Emily Nathan papers, [ca. 1935-1985].


Nathan, Emily. Emily Nathan papers, [ca. 1935-1985].

Emily Nathan papers, [ca. 1935-1985].

Correspondence and files relating to several art projects planned for the public relations programs of industries and museums, particularly Nathan's work with Towle Manufacturing and its gallery, the Smithsonian Institution, and the Archives of American Art. Correspondence and project files for various clients. Of note are two photographs of Jasper Johns, and one each of Mark Rothko and Tony Smith, all taken by Hans Namuth, 1960. Files relating to Nathan's work as public relations consultant for the silver company, Towle Manufacturing and its gallery, (ca. 1951-ca. 1957), include photographs of exhibits, silversmiths at work and Towle executives, as well as correspondence, writings, notes on silversmithing and its history, and newsletters. Files relating to Nathan's work at the Smithsonian Institution's museums and exhibitions, 1960's-ca. 1985, consist of subject files, clippings, catalogs, articles, press releases, newsletters, and reports. Publicity files also cover the opening of the National Portrait Gallery and its inaugural exhibition. Nathan's work for the Archives of American Art, from its first becoming a bureau of the Smithsonian in 1970, is documented through subject files, membership lists, reports to trustees and the director, newsletters, clippings, catalogs, budgets and statistics. Correspondence consists of letters to Georgia O'Keeffe regarding a pending oral history with the sculptors Dorothy Dehner and David Smith. The majority of the photographs are of personalities long associated with the Archives of American Art.

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