Spiega di vasi antichi, ca. 1755.


Spiega di vasi antichi, ca. 1755.

This treatise contains ink-and-watercolor drawings of Greek vases once in the private collection of Felice Maria Mastrilli in Naples. Each drawing illustrates the figured scenes on the vases and lamps, which include examples of Attic, Apulian, Campanian, Gnathian, Corinthian, and other fabrics. Accompanying the drawings are manuscript essays which attempt to explicate the iconographical representations, written by the antiquarians Mastrilli, Gian Stefano Remondini, Paolo Antonio Paoli, Paolo Maria Paciaudi, D. Basso de' Bassi, and Antonio Malarbi. A number of the vases in this collection, dispersed in 1766, were acquired by William Hamilton and are now in the British Museum.

1 v. (267 leaves)1 microfiche : positive, b&w ; 16 mm. use copy.1 microfiche : positive, b&w ; 16 mm. master.


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