Oral history interview with C. Stuart Bowyer, 1976 July 28 and 10 March 1978.


Oral history interview with C. Stuart Bowyer, 1976 July 28 and 10 March 1978.

Research in non-solar x-ray astronomy at the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) in Washington, DC; his functions as member of a group directed by Herbert Friedman, performing numerous observations of cosmic x-ray sources in 1963 and after; Bowyer relates the competitive spirit that existed between the NRL group and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology-American Science and Engineering, group that made the first conclusive observation of x-rays originating from outside the solar system. Also prominently mentioned are: Edward T. Byram, Herbert Friedman, Riccardo Giacconi; American Science and Engineering Inc., Conference on Relativistic Astrophysics, Naval Research Laboratory (U.S.), and Texas Relativistic Astrophysics Conference.

Sound recordings: 2 sound cassettes (ca. 2.25 hrs.), 2 sessions.Transcript: Session one, 17 p.; session two, preliminary transcript.


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