The story of some experiments in physics, 1987.


The story of some experiments in physics, 1987.

Reminiscences include Pound's early education; his research during World War II at the Radiation Laboratory at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and his work at the Lyman Laboratory of physics at Harvard University. Topics include the discovery of nuclear magnetic resonance in condensed matter and the measuring of the apparent weight of photons.

145 pp.


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Physicist. Affiliations: Submarine Signal Co., Mass. (Raytheon); MIT Radiation Laboratory, 1942-46; Harvard University (Fellow), 1945-48; Mallinckkrodt Professor of Physics, 1948-1989 (Emeritus, 1989-present). Completed research in radio-frequency, radar, and nuclear magnetic resonance. From the description of Oral History interview with Robert V. Pound, 2003. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 154305427 ...