Autobiographical notes, 1962.


Autobiographical notes, 1962.

Wilson details his childhood in York, England; his family and early education and interest in things mechanical; his first teaching post at the age of 17 at his alma mater St. Olave's School, where he taught mathematics while studying chemistry and physics at home; his entrance into Yorkshire College at Leeds (later Leeds University) where he studied physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics, earning a B.Sc. and first class honors and scholarships; his graduate research at the Cavendish Laboratory under John J. Thomson which solidified his resolve to study physics and his work there with Ernest Rutherford and Paul Langevin, which includes some interesting, detailed, and amusing anecdotes; his move to Berlin where he worked in Jacobus H.Van't Hoff's laboratory; his return to Cambridge after several scholarship awards and a fellowship at Trinity College which he kept for only three years before being elected to a lectureship at Kings College, London University, where he was eventually appointed to a professorship; his teaching and research at Kings College with Herbert S. Allen; his election to the Royal Society; his decision to leave Kings College for Rutherford's old post at McGill University; his move to Rice Institute (later Rice University) where he developed the physics department with Arthur L. Hughes from the Cavendish Laboratory; his return to Britain to take up a Chair in Natural Philosophy at Glasgow University where he remained for only a year before returning to Rice and a consulting position with Humble Oil Company; and a brief account of his work during the first and second World Wars.

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