm.


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