Letters to Samuel Wolcott, 1829-1874.


Letters to Samuel Wolcott, 1829-1874.

Letters from relatives, friends and professional contacts to the Rev. Samuel Wolcott. The earliest letters are two from his friend William Strong offering advice on Wolcott's studies and conduct while at Yale and describing his own experiences teaching in Burlington, New Jersey. Edwin David Sanborn discusses teaching at Dartmouth and opinions on Abolition and football there, while Samuel Wolcott Skinner details his studies at Gorham Academy and the Gorham Lyceum. Missionary work, particularly in Palestine, is the focus of letters from Elias Root Beadle and William Tipping, while Francis Bowen writes to solicit a missions-related article for the North American Review. Approximately half the letters are from family members, including three from Wolcott to his wife Harriet, and contain much family news, descriptions of travels and visits in the Midwest, plans for Elizur Wolcott to journey to California (later abandoned), and commentary on sermons, church matters, and local events. A letter from Wolcott's brother Elizur, dated 17 October 1842, describes the Mormon settlement and temple at Nauvoo and discusses Mormonism and Millerism as "falsehoods incarnate." An 1861 letter, also by Elizur, condemns Lincoln as an "imbecile President" for his failure to pursue full abolition of slavery in the early stages of the Civil War. Later letters from "Henry" and "Sam" (probably Wolcott's sons) contain descriptions of Henry's work for the Des Moines Railroad in Summit and of Sam's life in Texas as a sheepherder.

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