Pierre Courthion papers, 1901-1985, undated


Pierre Courthion papers, 1901-1985, undated

The collection documents the scholarly, personal and professional pursuits and activities of noted art critic and art historian Pierre Courthion. The bulk of the material relates directly to Courthion's research and writing projects, consisting primarily of unpublished notes and edited typescript drafts of essays, articles and monographs, as well as related visual material and correspondence. Most of the manuscripts are undated. Numerous black-and-white photographs of artists' works, as well as some negatives, slides, and transparencies are found throughout the collection. Printed materials and clippings include press reviews, published articles by Courthion and other art critics and scholars, and other printed ephemera collected by Courthion. Other materials relating to Courthion's professional activities include additional with publishers, artists and their families, business and travel documents, and professional and teaching files. The artist files in Series I form the core of the collection. A range of artists of different nationalities and historical periods from antiquity through the 20th century are represented, although artists connected with late 18th through 20th century art movements predominate. Courthion studied and wrote most prodigiously on the art and artists surrounding Impressionism and on the contemporary 20th century art of his time. Artists figuring prominently in his research and writing files include Camargo, Chéreau, Courbet, Delacroix, Dufy, Ingres, Liotard, Manet, Matisse, Rouault, Rousseau, Schiavi, Seurat, and Soutine. The collection includes a box of printing plates of a Soutine painting, possibly for Courthion's monograph on the artist. Series II and III comprise Courthion's research and writing on national and regional art as well as topical writing. Series II includes subjects such as the the history of European art from antiquity to the Renaissance, the history of Paris, Montmartre and French art, and Dutch and Flemish painting. Series III includes topical research and writing on Romanticism, Realism, Impressionism and 20th century art, and other miscellaneous texts. The final two series comprise a large number of clippings from auction catalogs, journals, and printed ephemera and Courthion's professional, teaching and personal files including travel, lecture and conference notes, and correspondence with publishers, artists and various acquaintances.

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