Letters sent : to Wolfgang Helbig, 1894-1909.


Jacobsen, Carl Christian Hilmann, 1842-1914. Letters sent : to Wolfgang Helbig, 1894-1909.

Letters sent : to Wolfgang Helbig, 1894-1909.

41 letters (1904-1909) written by Carl Jacobsen, founder of the Ny Carlsberg glyptothek in Copenhagen, to his advisor, archaeologist Wolfgang Helbig in Rome. The letters concern archaeological matters, mostly in connection with the acquisition of sculpture for the museum. Jacobsen's collection of antiquities was purchased primarily through the assistance of Helbig and he refers to the new glyptothek as Helbig's Museum. The Museum was scheduled to open to the public in May 1906 [opened June 1906]. Most of the letters refer to purchasing Etruscan, archaic or Attic sculptures (torsos, busts, heads, terracottas), vases and sarcophagi. These antiquities are frequently identified by maker or provenance, such as the Pitigliano terracottas, friezes from the Tomba Querciola, bucchero vases, Doryphoros torso and "Aphrodite Daidalia." Many letters deal with the timing and schedule of payment, the handling of objects and the actual transport of the acquisitions. Matters of attribution, style, authenticity and restoration are also frequently mentioned. There is reference made to the art dealers Attilio Simonetti and Augusto Jandolo from whom Jacobsen acquired objects. In several letters, Jacobsen expresses concern for political events of the day, especially in Russia.

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The Danish brewer Carl Jacobsen was the founder of a sculpture collection called Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, which he donated to the public in two deeds of gift in1888 and 1899. He was interested in contemporary French and Danish art, as well as ancient Mediterranean art. From the description of Letter to Bénézit-Constant, 1890 Feb. 10. (Getty Research Institute). WorldCat record id: 84655640 Danish brewer and maecenas, founder of the Ny Carlsberg glyptothek in Copenhagen. ...