Oral history interview with Richard Lawrence Garwin, 1986 October 23 to 8 June 1987.


Garwin, Richard L. Oral history interview with Richard Lawrence Garwin, 1986 October 23 to 8 June 1987.

Oral history interview with Richard Lawrence Garwin, 1986 October 23 to 8 June 1987.

Discussion of role as science advisor, mainly for JASON and the President's Science Advisory Committee (PSAC); the formation of JASON and PSAC; and work on other panels (governmental and non-governmental); relations with Congress; consultantships (AVCO and Convair). Family background, education; career at IBM (from 1952); Wallace Eckert; inventions (patents); publications.

Session one transcript, 42 pp., sessions two and three preliminary transcripts.

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