Document proclaiming succession of Charles I : Theobalds, 1625 Mar 27.


Document proclaiming succession of Charles I : Theobalds, 1625 Mar 27.

Autograph manuscript document. Endorsed "March 27, 1625, Proclamation att Theobalds, Act proclaiming Kinge Charles". Signed by Archbishop of Canterbury and Bishops of Lincoln, Durham, and London; James Ley, Ramsden, Arundell, Pembroke, Rutland, Lincoln, Buckingham, Dorset, Salisbury, Montgomery, Warwick, Anglesey, Clare, Kellie, Andover, Denbigh, Grandison, Conway, Suffolk, Brooke, Totnes, Edmondes, Suckling, and Portland.

1 item ; 28 cm.

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